10 Best Projector In India Under 5000-10000-15000-20000 Rupees 2023

The topic about which I am writing today is Projector. Projector is the device that is not the need of every other person but there are areas like education, health, business, events, and many more where the projector plays a vital role. Nowadays the use and demand of projector increasing day by day because of its benefits. Using the projector gives you an easy to understand the things in terms of study, business plans, presentations, meetings, etc. so let us check some best projector in India available for us.

Nowadays when you will go to buy something you will get countless options in the markets and everyone claim that their product is best and full of all features so it is very important to go with the genuine product having the value of money. We Indians can’t live without watching movies and Cricket so to enjoy and experience your favorite movies and sports event on a big screen with the help of the projector is a splendid experience so my recommendation for my readers is to invest always on the genuine things which best suits your requirements and budget.

Nowadays we have a wider range of projectors for home and offices like LED projector, LCD Project and many more. Technology is endless and the same way there is a new enhancement on the previous one every day so before buying you should know two very important points which are your requirements and budget also I will share some buying guides with you.

Having a projector at home is like having mini-theater at your home in which you can enjoy endless entertainment and projector is not all about watching movies and sports, you can use it for your kid’s study also you can use it for meetings and presentation purpose in your office. The points which we need to consider before buying the best projector are brightness, contrast, resolution, positioning, volume, connections. These are some points which are most important to buy the best projector. If you want a device which you can use for the long term then do recommend the above mention some important buying points, Which help you to buy the ideal device for your office or home.

10 Best Projectors in India Under 5000-10000-15000-20000 Rupees

Best Projector In IndiaCheck Price
1. Epson EH-TW650 Check Price
2. ViewSonic M1 WVGA Check Price
3. Epson EB-X05 XGA V11H839040 Check Price
4. Benq MX 532P Check Price
5. Epson EB-S41 SVGA Check Price
6. Sony MP-CD1 Check Price
7. Ooze Punnkk P9 Check Price
8. Myra TouYinGer X7 Check Price
9. Egate i9 Miracast Check Price
10. BenQ MS 506-P DLP Check Price

Above is the name list and below is the description of the projectors. I have reviewed various categories for you like best LCD projectors, best laser projectors, and more so let us go and check various categories and pick the best one as per your choice.

1. Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector

  • Full HD
  • Screen size 762 cm
  • 2 HDMI Ports
  • Split Screen


Let me share first of all an HD projector that process high definition sharp and crisp image. This Epson projector creates an impressive experience with the help of color brightness and white brightness which vary depending on the usage condition. Enjoy the movies on a big screen, You can enjoy watching your favorite shows on the screen size of up to 762 cm without any worry.

Epson holds the title of world’s No. 1 home theater projector brand because of the quality it delivering to its customers. This lightweight projector set up is so easy to install without any hassle. For easy connections it designed with 2 HDMI ports, 1 with MHL compatibility also 2W monoaural internal speakers fixed with it so that you can enjoy the seamless visualization along with the good sound quality.

This split-screen LCD projector is one of the best projector under 60000 for your home. This projector takes your experience to the next level with lots of amazing features. You can easily see the content displayed through this projector even in the bright light.

2. ViewSonic M1 WVGA Ultra-Portable Projector

  • Ultra-Portable
  • Premium Audio
  • 360 Degree Projection
  • Dual Harman Kardon Speaker


When we buy something for our home, We always prefer small size with great performance products so here this ViewSonic projector which is one of the best portable projectors to use. This palm-size projector is not less than any other LED projector available in the market.

You can enjoy watching the entertainment almost in any room through this ultra-portable projector. Like its size, it is so easy to install without any problem.

This Projector looks so modern because of its small and compact size also its stand plays an important role because it enables this projector for 360-degree projection with proper view angles.

Its auto keystone feature corrects the image automatically from any angle for the perfectly proportioned image. You can also turn this projector into a wireless projector which is the plus point about its flexibility.

This projector can be the best projector for travel purpose because it has 6 hours power supply and also charge your phone when the power adapter plugged in so go and grab the best projector under 30000 of budget.

3. Epson EB-X05 XGA V11H839040 3LCD Projector

  • Contrast Ratio is 15000:1
  • Single USB Port
  • Wall and Ceiling Projector Screen
  • 10,000 Hours Lamp Life in Eco-Mode


Again I am suggesting you another one of the best LCD projector introduced by Epson. This projector will provide you stunning experience from your home to office.

This is one of the best projectors for business presentations as well as for home. This multi-functional projector ideal for meetings and huddle rooms.

This projector produces equally high white and color light output of 3300 lumens and It comes with the contrast ration of 15000:1. This high tech projector comes with keystone slider which helps for easy positioning.

The best part of this projector is that the image can be visible in a brighter environment and situations as well. This is one of the best projector under 40000 of budget for your office and home with HD clarity.

We always want an easily operational device so in this Epson projector you can easily view and access most frequently used functions immediately on the home screen. Epson iprojection application enables your smart devices to project images through seamless wireless connectivity.

4. Benq MX 532P 3D XGA Projector

  • DLP Technology
  • Full HD Projector
  • 3300 ANSI Lumen
  • Dual HDMI Inputs


This full HD projector by Benq provides you a quality picture with the resolution of 1080P. You can experience a seamless experience with full HD quality visualization.

It comes with the DLP technology (Digital Light Processing) which provides a sharp image, better response time, don’t need any filter as well as 3D capabilities.

It provides clear visualization with high brightness with the output of 3300 ANSI lumen. It provides a contrast ratio of 1500:1 to provide crisp readability.

A gadget should have capability for outer connections so dual HDMI inputs provide multiplatform digital connectivity to this projector.

The most important point about the electric device is the installation process so this projector is so easy and simple to install without a hassle.

This quality projector comes with lots of other things like remote control, battery, power cord, and VGA cable for easy and quick operations.

5. Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector

  • LCD Display
  • Contrast Ration is 1500:1
  • Horizontal Keystone Adjuster
  • Auto Power On


Looking for something under 30000 with the best visualization than this projector is the best option for you. This projector is so quick with the operations and provides the most frequently used functions immediately on the home screen.

The LCD Display provides powerful presentations anywhere in the room. The contrast ratio of this projector is 1500:1 which is responsible for clear visualization and the white and color brightness at 3300lm provides crystal clear image and makes your experience last forever.

This projector is the perfect choice if you are looking for a meeting and presentation purpose because it delivers true to life image quality. This intelligently designed projector serves you great flexibility and comfort, you can easily use this projector even in a limited space with the help of sliding horizontal keystone adjuster and can easily do quick screen corrections more accurately.When the projector deducts the signal via a VGA cable or USB cable it starts automatically without any hassle.

6. Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector

  • Compact in Size
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Full Display without using Tripod
  • 2 USB Ports


Are you looking for something which should be convenient like your mobile phone? if yes then this is the perfect purchase for you. This mobile size projector is so compact which you can easily carry for business meets, video games, movies, and as well as for traveling purposes.

Unlike its size, it provides unbeatable performance. You can use it anywhere at any time without any problem as the weight is 9.88 ounces which makes it so portable.

You can start your presentation in the fraction of seconds with just one press of your projector’s power button so all you have to do is connect your HDMI cable from your PC.

This projector also provides seamless wireless connectivity and media streaming with HDMI dongle from many laptops, computers, and smartphones. This smart projector elements the need of a tripod as you can directly place it on a table or desk to have a full-screen display without using any tripod.

As it is made up of aluminum so it gives you good durability. Along with the compact pocket size, it is also one of the best wireless projectors available in the market.

7. Ooze Punnkk P9 3D Projector

  • LCD Panel + LED Light Source
  • 15 Degree Professional Trapezoid Correction
  • Durable and Dust Proof Design
  • Efficient Cooling Channel


If you are buying this projector then you are buying a smart home theater for your home. This Punnkk P9 projector is one of the best 3D projector as per the trend.

The portability of the gadgets nowadays is one of the major features so this full HD projector fulfills this requirement as you can hang the projector with ceiling mount and project on the table and also consumes low power.

You can play anything you want on 200 inches screen with super high contrast of 700:1 and 1280*800 dpi. The long-lasting and dustproof design provides the reliability to this product and top of it the efficient cooling channel keeps the device cool and protects it from any heat damage.

The versatile compatibility and strong interface enables this projector to connect with various types of devices. This set with lots of features you can afford it at a very reasonable price as it is one of the best projector under 20000 of budge.

8. Myra TouYinGer X7 LED Projector

  • LED Projector + LCD Chip Set
  • 800 X 600 dpi  Optical Resolution
  • 1800 Lumens Brightness
  • 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 Aspect Ratio


This projector comes in a very pocket-friendly budget with a screen size of 37 to 130 inches so you can enjoy your favorite movies with your family and friends. Optical resolution of this projector is 800 x 600 dpi. Now definitely you want to know the type of projector so this is an LED projector with an LCD chipset.

This portable projector is available in two colors which are white and black. The resolution of any projector plays an important role so this projector comes with an optical resolution of 800 X 600 dpi and maximum resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.Now another important point is brightness so this projector can provide you the brightness up to 1800 lumens so that you can have clear visibility during the day time as well.

Let me share one more point is that this projector is not recommended for office presentations and education purposes as USB supports Pendrive only not any hard disk or smartphone. I have shared all the features along with some limitations of this projector so let me share the budget also so you can easily get this projector which is one of the best projectors under 10,000 of budget.

9. Egate i9 Miracast LED HD Projector

  • Versatile Connectivity
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Life-Long LED Lamp


Egate is an Indian Brand so you won’t face any issue related to the service center or any other problems. You can easily rely on this product for your home and office. This LED projector serve you an amazing features with so economic price so this projector is one of the best projector under 7000 of the budget for you. This projector can easily connect with a setup box, fire TV stick, PC, Laptop, DVD, and play station as well.

This projector comes with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 so that you can enjoy watching your favorite things on 120 inches large display. You can enjoy the world of entertainment on the big screen with the help of this smart projector.

This projector capable of front and rear stunning projection of the image so that viewers can enjoy and have a seamless experience and with better visualization, you can enjoy amazing sound as well because of an inbuilt speaker.

This projector offers a lot at a very affordable price as it supports HD resolution of 1920 X 1080, You can stream and mirror wirelessly from your mobile phone and if you are video game lover then this projector has a lot to offer you, this projector is a virtual game compatible which can change your gaming experience so I think this is the best projector price in India.

10. BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projecto

  • 3200 ANSI Lumens Brightness
  • 13000:1 High Contrast Ratio
  • SmartEco Lamp saving Technology
  • DLP Technology


This projector is the best value choice for small and medium space with the brightness of 3200 ANSI lumens and the high contrast ratio of 13000:1 so that it can deliver bright crystal clear visualization even in the bright daylight.

It is loaded with SmartEco lamp saving technology and long-lasting picture quality with DLP projection technology for delivering unmatched world-class performance.

No source detected features helps to save the battery as it lowers the projector lamp brightness 30% after 3 minutes if the projector remains unconnected to any display source.

To help you with your teaching job, BenQ added the teaching template function to this projector so that you can enhance your boardroom or classroom learning experience.

This projector is an ideal option if you are looking for something for learning purposes as well as for office presentations within the budget of 25000. This projector will easily enable you to see small text, dark colors, and fine lines very clearly and more focused.



Here I have completed the list of best projectors available in the market. The above list contains the projectors from higher to super cheap range with the best functionality to serve you. Above you will find the options which are best for home, best for office, best as per portability etc as per the demand and requirement.

I hope the above information will help you to select the best projector in which you are looking for your home or office. Use and need of projector increasing every day so to choose the ideal projector is very important because in the market due to various options we get confused easily so don’t worry I have resolved your problem by preparing the list of some selected best projectors so that you can enjoy movies, sports events and also use it for study and presentation purpose.

Better understanding comes with better visualization so here with the help of multi-functional projectors mention above you can easily understand anything very easily and effectively. Above you can check various categories as per the demand of the situation and budget because all we have different budgets and different requirements.

In offices weekly we go for meetings, training related to the new updates so projector makes the things easy to understand and learn as well as in our home we can use a projector for many purposes like we can use it for watching unlimited entertainment, events with our family and loved ones, also we can use it for presentations, for Kids study for better learning and you can also play the video game for a better experience. I am sure that the above list will make your purchase decision more easier and convenient.

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