12 Best Running Shoes Under 1000 Rupees In India 2023

There are so many brands that are popular in the world of running, and all other ports, also like Puma, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. So it is not easy to choose best running shoes under 1000 rs in India because all companies manufacture very high quality and beautiful design products for the customer.

It depends upon you which brand you like. We did proper research to make this top shoe list, so now you can check here which shoes perfectly matched in your budget segment.

But after considerable research, we mention here one of the top best running shoes under 1000 rs in India, which has a unique design, top-rated features, comfortable grip, premium material for build and all.

12 Best Running Shoes Under 1000 Rupees In India

No.Product NameCheck Price
1.Sparx SX0300G Check Price
2.Adidas Altros B07DDS97XY Check Price
3.Lancer Cuba 14-$P Check Price
4.Bacca Bucci Check Price
5.Lotto AR4697-070 Check Price
6.Walkaroo 2000697307TGRN Check Price
7.ASIAN Elasto-02 Check Price
8.NIVIS 1432BL 2.0 Check Price
9.Sparx Sport Shoes Check Price
10.Sparx B01AQR0STO Check Price
11.Avant B07NC4MSZD Check Price
12.ASIAN Airsocks-12 Check Price

1. Sparx SX0300G

  • Closure:- Slip-On
  • Shoe Width:-Medium
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days


The SparX SX0300G shoes are our first choice under this price range. This running shoe has three different colors choice with different standard size options so you can able to buy it as per your foot and need.

It’s Black, White, and Red triple color combination make it more premium looking and stylish shoes.

The manufacturer used Mesh and fabric material to make it who makes it more and more comfortable, and it gives you long-lasting comfort zone while were using it anywhere.

2. Adidas Altros B07DDS97XY

  • Closure:- Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width:- Regular
  • Material Type:- Synthetic
  • Toe Style:- Round Style

Adidas is well known as the most trusted and high-quality brand, and this brand has a very reputed value in front of society.

This Adidas Altros B07DDS97XY is also from Adidas company, which comes with a beautiful design and premium looking design.

The Sleek looking Adidas shoes for men crafted with Synthetic overlays with Mesh upper.

The breathable Mesh toe with Synthetic at the heel offers extended grip and comfort. Light strike IMEVA midsole protects from harmful impact forces. Full Rubber outsole provides durability.

3. Lancer Cuba 14-$P

  • Closure:-  Slip-On
  • Sole Material:- Phylon
  • Sole:- Man-Made
  • Shoe Width:- Medium


Just like Sparx and Adidas, Lancer also has solid market values in front of society. This Lancer Cuba 14-$P shoe is my favorite choice between the list, which we mention here.

This Lancer Cuba 14-$P shoe comes with thirteen different unique and most premium color choices; you have option freedom to choose your most liked color between all this available color option.

The Lancer Cuba 14-$P shoes made from synthetic out material, and it has water-resistant features also. This material is also light in weight, giving you a comfortable wearing experience.

This Lancer Cuba 14-$P shoe is designed, keeping in mind the sporty yet stylish urban man. Comfort and flexibility are given the utmost importance in the design of these shoes.

4. Bacca Bucci

  • Closure:-  Slip-On
  • Sole Material:- EVA
  • Material Type:- PU
  • Toe Style:- Closed Toe


This pair of bacca bucci running shoes for men is 100% support shoes who have the durable build quality, long-lasting life, and premium feel design. Along with this, It’s a unique design with a mesh upper, lace-up closure for a snug fit and EVA outsole these shoes lend enhanced breathability, support, and grip.

The upper area of the shoe has a stylish mesh design with stitched edges that add to the style quotient. The mesh also offers breathability.

The shoe has a rounded toe and ample toe box that lets you stretch out your toes and allows them to rest comfortably within for a longer duration.

Polyurethane is an appropriate and long-lasting material that widely prefers to making sports shoes as it provides better durability and designs daily use.

5. Avant B07NC4MSZD

  • Closure:-  Slip-On
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Toe Style:- Closed Toe


The shoes from campus brand Avant B07NC4MSZD are the perfect choice for those who passionate about design.

Avant Sport is engaged in the design, development, and marketing of sports and performance footwear.

This Avant B07NC4MSZD made from Mesh and Fabric material along with this it comes with multi 6 UK to 10 UK size options, so there are multiple options to buy this durable build shoes in other sizes also.

Design-wise it looks classy and supports shoes, and we can say it will have a long-lasting life.

Responsive cushioning, which adjusts as per the pressure on the feet, durable, and flexible tread to offer maximum traction and mobility.

6. Lotto AR4697-070

  • Closure:-  Slip-On
  • Sole Type:- Synthetic
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Material Type:- Mesh


Just Like Sparx, Lotto is another top brand that offers you very affordable shoes in a very cheap price tag with high-quality material.

Lotto Splash AR4697-070 is one of the most elegant walking shoes under this budget range from Lotto.

The shoes are made from Mesh material and are available in four different color options, but I feel that all the color variants look pretty good.

Lotto designs its footwear, keeping in mind the connection between comfort and style, which can be observed in its products.

The lace-up closure allows the shoes to have a sung fit balanced with comfort. The flexibility of the laces maintains a firm grip to provide the right amount of support to feet your feet.

The shoes feature a padded sole and a round toe to provide proper support to your feet while you are working out in a gym or going for a jog.

7. Walkaroo 2000697307TGRN

  • Closure:-  Slip-On
  • Toe Style:- Round Toe
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Lifestyle:- Sports


Walkaroo Men’s Sport shoe is crafted with superior quality material to give you matchless comfort. Keep walking with ease, wherever and whenever you want.

The shoes Look fashionable and fabulous with these beautiful pair of footwear.

Match them with your outfits and swirl gracefully in style. Endowing you with optimal flexibility and comfort, this ergonomically designed pair will keep your feet stress free.

Buy your perfect match size pair with available all standard sizes 6 UK to 10 UK with two different color choices.

8. ASIAN Elasto-02

  • Closure:-  Slip-On
  • Toe Style:- Round Toe
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Lifestyle:- Sports


The Asian shoes are made with one core Ideology to give you the best quality product.

ASIAN Women’s Elasto-02 made from breathable, free-moving fabric that adjusts to your foot and creates an astounding easygoing experience.

Feel the comfort with ASIAN Women’s Elasto-02, exclusive design, and durable materials every step light and breezy.

The shoes are made for long term use and wear, with extra emphasis on providing cushion to the feet removing heel strain.

These shoes currently available at 4 UK Size to 8 UK sizes so you can pick your comfortable size as per your choice.

It’s supportive sole flex technology includes with these shoes are durable insole. They are shock-absorbent, which provides the user with enough buffer between feet and ground.

9. NIVIS 1432BL 2.0

  • Sole Material:- Phylon And Rubber
  • Toe Style:- Round Toe
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Lifestyle:- Sports


The Nivia 1432BL 2.0 running shoes come in all sizes with a beautiful design made from Mesh material with phylon and rubber made.

The shoes come with top quality materials; these men’s running shoes are designed for durability.

It has very high-quality material which helps you to provide you comfort during the walking, running and at the time of the gym and all.

This Nivia 1432BL 2.0 running shoes comes with two different color options Black and Blue with white combination, and to be honest, both color looks much premium.

10. Sparx Sport Shoes

  • Clouser:- Slip-On
  • Sole Material:- Phylon And Rubber
  • Toe Style:- Round Toe
  • Material Type:- Mesh


Sparx Presents footwear range that will keep your feet at great ease while walk, run, or work out in the gym. These are in weight, flexible, and very comfortable to wear as well.

This SparX shoe has lace-up closure, which allows the shoes to have a snug fit with minimum discomfort.

The flexibility of the laces maintains a firm grip to provide the right amount of support to your feet.

These sneakers have a very stylish look design at par with the latest contemporary footwear fashion.

The shoes can be paired with jeans, chinos, and casual of your choice for a casual occasion. They can be worn on day trips and outings with your favorite casuals for a complete look.

This shoe comes with six different color choices with all standard foot sizes.

11. Sparx B01AQR0STO

  • Clouser:- Lace-Up
  • Sole Material:- Phylon And Rubber
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Lifestyle:- Special Needs


Under this budget, if you are looking at one of the top build quality shoes, then this SparX B01AQR0STO is our priority for you.

This SparX B01AQR0STO running shoes available at three color choices, including 6 UK, 7 UK, to 8 UK standard sizes.

This Shoe made from Mesh Material, who never disappoints you while you are using it for running and using it in the playground.

12. ASIAN Airsocks-12

  • Clouser:- Lace-Up
  • Sole Material:- Phylon And Rubber
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Lifestyle:- Multitasking


If you are searching for shoes for Walking, Running, and Multitasking work with an adjustable design, then this ASIAN Airsocks-12 is just for you.

This ASIAN Airsocks-12 unique design, lightweight, and breathable mesh upper allows your feet to breath.

These walking shoes have been designed to keep you active by giving you all of the lightweight comforts that you expect from a walking boot.

The durable shoes provide plenty of traction due to its unique wavy design. Don’t wash it, clean these shoes by using a wet cloth.

The ASIAN Airsocks-12 has a unique wavy design, and it has different four-color choices; each color looks distinct and premium. Along with color choice, it gives you a standard foot size option from 6 UK to 10 UK.

Final Words:-

This is all about best running shoes under 1000 rs in India, and If you are one of them who looking to buy shoes for running and for another sport, then this list may help you to grab the best shoe as per your need and budget.

All shoes have different designs, features, and materials. Between this, we suggested you buy Lancer, Adidas, and Sparx companies show.

Instead of Lancer, Adidas, and Sparx all brand which we mention here has a good brand value in the market, so we also consider you to buy among them.

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