10 Best Running Shoes Under 1500 Rupees In India 2023

When it comes to buying best running shoes under 1500 rupees price tag with high-quality comfort, features, and technology, it doesn’t mean you need to pay a high amount of money for it to enjoy the endless running.

In another way, you can see most of the brand who has an authority demand in the market; they also sell high quality best running shoes under 1500 rs in India.

For this budget deal, you need to do proper research for it. But don’t worry, we already did it and made this acceptable top quality best running shoes list for you.

10 Best Running Shoes Under 1500 Rupees In India

Best Shoes Under 1500Check Price
1. Bacca Bucci BBMG8152 Check Price
2. Power Drift Severus Check Price
3. Campus Flash Navy Check Price
4. Reebok Repechage Lp Check Price
5. Adidas Furio Lite 1.0 M Check Price
6. Furo 1014 (Red Chief) Check Price
7. Adidas Hachi 2.0 Check Price
8. Power Rush Rapture Check Price
9. Red Chief Shoes Check Price
10. Puma Ferry IDP Check Price

Important Note:-

People with face-size issues should buy extra-large size shoes; in other words, if you are usually an 8 UK size, order a 9 UK size.

1. Bacca Bucci BBMG8152

  • Design For:- Men
  • Sole Type:- Phylon
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Casual And Running


Bucca Bucci is a well-reputed brand shoe available in the market. This is our first choice under the 1500 rupees budget range.

Designwise it looks much premium as well; it’s sturdy build manufacturing never disappoints you while you were using these shoes during Running and other occasions.

This shoe made from breathable knit upper, which allows your feet to stay dry all day long. It comes with a phylon sole, which makes the shoe lightweight, flexible and provides resilient cushioning to your feet.

The outsole provides air impact cushion for excellent bounce-back and durability. It is also slip-resistant as it is made from a high elastic rubber material.

This shoe can be used for various sport and casual activities. Wear it to the gym, outdoor, trekking, hiking, or informal meetings with friends.

Bacca Bucci BBMG8152 running shoes available in three different color choices Grey, Blue And Black with all standard sizes from 6 UK to 10 UK size.

2. Power Drift Severus

  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Outer Material:- Breathable Mesh
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Casual And Running


The Power Drift Severus is perfect fit shoes for women. This unisex design shoe design for men and women, but we suggested to buy women only.

Perfect to rev up your sporty sprint, this trendy pair for sports shoes from of power provides excellent durability and ensures a sturdy grip.

They are designed to keep feet relaxed with a soft and comfortable fit. These stylish yet functional pair ensure flexibility and freedom of movement with responsive cushioning and enhanced lightweight feel.

These Power Drift Severus shoes available in the market with two different color options you can buy it directly from an online store as well an offline store with all standard sizes from 6 UK size to 12 UK size.

3. Campus Flash Navy

  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Material:- Synthetic
  • Lifestyle:- Sports And Running
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days


The Campus Flash Navy is perfect for all types of sport like running, gym, walking, football, and all ground level of supports.

This Campus Flash Navy available on Black, Blue, Red, and Grey colors with all standard sizes from 6 UK to 13UK sizes. This is the only first sport which here we mention who comes with 13 UK size options.

If we talk about design, it looks totally like sporty shoes, and it’s shiny design perfect color texture attracts you.

The lace-up closure allows the shoes to have a sung fit balanced with comfort. The flexibility of the laces maintains a firm grip to provide the right amount of support to feet your feet.

4. Reebok Repechage Lp

  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Material:- Synthetic
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Sports And Running

Reebok Repechage Lp is the great running shoe that comes under 2000 rupees. This shoe comes with a beautiful design style with different three color combinations.

Displaying a low cut design for ankle mobility a smooth range of motion, these running shoes for men exude versatile appeal.

Featuring a textile mesh upper for enhanced ventilation, these lace-ups have a flexible, durable non-marking rubber outsole for the best surface traction.

The upper area of the shoe has a stylish mesh design with stitched edges that add to the style quotient. The mesh also offers breathability.

Responsive cushioning which adjusts as per the pressure on the feet, durable and flexible tread to offer maximum traction and mobility.

5. Adidas Furio Lite 1.0 M

  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Material:- Breathable Mesh
  • Material Type:- Mesh/Rubber
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Sports And Running


We can say Adidas is one of the best company who made shoes from waste material in 2017 Adidas made 1 million shoes from recycled ocean plastic, and 5 million in 2018.

This Adidas Furio Lite 1.oM is the eye-catchy running shoes come with remarkably vibrant color options, including all standard sizes from 6 UK to 12 UK sizes.

It’s color combination is perfect for those who love a combination type of shoes. This ultra-vibrant shoe comes with breathable mesh material. The material never feels uncomfortable during the usage of shoes.

It is perfectly designed for running and walking but you can use it all types of ground-level sports as well as special occasions. Full rubber outsole offers you perfect grip and durability for your long-lasting use.

6. Furo 1014 (Red Chief)

  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Material:- Breathable Mesh
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Sports And Running


Ghari Detergent is the leading product of Leayan Global, and Red chief, and Furo is Sub-brand of Leayan Global Pvt.Ltd

Everyone knows that Red chief is India’s top leading brand, which is known as making top-quality shoes. Furo is also Red leading companies brand which comes under Leayan Global Pvt.Ltd.

Furo 1014 running shoes come from the well-reputed brand Red Chief company who is known as the making of high-quality Leather Shoes in India.

This Furo 1040 specially designed for Running and use of all types of sport level work. In it, the manufacturer used rubber and Phylon for sole to make light and soft outsole.

This Furo 1014 is made from the Upper breathable Mesh material as well as inner Fabric to feels you long usage of comfort time to time and place to place.

7. Adidas Hachi 2.0

  • Design For:- Men
  • Material:- Breathable Synthetic
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Running And walking


The Adidas for men crafted with mesh synthetic upper for added comfort. The perforations on the toe area offer breathability with extended grip and comfort.

It comes with lightsticks IMEVA midsole for long term lightweight cushioning and shock absorption with a full rubber outsole for durability.

The material which is used to build this shoe added value in these shoes. In terms of design, it looks popular style with three color choices, and for size, it has a total of 5 sizes availability from 6 UK to 11 UK.

In it, the manufacturer used IMEVA outsole, Mesh synthetic for upper, this breathable material helps you to keep your shoes sweat proof and dry in every moment while you use.

8. Power Rush Rapture

  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Sole Material:- Rubber
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Sports And Running


Power shoes are a sub-brand of BATA company, and BATA company is a Canadian owned and based multinational footwear and fashion accessory company that build shoes from the year 1894 before world war First.

Make your running sessions enjoyable by wearing this pair of running shoes from Power by Bata.

It has a high-quality humanmade leather upper, which will keep your feet relaxed for long hours and will provide responsive cushioning. The sturdy EVA sole is slip-resistant and ensures that you do not suffer an accident.

This Power Rush Rapture is made from manmade leather upper material and EVM outer material that provide a comfortable grip and stability.

9. Red Chief Shoes

  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Sports And Running
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days


For smart weekend outings, urbane men can slip their into these casual shoes from Red Chief. Showcasing fantastic finish and contemporary design, these lace-up are a must-have in your footwear collection.

The leather lining promises high durability, whereas the thermoplastic rubber sole ensures excellent flexibility.

This shoe is made for Men And women, but we highly recommended you for women because it’s structure, its design and color combination is perfect for women.

In terms of design, it is available in two different color options Blue and Rust, and both colors look pretty good.

For the size company built it for 5 UK sizes to 12 UK sizes foot and this size shoes easily available on Amazon as well as another shopping store including online and offline.

10. Puma Ferry IDP

  • Design For:- Women
  • Material:- Manmade Leather
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Multi-Use


Puma Ferry IDP is our final choice under this price segment. Same as Red Chief  9th ranked running shoes, we prefer you to buy these shoes only for women.

Puma is a leading sports shoe making a brand in the world. In India, Puma contributed a high level of percentage market in the Indian market.

In terms of design, it comes with three different colors RED, BLUE, and BLACK, along with these shoes available on 8 UK sizes to 11 UK sizes.

Puma Ferry IDP is made from humanmade material with EVA sole that makes these shoes ultra-lightweight and ultra elastic.


In this article, we have categories our list in two parts best running shoes under 1500 rupees. In this list, we mention one of the top leading brand’s shoes.

All these shoes have different designs, materials, features, and prices, so we made this list to did intense research. We highly recommended you buy our mention shoes as per your likes and need.

If you have any queries regarding this comment down your question, we respond to you as soon as possible. And if you have better suggestions for us to feel free to share with us your valuable golden feedback.

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