11 Best Smartwatch Under 2000 Rupees In India 2023

A smartwatch is a digital watch that comes with a large display with some additional functionality that makes your daily life more comfortable. Smartwatch is an upgraded version of the regular watch that has some primary sensor who easily read your need and aware you about the targeted goal.

In today’s world, smartwatch making companies offer many advanced functionalities such as touch screen display, camera functionality, media access, and all.

Smartwatch directly connected with your smartphone with the help of bluetooth connectivity. This functionality lets you know about the notification goes off on your smartphone.

In this list, we have discussed the top best smartwatch under 2000 rupees in which may gives you an ideal idea about the best smartwatches that you can pick according to your choice and need.

11 Best Smartwatch Under 2000 Rupees In India

Best Smartwatches Under 2000Check Price
1. Lenovo Ego Check Price
2. Gizmore Gizfit 902 Smartwatch Check Price
3. PTron Rhythm Smartwatch Check Price
4. Aspire AS 03 V9 Smartwatch Check Price
5. Roboster V8 Smartwatch Check Price
6. Aomax GT-08 Smartwatch Check Price
7. Novateur RY Smartwatch Check Price
8. Gionee Smart Life Smartwatch Check Price
9. OPTA SB-162 Smartwatch Check Price
10. Aqfit W10 Check Price
11. Jokin V9 Smartwatch Check Price

1. Lenovo Ego

  • 5 ATM Super depth waterproof
  • Workout tracking system
  • Built-in sleep tracking system
  • 20 days of battery life


What good of a watch if it is not rugged and durable. The Lenovo Ego is a rugged-looking durable smartwatch which has some good features which come handy in everyday usage of a smartwatch. It has a circular design with thick bezels like Casio’s G-shock watches.

The smartwatch is 5 ATM Super depth waterproof which means swimming without a watch is now history. With the Lenovo Ego watch you can swim easily and can track the swimming performance as well.

The watch comes pre-loaded with a workout tracking system which can track you all day about your number of steps and calories burned. The smartwatch also has a built-in sleep tracking system which works flawlessly and can tell the amount of deep sleep you get and light sleep.

The Lenovo Ego has a built-in heart rate sensor which can measure your heart rate all day be it while you are sleeping or while you are working out it will measure it all.

Apart from all this, the smartwatch can also be synced through your phone and show you notifications from almost all the social media apps that anyone uses. It can even work like a remote t your phone’s camera and can click pictures whenever you shake your watch.

The watch comes with an easy magnetic charging cradle to charge the watch which is very much hassle-free. Lenovo claims 20 days of normal usage and 30 days of insanely good standby time. It means you need to charge the watch once a month. What else someone would want from their smartwatch.

2. Gizmore Gizfit 902 Smartwatch

  •  1.3-inch TF LCD colour display
  • Quick view notifications
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 10 hours battery backup


The Gizmore Gizfit smartwatch is a square-shaped watch which looks very premium and aesthetically it is one of the best smartwatches to buy under 2000. The watch has all the bells and whistles a smartwatch should have. Starting with a 1.3-inch TF LCD colour display with 3 user interface option.

The watch is paired via Bluetooth and using its app called FLAG Fit 2.0. With the help of this app, the watch gets synced and can give you notifications of calls, texts, or even other social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Apart from all this, the watch also has a cool feature which is that you can shake your watch to click a picture from your phone. So the watch works like a remote to your camera. It has an IP67 waterproof rating so we can safely say that it is swim-proof and will work very well to track your swimming data.

The watch charges within 2 hours and can run for up to 10 hours which is very much impressive. It supports both IOS/Android smartphones so no issues in that category. The watch comes with a silicone strap which makes it sweatproof and durable. It’s a very good smartwatch to opt for if you have a budget of 2000.

3. PTron Rhythm Smartwatch

  •  1.54 inches LCD display
  • Inbuilt supports micro sim
  • 0.8 MP camera
  • 12 hours of battery life


PTron Rhythm smartwatch covers up the basic necessity of a smartwatch while keeping the watch with very good pricing. It has a display size of 1.54 inches featuring an LCD panel with a resolution of 240×240.

What’s unique with this PTron Rhythm smartwatch is that it features calling functionality independently. Which means it supports micro sim separately on its 2G, 3G, or 4G network depending on your carrier support.

The watch comes with a 280 mAh of battery giving a battery backup of 12-14 hours of standby time.  Not only that, the watch even has its own 0.8 MP camera to click photos and store in your watch or you can sync it with your phone.

The watch has Bluetooth for connectivity and a MIC and a speaker for calling feature.  It also supports music playback from within the watch. The watch also comes in handy for sedentary notifications along with other social media apps notifications.

When it comes to fitness the watch can track steps using Pedometer, Calories, and Sleep Monitoring Function as well. The build of the watch is pretty solid and durable as the strap is made of silica gel while the watch case is made up of Alloy.

4. Aspire AS 03 V9 Smartwatch

  • 204x204P TFT LED display
  • Responsive notifications
  • Multi fitness sensors
  • 5 hours of battery life


As the name suggests Aspire V9 smartwatch aspires to be a smartwatch but as of now, it provides basic functionality for its price point. The watch comes with a TFT LED display sized at around 31mm along with a resolution of 204×204.

It has Bluetooth 2.0 for connectivity and has a range of 10m. The watch can sync notifications of social media apps along with texts and calls from the phone. You can even mute or end the call right from your wrist if you have this watch.

The watch uses its vibration and speaker to alert the user about the notification. The Aspire V8 has sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor to track the fitness of the users.

The watch is made up of completely plastic material making it very light to wear on wrists. It takes 120 mins to charge the watch and can run for up to 5 hours.  The watch can sync calendar and alarms from your phone and it also features a compass for directions.

All in all its a solidly built sturdy-looking watch which comes with a very good price and have almost all of the features required in a smartwatch.

5. Roboster V8 Smartwatch

  • Micro-sim support
  • An anti-ost reminder
  • ater-resistant up to 2m of depth
  • Built-in camera


The Roboster V8 Smartwatch is a very good smartwatch for those looking for a complete package in a smartwatch. It’s an aluminum-made smartwatch that has a calling feature built-in. Yes, users can put their micro-sim inside the watch and make calls.

The watch supports  GSM 859/900/1900/1900 quad-bands for network support. It has an anti-ost reminder option as well if you leave the watch somewhere. Users can even search for their contacts in the built-in phonebook or send SMS right from their wrists.

The watch is water-resistant up to 2m of depth and the strap is made up of silicone for longevity. The display size of the watch is around 40mm with a pixel of 240×240.

This smartwatch even has its built-in camera through which users can click pictures right from their smartwatch which is very much handy in everyday usage. Apart from all this, the watch can send sedentary reminders and it also has sleep monitoring.

When it comes to fitness it can measure steps and calories burned along with sports mileage records to keep you fit on everyday workouts. Its a complete package in a smartwatch with its advanced technology it is one of the best smartwatches to choose from.

6. Aomax GT-08 Smartwatch

  • Dedicated sim card slot
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • 0.3 MP camera
  • 16GB expandable storage


The Aomax GT-08 is an excellent smartwatch considering its price point and the value for money it is giving. This square-shaped watch is perfect for everyday use in office or college where it will solve its purpose by making your everyday life easier.

The watch has a dedicated sim card slot where you can put your micro sim card which can be used to make calls right from your wrist. It is an alternative to your phone which now sits on your wrist. The watch itself is made up of stainless steel which makes it very much durable.

It is square in design and has a standby time of up to 100 hours which is just insane.  The watch has an internal memory of 64 MB and is expandable up to 16 GB. users can use the storage to store music and other stuff on their watch.

You can use this watch to click pictures from its 0.3 MP camera or they can even use their watch as remote functionality to click pictures from a smartphone. All in all its a good smartwatch for its price point and users can consider this while buying a smartwatch.

7. Novateur RY Smartwatch

  • Heart rate sensor and G sensor
  • 48 hours battery backup
  • 240x240p IPS TFT display
  • Android H& IOS connectivity


This Novateur RY is the best-looking smartwatch in this list. The smartwatch has a leather strap which just looks luxurious. the watch even comes with a screen protector and a cleaning cloth in the box.

The dial shape is square with a silver finish and is made up of metal all around the screen. The screen size of the watch is around 42mm with a resolution of 240×240 having IPS TFT display. This Novateur RY smartwatch comes with a battery backup of up to 48 hours and charges in just under 2 hours.

The watch supports both Android as well as IOS for connectivity via Bluetooth. It even supports replaceable belts so that users can use belts of their own choices. The watch comes with all the health and fitness tracking system along with the notification sync from your phone to watch.

It even has a heart rate sensor and G sensor to measure your heart rate accurately along with fitness tracking. It also sends a sedentary reminder for the betterment of your health. It’s a good smartwatch with aesthetically blending into a luxury watch while giving all the smartwatch features.

8. Gionee Smart Life Smartwatch

  • 15 days on a single charge
  • 1.4 inches of colour screen
  • 2.5D corning gorilla glass
  • Synchronizes notifications
  • iOS & Android connectivity


The Gionee Smart Life smartwatch is a good looking durable smartwatch which can run for up to 15 days on a single charge. The dial of the smartwatch is made up of stainless steel(Grade 316L). It is waterproof up to 5 atm which make the watch ready for swim sessions.

The IPS Full touch 1.4 inches of colour screen is also protected by 2.5D corning gorilla glass which just adds up to its durability. The watch even has a built-in heart rate monitor which will track your heartbeat throughout your workout sessions or every day on normal usage.

The Gionee Smart Life even synchronizes notifications with your phone and can show alerts of SMS, emails, and calls. Users can even reject the calls right from their wrist also they can control the music playback from the watch only.

The watch supports both iPhone and Android for connectivity via Bluetooth. It looks very much similar to Apple watch with its square-like design which just adds up even more to its premium design.

This Gionee Smart Life smartwatch is perfect for those who are looking for a perfect balance between features and quality.

9. OPTA SB-162 Smartwatch

  • 1.3 inch TFT colour display
  • IP6 waterproof technology
  • Intelligent notification system
  • WEARFIT apk connectivity


The OPTA SB-162 smartwatch is a fitness-centric smartwatch that helps in making you fit. The watch is also very much good when it comes to health tracking. It has a 1.3 inch TFT colour square display with 2 watch faces.

The watch has a built-in 180 mAh of battery which can be charged via USB. It is rated IP6 waterproof for everyday use. The watch features an intelligent notification system that can sync your phone’s social media notifications to your watch automatically.

The watch is connected to your phone via an app called WEARFIT which is compatible with both Android as well as iPhone. It has a built-in app for health-related tracking and suggestions which works flawlessly.

The watch can track steps, sleep monitor, and your everyday workouts and runs. It also sens sedentary alerts to remind you to move every once in a while. The watch also has GPS and users can even set alarms on their watch.

The Opta smartwatch can even measure heart rate, Blood Pressure and Blood oxygen through its built-in heartrate sensor. The watch is surely made for users who are health conscious and are fitness freaks.

10. Aqfit W10

  • IP 68 waterproof
  • 50% less power consumption
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • 8-10 days battery life


One of the very few smartwatches that come with colour options to choose from. Aqfit W10 comes with 6 different colours to choose from. The smartwatch comes with a 1.3 inch IPS display with anti-scratch toughened glass for protection.

The watch is said to be IP 68 waterproof up to 5 ATM. The watch is also equipped with an NFR chip which is 40% more efficient and requires 50% less power consumption. The watch even has a real-time blood pressure monitor and blood oxygen monitor as well.

It even comes with a built-in sleep tracking and activity levels.  The W10 has a sedentary reminder, smart notifications, and lift wrist to bright screen options baked into the software. The watch has weather and music control system as well.

It has a 180 mAh of battery which can last for up to 8-10 days and can charge within 2 hours. The watch has a digital timepiece to show time and the strap of the watch is made up of silicone. The watch face can be customized according to user’s choice through the dedicated app from the phone.

This W10 can also track calories burned, steps taken or other fitness workouts can also be measured very well. This watch just ticks all the boxes a smartwatch should have and makes it a potential watch to be considered while buying a new smartwatch in the market.

11. Jokin V9 Smartwatch

  • 120mAh battery storage
  • IP67 Rating protection
  • 7 hours of battery run life
  • Plastic and rubber material


When it comes to the selection of best cheap smartwatch In India then this Jokin V9 smartwatch is our first choice for you.

The smartwatch comes with 120mAh battery storage that offers you long last 7 hours of battery run life once you charge in a day and it takes 2-3 hours for complete charging.

In this Jokin V9 smartwatch company offer 1.22inches OLED touch screen display that helps you to control and operate the functionalities.

This jokin V9 smartwatch is totally made from the plastic and rubber material so you feel ultra lightweight while you using it.

This smartwatch comes with very low budget but range but still, it has many useful features such as to measure heart rate, blood measure, arrhythmia, pedometer, calorie consumption, sedentary reminder, and sleep monitoring.

If you want color varieties then in this Jokin V9 smartwatch then don’t worry it also available in various color options such as  Black, Gray, Yellow and white so you can able to choose your desired color according to your like.

For the best protection, it comes with IP67 technology which protects your smartwatch from the deep under 50 meters of water and it also protects from sweat and dust.


This is all about the best smartwatches under 2000 rupees in India, In this list, we have mention top-quality smartwatches that you can easily able to buy from the given links.

Now you have a list of the most budget-friendly speakers, and not all these smartwatches are so common because they are brands. And when you choose to buy a brand product, you have to spend a few more bucks as it is truly worth spending. You will not regret spending more money when it is about quality.

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