10 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 10000 Rupees In India 2023

We invest our money for comfort, and buying wireless earbuds is like buying comfort for yourself. Let us check some smart and best truly wireless earbuds under 10K, which you can buy for yourself and enjoy seamless audio for a better experience.

We have an amazing range of wireless earbuds in the market. Still, as a buyer, I will always prefer to buy the best as per my budget, so by understanding your need, we have picked some of the best truly wireless earbuds under 10000 rupees budget, which offers you a great set of features.

As the name suggests, wireless earbuds have many more smart features and the comfort of wire-free movement to provide you with an incredible experience, so now let us check the best wireless earbuds for you.

10 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 10000 Rupees In India

Best Truly Wireless EarbudsCheck Price
1. 1More True Wireless Check Price
2. Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Check Price
3. Jabra Elite 65t Check Price
4. Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU Check Price
5. Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless Check Price
6. JBL Endurance Peak True Check Price
7. JAYS True Wireless Earbuds Check Price
8. Skullcandy Push True Check Price
9. Harman Kardon Fly TWS Check Price
10. JBL Tune 120TWS True Check Price

1. 1More True Wireless

  • 410mAh case battery backup
  • 55mAh earbud battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • aptX and ACC inbuilt technology


1more is not just a brand; it is the meaning of true quality; yes, it reviews many earphones, but one more is the only brand that maintains true qualities on their product. This 1more true wireless earphone also holds quality.

This 1more true wireless earbud comes with a 410mAh power bank case that charges the earbuds up to 4 times, and the earbud contains almost 55mAh battery backup. The earbud case comes with a type C charging cable, which readily available now a day.

The most interesting thing with these earbuds is that it comes with four colour choices such as Black, Pink, Golden, and Light Green that may offer you choose according to your like.

This true wireless earbud comes with a bluetooth 5.0 version with aptX and ACC technology that produces a high-quality sound that never disappoints you.

A customized LED antenna, laser shaped on the inner side of the earpiece, is designed to ensure a smooth connection for music and phone calls.

The earbud comes with full water-resistant body control technology, which also has rain splashing and sweat for outdoor usage.

These best1more true wireless earbuds under 6000 rupees price range come with complete functionalities such as premium design, crystal clear sound, clour choice, highly qualified wireless range, waterproofing technology, and noise cancellation technology; these all functionalities 1more offers you at just 6000 rs price range.

2. Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  • Sweat and Water Splash Resistant
  • Strong Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Good battery Life
  • Stereo Music Playback


Nokia is a well-known name that offers you one of the best budget true wireless earbuds in India, so BH-705 was available with the superfine audio quality and stunning performance within the budget of 5000.

These pairs of wireless earbuds are designed to provide you with super comfortable with a powerful audio output. It comes with the 3 pairs of ultra-lightweight buds having different sizes, which you can use as per your comfortable size.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which provides uninterrupted connectivity for better communication and transmission of signals.

This is one of the best earbuds in India available with a very easy and quick installation process; also, it quickly gets connected with the already paired device once you open the case.

To maintain its durability, it is loaded with the IPX4, which protects these wireless earbuds from sweat and splash while using it.

This wireless earbud comes with 3.5 hours of playtime, 4 hours of talk time, and 3 charges, so this is one of the best companions while going for a day outing. Stereo music playback lets you smoothly manage your entertainment and calls with comfort and ease.

3. Jabra Elite 65t

  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • Case charged within 2 hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Water, Dust and Sweat proof


This Jabra Elite 65t comes under 10000 rupees, and we list this earbud according to the performance, user rating, and we also analyze the quality of earbuds.

This Jabra Elite 65t is the perfect combination of usability, features, and sound quality; these earbuds offer a reliable connection for day to day usage and long-lasting battery life. All the functionalities you will get between the budget 8000 to 10000 rs.

According to the design, it is made from plastic material, and it looks good and standard. It comes under three different colour option, so you have a colour choice option according to your like.

Jabra Elite has its app to customize the music and deliver various effects and mode via this app for better sound quality. This app is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Download Jabra Sound+ Mobile App

⇒Download For Android

⇒Download For iOS

This Jabra Elite has two buttons on the left side that may help you adjust the volume, and the right side has a single button that allows you to pause, play, skip and forward the song.

4. Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU Bluetooth Ear Buds

  • Comfortable Fit
  • Quick Pairing
  • Automatic Sound Switching
  • Good Battery Life


The first wireless earbud we will discuss is the Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU which comes with many smart features.

These wireless earbuds come with top-quality audio with accuracy and powerful bass so that you can switch to your party mood anywhere and any time with your wireless earbuds.

This pair of wireless earbud gives you a quick pairing feature for effortless use. Once you pop out the Bluetooth earbuds from its case, it will automatically and quickly get paired with your smart device.

These wireless earbuds are designed to give you a fully balanced audio experience and comfort. These are so lightweight and designed to fit accurately with the most comfortable so that you can wear them for the longest time without any pain or discomfort.

The clarity in audio is one of the most important qualities of an earbud, so these wireless earbud designed, which keeps background noise out of your conversation.

These pairs of wireless earbud come with 6 hours buds and 7 hours of case charging, which is enough for a day and immerse you in your favourite music track.

You can switch to your surrounding without taking out your phone so that you can stay connected and aware of your surroundings.

The next generation Galaxy wireless buds will be your perfect companion all day. You can comfortably use it while doing exercise because of its accurate fitting, and the incredible studio quality will help you take noise-free office calls.

5. Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Low Latency and Stable Connection
  • Tri Hold Structure and Secure Fit
  • Quick Charge Option
  • WaterProof Technoogy


This Sony wireless earbud is loaded with the 12 mm driver unit, and the extra bass effect provides a powerful bassline so that you can enjoy every beat of your music.

This wireless earbud loaded with the IPX4, which makes them water, sweat, and splash resistant so that you can enjoy using it anytime and anywhere.

The battery life of wireless earbuds is a major factor, so here it comes with a battery life of 9 hours in a single charge of earbud and additional 9 hours with a carrying case, so in total, you get 18 hours of battery life.

Also, it comes with the quick charge option in case of a hurry, so here you can charge it for 10 minutes and get the playback time of 60 minutes.

To operate this wireless earbud is very simple; the buttons will easily let you adjust the volume, play your favourite track, and easily answer or skip the calls.

This smart pair of wireless earbud comes with a tri-hold structure, which touches three different points on your ear for a secure and comfortable fit.

The magnetic charging case will come in a compact shape so that you can easily keep it along with you, and this case protects your earbuds and providing the charging for 9 hours.

It provides you with a stable connection and low latency, which makes your experience better. Low latency mode will provide you seamless viewing experience also a good option for video game lovers.

6. JBL Endurance Peak True Wireless in-Ear Headphones

  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • Case charged within 2 hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Water, Dust and Sweat proof


This wireless earbud is one of the best truly wireless earbuds in India, which can be one of the best buying options for you under the budget of 10000.

These JBL wireless in-ear headphones will amaze you with their power base and premium quality audio output. It comes with stunning battery life, 4 hours playback time of earbuds, and additional 24 hours with a charging case, so in total, you have 28 hours with these durable Bluetooth earbuds.

In case of any urgency, you have the option of a quick charge where you can charge it for 10 minutes and get 1 hour of music playback. It will not disappoint you, whether it is about an outer look or internal design when it comes to design. Twistlock and Flexsoft technology will give you a comfortable and secure fit so that you can wear it all day with all ease and comfort.

The Mono and Stereo mode will also help you easily switch between calls and music for the easy, quick and smooth go, and the unique power hook design to turn on/off earbuds will be the added comfort to your life. It is loaded with the IPX7, enabling you to use these wireless earbud without getting worried about damage from water and sweat.

7. JAYS True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • IPX5 rating
  • Powerpack Battery Life
  • Smooth Touch
  • Smartly Designed


These Bluetooth earbuds by Jays will make your daily listening easier than ever because of wireless earbuds. This is one of the best earbuds in India, which comes with a smooth touch control so that you can easily control your favourite tracks, adjust volume and handle your calls with a single touch on your earbud.

These powerful earbuds come with a power pack battery life. You get 9.5 hours on a single charge and 38 hours of battery life with a charging case, so you can easily go on a vacation along with these wireless earbuds.

Lighter the weight easier to use, so these earbuds are super lightweight and come with a secure fit so that you can use them without any worry.

These pairs of earbuds are loaded with the IPX5 so that you can use them while raining, sweating in the gym without getting worried about any damage. The voice control feature of these wireless earbuds makes them more advance.

8. Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds

  • Waterproof
  • Good Connectivity
  • Intuitive Control
  • Activate Assistant


Wireless earbuds will let you live your music without any limitation, so here we discuss another one of India’s best budgets true wireless earbuds. You can easily control the operation like volume, music track, and calls with the buttons placed on both the earbuds.

The FitFin ear gel design will help these earbuds easily and comfortably tuck into any ear for secure fit; also, these pair of wireless earbud comes with a waterproof design to use them without any worry.
These wireless earbuds come with 6 hours of earbud charging in one go and the additional 6 hours with the charging case.

The smooth connection is very important, so it comes with the innovative form factor, which removes signal loss and allows you to control each earbud easily.

9. Harman Kardon Fly TWS In-Ear True Wireless Earphone

  • Auto Pause Mode
  • Ambient Aware and Talk Thru
  • 20 Hours Battery Life
  • Premium Quality Material


These pair of wireless earbuds come with an amazing set of features that provides a seamless audio experience. This is one of the best true wireless earbuds under 10000, which can be the right buying option for you.

Ambient aware and Talk thru technologies simplify things for you by keeping you updated with your surroundings without disturbing your music. The TalkThru features smarty understand your need which lowers the headphone volume for real-life conversation.

The hand-free stereo calling allows you to have crisp, clear, and noise-free calling anywhere and anytime effortlessly.
It is loaded with the IPX5, which allows stress-free use of these earbuds. You don’t have to compromise with your music because of sweat or water because it makes these wireless earphones sweat and waterproof.

You want to know about the battery life, so these wireless earbuds come with 6 hours of playtime with the earbuds and additional 14 hours with the charging case, so in total, you have 20 hours of battery life. It comes with full touch control to control all the functions with a smooth touch effortlessly.

The interesting and useful features it carries are auto-pause mode. When you remove these wireless earbuds, it automatically powers off after 30 minutes on no playback with the help of an Auto-off timer, and you can resume it later on.

The Harman Kardon headphones app will let you adjust the equalization settings as per your preference and enjoy powerful sound effects.

It comes with the built-in Google Assistant and Alexa, and it is made up of premium quality material. Comfortable design, which makes them durable and comfortable design, enables you to wear it for the longest time. With these amazing features, it is justified to go with this earpod for under 10000.

10. JBL Tune 120TWS True Wireless in-Ear Headphones

  • Good Battery Life
  • Sleek Design and Comfortable Fit
  • Premium Bass Sound
  • Comfortable Stereo Calling


These are some of the best earpods available with us for you, so these wireless earbuds come with the JBL pure bass sound, which will let you enjoy the music without any limitation.

This wireless earbud comes with 4 hours of earbud battery life in a single charge and 12 hours of battery life with the charging case, so combined, and you have 16 hours of battery life.

The quick charge option is a very useful feature because you get 1 hour of music playback time with 15 minutes of charging, so you can quickly charge it if you want to go somewhere.

Hand-free stereo calling will give you effortless calling with ease. The sleek design allows you to take these wireless earbuds anywhere along with you.

It comes with the 3 sizes of ear tips you can select as per your ear size and comfortably use it, so let us go and get these best truly wireless earbuds under 10000 for you.


I hope the above listed best wireless earbuds under 10000 will help you to pick the best one as per your choice. We have limitless options in the market, which creates a situation where it is tough for us to decide which option is the best, so to resolve it to some extent, we have shared the above list of some selected best truly wireless earbuds.

We have tried to provide you with the latest and best within your budget range. The above-listed option comes with the latest technology and is made up of premium quality material, giving you outstanding performance.

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