8 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 5000 Rupees In India 2023

Are you looking for earbuds under 5K? then why don’t you go with the wireless earbuds under the same budget as you know technology growing day by day and due to our busy lives we hardly get time to do the comprehensive research before buying anything and due to this reason we randomly buy the things which seem okay and later on we regret.

To help you, we have selected some of the best truly wireless earbuds under 5K, which we find genuine and worth from the ample number of wireless earbuds available in the market. We believe that when you purchase anything, you should purchase the best option within your budget. By considering this point, we have tried to suggest to you the authentic and best truly wireless earbuds under 5K, so let us get started quickly.

8 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 5000 Rupees In India

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 5000Check Price
1. Noise Shots X5 Pro Truly Wireless Check Price
2. Skullcandy Sesh  Check Price
3. OPPO Enco W31 Check Price
4. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Check Price
5. Cross beats Urban 2020 True Earbuds Check Price
6. 1MORE True Wireless Earbuds Check Price
7. Blaupunkt BTW01 True Wireless Check Price
8. Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Check Price

1. Noise Shots X5 Pro Truly Wireless

  • Strong Bluetooth Range
  • Stunning Playback Time 
  • Full Touch Control
  • IPX7 Waterproof


Noise introduced lots of smart wearable accessories to its young Indian customer by fulfilling both the requirements, which are the latest technology and affordable price, so today, as we discuss wireless earbuds, the very first wireless earbud on the list is Noise Shots X5 Pro.

This wireless earbud comes with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 audio chipset from Qualcomm; thus, it gives a better Bluetooth range and high-quality audio.

In the case of earbuds having a good battery life is one of the most important factors, so this wireless earbud will not give you a chance to regret battery life because it gives you 8 hours for every charge and 142 hours with a charging case. Hence, in total, you get 150 hours.

This stunning wireless earbud offers a reverse phone charging feature that is quite better featured for us in any situation.

Full touch control will allow you to get complete control over your earbuds without a hassle. You have a touch sensor on each earbud to control playback, adjust volume, manage calls, and activate voice assistant.

These high audio wireless earbuds come with the IPX7, enabling you to use them even underwater, during heavy rain, without getting worried about damage from them.

The ergonomic shape makes these earbuds one of the best Bluetooth earbuds choices for you. It provides you with complete comfort and a secure fit to enjoy it without any worry; also, it comes with USB type C charging so that you can use the same cable for your smartphone and earphones.

2. Skullcandy Sesh 

  • Water, Sweat and Dust Proof
  • Case charged within 2 hour
  • Earbud charged within an hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


The second option in the list is from Skullcandy, one of the well-known brands for headphones, so this Skullcandy Sesh true wireless earbud is an attractive option for you.

When we buy earbuds, one of the major factors we consider is secure fitting, so these pair of wireless earbuds come with the ideal fit so that you can enjoy the moment without any worry. These earbuds give you noise isolation by providing you with an ideal fit without compromising your comfort.

These wireless earbuds are available with the 3 sets of optional ear gels in different sizes to choose from as per your size. You can charge it with the help of a micro-USB charging cable. The left side earbud is a master earbud used in mono mode for one earbud listening experience.

These earbuds make the pairing super easy and quick as it quickly gets connected once take out from the case. Also, you can easily handle all the functioning like adjusting the volume, play/pause music, change audio, answer/end calls, etc., with just one button without touching your smartphone.

Most of the headphones became useless once they came in contact with water or dust, but these wireless earbuds loaded with IP55, which makes them sweat, water, and dust resistant.

Battery life is again one of the important factors, so these Bluetooth earbuds come with 3 hours of battery life on a single charge and 7 hours of playback time with a charging case.

3. OPPO Enco W31

  • Dual Mode connectivity
  • IP54 and Bluetooth V5.0
  • Dual Microphone Noise Cancellation
  • Ultra-Low Latency


Compatibility plays an important role when we buy wireless earbuds, so these Oppo Enco W31 gives you the flexibility to pair them with Android and iOS smartphones.

If you are a music lover and also love to play video games, then this is the best option for you that meets both the requirements.

This wireless earbud comes with two modes which are bass mode and balanced mode, so bass mode will give you enhanced bass, and heavy bass rhythms and balance mode will give you balanced sound with high, middle, and low frequencies.

It also comes with a dual TPU composite graphene diaphragm and supports AAC audio format, enhancing the audio quality.

This wireless earbud loaded with the IP54, which makes these earbuds dust and water-resistant so that you can enjoy using these earbuds without any worry.

It is designed with the noise cancellation algorithm to have a noise-free call with the help of 2 premium quality microphone placed on each earphone.

The Ultra low latency mode will enhance your gaming experience by providing perfect synchronization between the audio and video and gives you a breathtaking experience.

These smart wireless earbuds come with intelligent touch control to easily control the function, and you can activate a voice assistant for more easy operations.

These wireless earbuds come with the wearing detection smart feature, which plays when worn and pauses when removed. The quick pairing makes it more advanced, which can also automatically reconnect with the paired device.

4. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2

  • Premium Dynamic Driver
  • 14 Hours of Battery Life
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Smart in-ear Detection


If you want to discover true wireless sound quality, these Mi true wireless earphones 2 are highly recommended. These are one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 of a budget with all the latest features and unmatched audio quality.

These wireless earbuds come with high definition audio, which gives you stunning audio performance with low latency and high definition audio codec and make your experience better.

The driver plays a vital role, so these wireless earbuds are loaded with the dynamic diaphragm driver of 14.2mm, delivering enhanced and accurate sound.

It offers you 4 hours of playback time in a single charge and 14 hours with the charging case, which is sufficient for a day.

It comes with a dual- microphone that provides crisp and clear audio, and also the environmental noise cancellation feature makes your listening experience far better.

It offers you easy and simple control over the function, which you can control with just your voice with your favourite voice assistant’s help.

These smart pair of wireless earbuds give you the ease of one-step pairing with your smartphone, so you don’t have to hassle anymore. Also, the feature which makes these wireless earbuds extra smart is the smart in-ear detection feature.

With the help of a smart in-ear detection feature, it will automatically pause the music when you take them off and play when you put them back into the ear.

The intelligently designed wireless earbuds give you the comfort and stability as it is made up of anti-slip material which gives you slip-proof design to use it without any worry.

5. Cross beats Urban 2020 True Earbuds

  • Uninterrupted Connectivity
  • Secure Fit and Stylish Design
  • Enhanced Audio Driver
  • Noise Cancellation


These wireless earbuds by Cross beats Urban 2020 are small in size but powerful when it comes to performance. This wireless earbud is recommended to the game lover because it will give you one of the best gaming experiences.

These truly wireless earbuds are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides a stable connection so that you can enjoy playing with zero or no lag. Also, the low latency feature enables the perfect coordination between the audio and video.

To maintain its small and compact size, it is designed with a multi-function button that can play/pause songs, answer/reject/hang-up calls, and adjust the volume. The beryllium dynamic driver will give you a concert sound experience by giving you the crystal clear true to life audio output.

The 24 hours of battery life will not disappoint you and can entertain you for long without a problem. The silicon ear tip gives you a comfortable and secure fit so you can use it all day without any discomfort or pain.

These cool wireless earbuds available in three beautiful shades that you will be going to love. The IPX6 feature makes these wireless earbuds sweat and water-resistant, so you can jump into the pool or climb the mountain with these cool sets of earbuds without any worry.

This is one of the best truly wireless earbuds in India, which delivers enhanced audio with the powerful thumping bass effect and passive noise cancellation technology, which will leave you with your music only.

These wireless earbuds can quickly pair with your smartphone within the range of 33ft so you can freely move within the range without any interruption.

6. 1MORE True Wireless Earbuds

  • 24 Hours of Battery Life
  • Compact and Smart
  • ENC Microphone Technology
  • Titanium Composite Driver


As the name suggests, it is one of the best truly wireless earbuds under 5000, which comes with stable and smooth connectivity as it is equipped with Bluetooth V5.0.

This wireless earbud is designed to deliver an excellent and powerful sound with a compact size. It is loaded with the titanium composite 7mm diaphragm driver, enhancing and reproducing the crystal clear audio.

This wireless earbud comes with good battery life and the option of quick charge in case of any emergency, so you get 24 hours of playtime with a fast charge. In a single charge, you get 6.5 hours of playtime, and with a charging case, you get 24 hours of battery life. You can charge it for 15 minutes and get the 3 hours of playback time in case of urgency.

Smart devices we use to save our time and operate smartly, so here this smart earbud can automatically pair with your smartphone after the first connection.

This stereo earbud comes with a built-in microphone which enables you to have clear and crisp calls without any external noise.

You also have alternate pairing mode, which makes things simple for you, so either you can use both for a powerful music listening experience or use the left or right earbud individually.

It comes with the Qualcomm aptX audio technology and AAC compatibility for extraordinary performance and delivers the performance you deserve.

This Bluetooth earbud offers you some smart and cool colour options you can pick your favourite one also for more ease use it comes with the voice assistant system, so these are one of the best earpods available in the market.

7. Blaupunkt BTW01 True Wireless Earphones

  • Powerful Battery Life
  • Silicone Microphone Technology
  • Sweat, Water, and Dust Proof
  • Durable and Comfort


This is one of the oldest brands, which is now also available in India, offering its reliable and premium quality audio devices, so I have Blaupunkt BTW01 True Wireless Earphones in my selected list.

This small and compact size wireless earbud loaded with all the latest technology you must be looking for, so let us check the specifications for you.

Stereo high definition audio will give you a stunning experience by providing clear and powerful audio output. This earbud comes with the feather tap control, so you don’t have to struggle with the hard buttons; all you have to do is gentle taps to control the functions.

A better calling experience comes with silicone microphone technology, which redefines the audio quality to the highest level.

As you are looking for earpods under 5000, this is one of the good purchase options for you with all power-packed functions and battery life. It gives you 6 hours of playtime in a single charge and 24 hours with the charging case.

This wireless earbud comes with the IPX5, which you can use anywhere any time because dust, water, or sweat can not harm your device, so you can wear it without getting worried about how and when to use it.

These small-sized wireless earbuds are not good in features but also provide you with super comfort while using them, so under the budget of 5000, we are getting amazing features and durability.

8. Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  • Sweat and Water Splash Resistant
  • Strong Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Good battery Life
  • Stereo Music Playback


Nokia is a well-known name that offers you one of the best budget true wireless earbuds in India, so BH-705 was available with the superfine audio quality and stunning performance within the budget of 5000.

These pairs of wireless earbuds are designed to provide you with super comfortable with a powerful audio output. It comes with the 3 pairs of ultra-lightweight buds having different sizes, which you can use as per your comfortable size.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which provides uninterrupted connectivity for better communication and transmission of signals.

This is one of the best earbuds in India available with a very easy and quick installation process; also, it quickly gets connected with the already paired device once you open the case.

To maintain its durability, it is loaded with the IPX4, which protects these wireless earbuds from sweat and splash while using it.

This wireless earbud comes with 3.5 hours of playtime, 4 hours of talk time, and 3 charges, so this is one of the best companions while going for a day outing. Stereo music playback lets you smoothly manage your entertainment and calls with comfort and ease.


Here I am closing the list of some true wireless earbuds available for you. Above listed wireless earbuds contain all the latest technology, an affordable price, and durability inside the small portable earbud. I hope these wireless earbuds will enhance your audio output and gives you a better experience than your expectations.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to have a high budget to enjoy the latest and smart technology. We have such amazing options in the market at an affordable price, but all we have to do is little research and comparison, so the same thing we did and came up with the list of the best truly wireless earbuds under 5K mentioned above.

The above list contains various selected wireless earbuds for you with some same and some different features from one another, so I hope it will fulfil your requirements and helps you to choose the best earbud for yourself as per your requirements. We tried to meet your expectation and budget to make things easy for you while purchasing the best wireless earbud for yourself.

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