4 Best USB Type C Earphones In India | Top Picks Of 2021

As you know that in India, there are lots of brands launching smartphones, some with 3.5mm audio jack and some with USB Type C when it comes to wired 3.5mm audio jack earphones, it is readily available on both offline and online market.

Still, when it comes to USB type C, then the game is wholly changed. It is challenging to get the USB type C earphone, But don’t worry. In this article, we have mentioned the top best USB type C earphones under different price ranges.

As an alternative in the market, you will get type c earphones connector to connect 3.5mm audio jack earphone to your type C enabled phone but in this list, we purely mention earphone that comes with USB type C port 

4 Best USB Type C Earphones In India | Top Picks

Best USB Type C EarphonesCheck Price
1. Hifiman RE400c Check Price
2. Wissenschaft JP55 Check Price
3. WeCool Mr.Bass W010 Check Price
4. Nwark/Joie® Check Price

1. Hifiman RE400c Type-C USB in-Ear Audiophile Earphones

Best USB Type C Earphones In India
  • Designed for android
  • Ultra flexbile
  • Ergonomic Lightweight design
  • 8.5mm coated titanium driver


If you were searching medium budget range premium quality Best USB Type C Earphones In India, then this Hifiman RE400c Type C USB in-ear audiophile earphone is an excellent option for you.

The Hifiman RE400c earphone comes with an 8.5mm coated titanium custom audio driver that beautifully produces the balanced sound.

Its ultra-flexible ergonomic design allows you to wear it anywhere at anyplace and did not feels you bulky, you can able to connect it with any type C enabled android device easily.

In addition, it comes neodynamic magnets and premium cabling which is made from Oxygen-free copper and it helps to deliver comfort to handle and wear.

2. Wissenschaft JP55 USB Type C Earphones

Best USB Type C Earphones In India
  • Latest Hi-Res Audio
  • Multifucntional remote control
  • Stylish and ergonmic design
  • Congenial snug fit


Best earphones type C plug with clour choice absolutely this Wissenschaft JP55 earphone comes with a bundle of features that amazed you. The earphone not just give you premium size design but it offers deep bass with high resolution audio quality.

For the music control, it comes with inline multifunctional function remote button that helps you to change the audio track, pause the music,  accept and reject the calls.

It comes with congenial snug fir mode at 45 degrees best snug fit perfectly fit in your ear, along with the earphone you will get soft-gel sillicone earbuds so you can able to change it according to your ears size.

Company used the HI-res audio technology with DAC chipset that perfectly converts standard audio quality into the superior audio quality.

3. WeCool Mr.Bass W010 Type C Earphones

Best USB Type C Earphones In India
  • 12mm audio driver
  • Magnetic design
  • 45-degree ergonomic design
  • 1.2 meter  cord length


WeCool is well established brand selling lots of different kind of earphones, headphones and earbuds in the Indian market. This WeCool Mr.bass wo1o metallic in-ear type c earphones also come with the WeCool brand.

This WeCool Mr.bass wo1o metallic in ear type c earphone available in two different variant with two different price tag so before you choose this earphone please compare both the variant side by side.

This This WeCool Mr.bass wo1o metallic in ear type c earphone comes with 12mm audio driver that delivers high qualified audio bass with balanced audio sound.

With the type C connectivity, it offers you almost 1.2 meters of cord length that helps you to freaky music lifestyle.

This powerpacked type c earphone also offer you noise isolating feature that deliver noiseless music and calls.

4. Nwark/Joie® USB Type C Earphones

Best USB Type C Earphones In India
  • Hi-Res audio technology
  • Balanced audio quality
  • Lightweigh alumunium body
  • 1.2 meter cord length


Nwark/Joie Type c earphone is our last choice in the list of Best USB Type C Earphones In India. In this earphone company used high quality environmental PVC/ metal aluminum and TPE material to build this earphone, which is made this earphone strong and sturdy.

For the connectivity, it comes with type C port with 1.2-meter length, and it is only compatible with android devices.

In this earphone, the company offers single multifunctional inline remote control that helps you to operate things such as call, volume, audio track, and assistant, etc.

The most innovative thing, which is the company used in this earphone is that this JOIE earphone used carbon fiber diaphragm technology.



This is all about the Best USB Type C Earphones In India, in this article we have concluded best budget type c earphone to best high range type c earphone, we highly recommended you to buy headset from our situated list because we did very deep research to create this list for you.

If you have any issue regarding the selection of the best earphone, kindly comment down your queries otherwise mail us; as soon as possible, we respond to you.

If you want wireless earphones over USB TYPE C, then check out our articles list here, which comes with a different price range best bluetooth earphones.

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