10 Best VR Headset In India Under 5000-10000-15000 Rupees 2023

I love to experience things in reality while watching television, playing video games, etc. I found a great VR headset device to help me with that, which will allow you to experience virtual reality. This gadget will provide you with a fantastic visualization experience.

I have prepared the list of some best VR Headsets available in the market for us as it is a headset, so you have to wear it on your head to experience virtual reality. Choosing the right VR headset is most essential to get a better experience because, with the help of a VR headset, you will share things in reality.

Through a VR headset, you can travel the world, in reality, using the technology without going physically. It enables you to feel like you are actually into virtual space while you are not. It is also a perfect option for those who love to play video games.

The most crucial point is that which VR headset is best to buy, So to resolve this, I have listed some best VR headset available in India currently. Still, I would like to mention some buying guide for you to pick the best VR headset for you.

There is a lot to consider, but the central point is design, portability, space required, untwisting headset cable, controller, and most importantly, budget. The latest and modern headset majorly categorized into two parts: tethered and standalone, so you can pick anyone which suits your requirements. Well, you have lots of options with different features like inbuilt headphones, inbuilt volume controller, and many more, so gear up yourself to explore the endless things with this advanced VR technology.

This innovative and enjoyable invention of technology has no risk and harm, but you should consider significant points before buying it. With the help of a VR headset, you can experience things in reality by saving time and money; let us suppose you love to travel and want to see the place first, whether the place is worth visiting or not then first you can take the virtual tour with the help of VR headset which will save our money and time.

It gives you realistic scenarios, which makes it suitable for different learning styles like training and presentations. Most of the sectors adopting this technology to train their employees to better understand, for example, the healthcare sector and equal education, construction, armed forces, telecom, and other business are also adopting this technology day by day.
Without any further delay, let’s quickly look at the below-mentioned best VR headset in India, which can be the best buying option for you to experience reality with the virtual reality system’s help.

10 Best VR Headset Under 5000-10000-15000-20000-30000 Rupees In India

Best VR HeadsetCheck Price
1. Irusu Play VR Plus Check Price
2. Ocular Grand Check Price
3. Samsung Gear VR Check Price
4. Oculus Rift VR System Check Price
5. HTC VIVE Check Price
6. Google Daydream VR Check Price
7. Procus ONE Check Price
8. GEARSONE VR Headset Check Price
9. Procus PRO VR Headset Check Price
10. Oculus Go Standalone Check Price

Above I have shared the names of cheap and the best VR headset in India. Now we will check each of them in detail to get some idea about the features and performance.

1. Irusu Play VR Plus

  • Inbuilt Speaker
  • 3.5 MM Large Speaker
  • Adjustable Lenses
  • Adjustable Pupillary Distance


This is one of the best VR Headset brands that provide a better all-in-one mobile immersive VR experience. It is integrated with adjustable headphones with fantastic sound quality, it has a 3.5 mm large speaker sound unit, and headset lenses are flexible as per the requirement.

You can adjust the interpupillary distance and focal adjustment for clear visualization. The design is so comfortable and adjustable that other people can also wear the headset and adapt to the head shape.
With this VR Headset, you can also plan the party with your friends without meeting them physically but feel like everything real.

This VR headset equipped with an anti-blue lens that protects our eyes. People having myopia or hyperopia can use it without wearing glasses. You can also adjust the lenses independently as per the requirement because Irusu cares for their customer.

This smart VR headset is available in Black colour and to new users; I will recommend you check the specification because VR needs a set of specifications for mobile and app to work in synchrony.

2. Ocular Grand

  • Adjustable Lens Distance
  • Heat Dissipation for Smartphone
  • Unparalleled FOV of 120 Degrees
  • 42 MM HD Lenses


Ocular Grand has a lot to offer, from inbuilt features to immersive visualization. Flexibility is one of the most demanding features of any device currently. Ocular Grand VR Glasses has a fully flexible design that allows you to make necessary adjustments related to the lens distance.

It also has both sides of heat dissipation for your smartphone. It has inbuilt headphones, Volume control, and a touch button that makes the VR experience more exciting and smooth.

Its Design is endlessly comfortable so that you can use it for a longer time without any problem. The soft cushioning for the face and heat dissipation features makes more users choice a VR headset. To distract pressure, it is equipped with a comfortable elastic head strap that is completely adjustable as per your comfort.

It is made up of distortion proof 42 MM HD lenses to reduce eye fatigue for your safety. It has an inbuilt volume control that allows you to control the volume and answer phone calls without removing the headset. The touch control button gives you the flexibility to use the VR app during the phone inside the headset.

The compatibility of this VR Headset with smartphones is tremendous. This VR headset is compatible with a broader range of smartphones. With this fantastic VR headset, you can escape to the great word, play your fav. Video games.

3. Samsung Gear VR

  • Light Weight
  • Form Cushioning
  • Flexible Head Strap
  • Controller with touchpad


Samsung is again a well-known brand among us, so lets directly jump into one of the best VR headset introduced by it. Samsung Gear VR w/Controller will take you to the virtual world like in real. It is very comfortable and lightweight so that you can quickly wear it and use it.

This VR player designed to provide ease because the strap keeps the Gear VR securely on and the foam cushioning helps prevent too much light from entering.

The controller is an additional plus point for this VR, which you can use as a remote control to navigate your virtual reality with ease. This controller has a touchpad that you can press and swipe to select and guide, have a back key and home key, volume key, and trigger key.

As it is a virtual reality system so the visualization should be good. Through large lenses, you can travel new lands and magical landscapes with a wide 101-degree field of view which is worth using for a better experience. With the gear VR, you have 1000+ apps and games to experience the world and beyond.

4. Oculus Rift VR System

  • Touch Controller
  • Intelligent Design
  • Intuitive Control
  • Surrounded by the Sound


This Oculus Rift headset is so comfortable and soft. It comes with custom optics which provides amazing visualization and a wide field of view. The most important feature of this VR headset is touch controllers, Yes the pair of controllers provide intuitive hand presence in VR. With the help of these pairs of touch controllers, you will feel your virtual hands like your own hands.

With this fantastic VR player, you do not play games, but you live them. This adjustable headset gives you the flexibility to duck, turn, and move so quickly, so if you are a video game lover, this can be the best choice for you.

You will also get 6 free video games, including Robo Recall, Lucky’s Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox. The essential factor is compatibility, so do run the Oculus Rift compatibility check to see the PC is ready for the Rift experience.

Let us talk about the budget because whenever we buy something, the significant dependency is on the account. This can be the best buying option if you look for the best VR headset under 25000 of the budget.


  • Immersive Room Scale
  • Precise 360-degree controls
  • High-End Graphics
  • Realistic Graphics


This VR headset by HTC is a reliable and well know the brand for us. HTC VIVE provides you with the playing flexibility you can play to work for you. You can play seated, standing, or in an 11’5″ x 11’5” room size.

The graphics are amazing, giving you realistic movement and actions, which is why this is one of the best VR headsets for movies. The best part is a 360-degree motion track controller, which provides a more realistic experience.

This is designed so intelligently that the chaperone system gives you the warning when you reach the boundaries of your play area, and the front face camera on the headset gives you a glimpse of the real world as required. Hence, it takes care of your safety while playing.

This one the VR headset that hit the virtual revolution. This is one of the best VR Headsets for video game lovers because of its graphics and playing flexibility. Also, you can enjoy unlimited VR play of 700+ games and app for a particular period.

6. Google Daydream VR

  • High-Quality Virtual Reality System
  • Washable Face Pads
  • Durable and lightweight Material Used
  • VR Headset with Controller


Daydream VR is introduced by Google and one of the best budget VR headset in India. The user has to place the smartphone into the back of the headset and run daydream compatible mobile app and enjoy the content.

This VR system comes with a headset and controller, which provides high-quality visualization for a fantastic experience. It is designed to provide comfort and safety to the users.

This headset is made up of durable and soft fabric, which provides comfort for the longer and face pads are washable so that you can share with your friend.

The daydream app is the treasure of unique games and apps. You can teleport virtually anywhere to almost everywhere with the help of this best VR headset under a 300o of budget.

With the help of a controller, you can experience more realistic visualization while playing games or visiting some of your dream places and destinations.

7. Procus ONE

  • 40 MM Lenses
  • Wider Range of Compatibility
  • Gyroscope Feature
  • Inbuilt Touch Button


This is another very best VR headset under 3000 by Procus. Procus One VR headset takes care of better experience and adding safety features for its users at the same time. The biggest 40 MM lenses offer you enjoy expanded 100-degree field of view for fully immersive viewing.

You can enjoy games, movies and experience the apps on your phone like never before. With all these high-quality features, it takes care of your eye safety and viewing comfort.

The glasses used in VR is made up of polished HD optical resin lenses with 8 layer nano-coating. VR lenses also offer an unparalleled FOV, reduce eye strain and glare, affording prolonged, comfortable headset wear.

Nowadays, we prefer portable and convenient device. This VR headset can be worn while wearing glasses which is a super cool feature. Its adjustable leather headband, leatherhead support and foam facing cushioning make it more user friendly.

It also offers amazing compatibility with a wider range of smartphones. It provides you with free VR games, and the extra it offers is ISOLATED 3D VR. An hour-long spine chilling HORROR VR Games that comes with a VR device. It has an inbuilt touch button that does not require a gamepad controller.

8. GEARSONE VR Headset

  • 360 Degree View
  • 103 Degree Field View
  • Eye Protected HD 3D VR Goggles
  • 3 Adjustable Strap


Gears one virtual reality VR headset is one of the best VR headsets for iPhone users. Visualization is the most important point when we discuss the VR headsets, so let me explain to you first for the immersive viewing.

This VR headset offers you a 360-degree immersive viewing experience and a 103-degree field of view. The ergonomic design makes it more comfortable and super easy to use for its users.

Three adjustable straps divide the presser and provide a stress-free environment to play games. It comes with the perfect touch button, which you can easily use while playing video games or watching anything.

This VR Headset provides compatibility with ios and android both. To make your experience better, it offers adjustable public distance and focal distance to get a clearer view.

9. Procus PRO VR Headset

  • Large Quality Lenses
  • Distance Controller
  • Super Comfortable Material
  • Soft Padding Earphone


When we look for something, we always demand a different and little extra from the lot, so the Procus PRO VR headset offers you a little extra; this VR headset comes with inbuilt headphones. This VR headset integrated sound and 3D vision to provide an exciting and next-level virtual experience.

This VR headset also comes with an inbuilt touch button, so you do not require additional magnetic clipper or Bluetooth devices. You can use the touch button to control the device smoothly.

This Headset comes with large-quality lenses for 100-120 degree FOV. These lenses eye fatigue and lag, which allows us to experience immersive VR comfortably for longer. Yet, we are not done because it has inbuilt volume control and action button so that you can enjoy it without any interference.

You do not need to remove your phone to adjust the volume. You can adjust the distance between you and the telephone for the higher clarity and comfortable experience. When it comes to design, it is made up of super comfy and soft quality material to wear for a more extended period.

There is no compromise with the quality and available in a reasonable budget. I feel one of the best VR headset for android currently I am aware of, and it is available under the budget of 4000.

10. Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

  • Standalone System
  • Integrated spatial Audio
  • HD Optics
  • Optimized Graphics


Now we will check another best VR headset in India introduced by Oculus. As the name mention, standalone virtual reality headset, so first, let’s understand the standalone virtual system; the standalone system does not require a PC or smartphone to experience virtual reality.

The best part of the standalone system is that it does not require any cable or PC, making it super easy to use and portable. This another option by Oculus in the list is one of the best VR headsets under 30000 of budget.

This all in one headset can be your best companion anytime and anywhere. This is not enough; the headset is so lightweight and designed so smartly by using breathable fabric so that you can enjoy the virtual time. This VR headset is no less when we talk about visualization and sound quality.

Fast Switch LCD improves visual clarity, and superior integrated audio allows the headset to share with someone else quickly. You can download the Oculus app and discover the latest updates related to VR games, apps, and experiences.


VR Headset having an amazing set of features, and technology keeps growing day by day so enjoy the endless virtual reality journey. This is a different experience that is full of excitement and adventure.

The endless advancement of technology can make us go anywhere virtually. Everyone loves to experience this virtual reality, so for you, above is the list of some best VR headset. You can buy the best suited VR headset as per the budget and requirements.

VR Headset is not just for playing video games and watching movies, but also you can use it for learning purposes. It is a better and quicker way to learn things, so most of the sectors are opting for Virtual Reality Technic. I hope the above-shared list of the best VR headset can help you finalize the suitable VR headset for you to experience the best version of the technology.

You can see the world without going physically but feel like you are there. What else we required in our busy day to day life. Everyone can benefit from this device because it, if some of all, for your best entertainment, like watching TV, Playing Video games, for your kids to provide better understanding and learning.

Above mention, VR headsets come with lots of the same or additional set of features that will change your experience towards entertainment, education and many more sectors. Virtual Reality system helps to save your time and money both. If you are looking for VR Headset, then always consider the buying guide and your requirements, like for majorly what purpose you are buying it only then you will be able to select the best product for yourself.

I believe that all products available in the market mostly are good. Still, it is very important to choose the right one for you which can perfectly match your requirements because if the product completes your requirement the only customer can be happy so first make a list of your needs, purpose and budget, then you are all good to go for perfect buying.

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