11 Best Wifi Router In India Under 1000-1500-2000 Rupees 2023

Imagine you’re in the middle of an important online meeting and suddenly, your connection drops. Frustrating, isn’t it? That’s where a good Wi-Fi router comes into play. It adds stability to your internet experience, especially in India where net speeds can be hit-or-miss. This article helps you navigate through the best routers under 1000, 1500, and 2000 rupees so you won’t miss out on anything ever again! Let’s find the perfect one for your needs.

Best Wi-Fi routers in India under 1000, 1500, and 2000 rupees.

You’re probably looking for the best Wi-Fi routers in India under 1000, 1500, and 2000 rupees, aren’t you? Well, you’re in luck! Brands like Tplink, Dlink, Netgear, and Asus offer top-notch routers within your budget. For just under a grand, Tplink’s TL-WR841N model is an absolute steal. Now if you can stretch your budget to 1500 rupees, Dlink’s DIR-615 router is worth every penny with its impressive speed and range. Netgear’s WNR614 N300 Wi-Fi Router is another fantastic option at this price point. Lastly, for those willing to spend up to 2000 rupees for superior performance and features, Asus RT-N12+ won’t disappoint you. Remember that prices may vary slightly based on location and availability.

Why it is important to have a good Wi-Fi router, especially in India where the internet speeds are not always reliable.

It’s crucial to have a reliable internet connection, particularly in regions where the speeds can be unpredictable. To optimize your experience, consider investing in a wireless router with improved performance. Here’s why:

  • Reliability: A good router ensures steady connectivity.
  • Self-healing Capabilities: Some routers have self-healing capabilities that automatically fix minor network issues.
  • Speed: A top-notch router greatly affects your internet speed.
  • Optimizing Performance: Certain methods and apparatus are designed to optimize wireless network performance.
  • Performance Improvement: An efficient router enhances overall browsing and streaming quality.
  • Quality Router: Routers under 1000, 1500, and 2000 rupees offer excellent service without breaking the bank.

In India especially, having a dependable router is not just an accessory but a necessity. So make your choice wisely!

You’ll need to carefully consider your internet needs and budget when deciding which router fits you. Whether outfitting a home or office, remember that not all devices are equal.

ConsiderationHome UseOffice Use
Internet NeedsStreaming, gaming, browsingLarge file transfers, video conferencing
Number of DevicesFewer devices (generally)More devices are often connected
Budget RangeLower-end routers may sufficeHigher-priced routers with more features

11 Best Wifi Router Under 1000-1500-2000-3000 Rupees In India

Best WiFi Router In IndiaCheck Price
1. Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Check Price
2. TP-Link TL-WR845N Check Price
3. D-Link DSL-2730U Check Price
4. D-Link DIR-806 - AC750 Check Price
5. TP-Link Archer C20 AC750 Check Price
6. TP-Link TL-WR941HP Check Price
7. Tenda FH456 Wireless N300 Check Price
8. ASUS RT-AC53 AC750 Check Price
9. Netgear R6220 AC-1200 Check Price
10. Netgear R6350 AC1750 Check Price
11. Tenda AC10 1200Mbps Check Price

Every day internet users are increasing, so the use of the internet is also growing day by day. When I talk about the importance of a Wi-Fi router at home, kids to old ager, everyone uses the internet. Nowadays, many schools provide educational programs online, which students can study after school at home. Old-age people can pass their time by watching online devotional videos, old movies, Yoga, and exercise. However, sometimes to access foreign content, they have to use a VPN for TP-Link router.

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1. Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Router

  • Up to 300 Mbps Wireless Speed
  • Multi-Level Wireless Encryption
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup Button
  • Client Router Mode- WIPS Client


Tenda N301 Wireless N300 Easy Setup Router is easy to install and one of the best Wi-Fi routers for home and home users. You can install it in 3 easy steps then you are good to go; you can enjoy video chatting, emails, video streaming, online gaming, and many more. It gives you a speed of up to 300 Mbps, and You can use it as a client router to connect to the ISP network wirelessly or uplink AP to share the internet to every corner.

As the name suggests, an easy-setup router is also easy to operate. You don’t need to remember the password. You can get a secure Wi-Fi connection at the touch of the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button, which is faster and saves time. Along with the safe and quick connection, it gives you parental control to block some websites and set a limited time for internet access.

When we check the price and reliability, it is one of the best Wi-Fi routers under 1500 and comes with 3 Years manufacturer warranty but does cross-check the validation at your end. This can be one of the best options for you if you are looking for something easy to go and for home purposes.

2. TP-Link TL-WR845N 300Mbps

  • Speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Three 5dBi High Gain Antennas
  • TP-Link Tether App Control
  • Compatible with IPv6


Now let us check another Wi-Fi router by TP-Link, TP-Link TL-WR845N 300 Mbps, which is the best option for small businesses and home offices. It gives you incredible speed and great coverage, with three 5dBi high-gain antennas.

It is the combination of wired/wireless network connection devices which is best and most convenient for HD video, making VoIP, and online gaming. It comes with the WPS button, which ensures WPA2 encryptions and prevents the network from outside intrusions.

This speedy Wi-Fi router gives you speed up to 300Mbps and excellent coverage. Not speed, but the exterior design and look are very decorative and modern, which is best for your house.

We should be very protective of our children nowadays, so to support you with that, you have parental control by which you can block access to unwanted websites and set the time frame of the internet access.

It also provides secure guest network access without worrying about your private network. TP-Link Tether app provides easy access and can manage by your phone as well. Again, this is the best Wi-Fi router under 1500 budget with many good features and three years company warranty.

3.. D-Link DSL-2730U Wireless-N 150 Router

  • 4 Port Device can also work as Modem
  • DHCP and Static Routing
  • Firewall Protection and QoS
  • High Speed ADSL2


This can be one of the best reliable wireless options for you. This versatile router is best suited for homes and small offices. It can connect multiple computers to the internet to share an integrated high-speed ADSL2/2+ connection.

It comes with four built-in Ethernet ports, firewall protection, and QoS for smooth data transfers over the internet. This router is compatible with 802.11n and provides a maximum speed of up to 150 Mbps. It comes with an antenna having a transmitting power of 20 dBm.

This 4-Port Router can also work as a modem. This can be the best choice if you need high-speed data transmission. It comes with enhanced security and rich features. It comes with add-ons to protect your network from intrusions. It also protects from DoS attacks and a lot more.

4. D-Link DIR-806 – AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router

  • 3 Dual-Band Antenna of 5dBi
  • 4 LAN Port and 1 WAN Port
  • Supports VLAN for IPTV
  • Gives WEP, WPA, WPA2 security


If you are looking for a good dual-band router, this D-Link DIR-806- AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router is one of India’s best dual-band Wi-Fi routers. This Dual-Band Wi-Fi router will offer seamless networking experiences at an affordable price.

Such a robust set of high-speed 802.11ac WI-FI specifications with dual-band technology and fast Ethernet ports comes in. It provides high-speed wired and wireless connectivity for multi-video streaming and online gaming.

Easy and simple 4-step installation: Assemble – Plugin the wire – Start setup Wizard for the configuration process – Surf mode ON. It can speed up to 750 Mbps over the broader range and the secured connection.

It has an enhanced heat dissipation design with a three-fixed 5dBi dual-band antenna. It has four LAN ports of 10/100 Mbps and one WAN Port of 10/100 Mbps, and it supports VLAN for IPTV.

5. TP-Link Archer C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router

  • iPv6 Supported
  • Parental Control & access control
  • Speed up to 733Mbps
  • Dual-Band connection


This Dual Band Router comes with a next-generation standard of 802.11ac, backward compatible with 802.11n, and 3 times faster than wireless n speeds. It solves the congestion multiple devices may cause with high power efficiency and robust security.

This router will give you two dedicated network flexibility and speed up to 733Mbps, 433Mbps wireless speed over the 5GHz band, and 300Mbps over the 2.4GHz band.

3 fixed antennas come with higher-quality antenna technology, giving you stable signals in all directions. This router can be the best option if you are looking for a large home or office. It is loaded with a web interface and Tether app for easy setup.

It has inbuilt 4 LAN Ports and 1 WAN Port, and when we talk about security, it comes with encryption of 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2- PSK. This is one of the best Wi-Fi routers under 2000 available online, so guys, this can be your best buyer.

6. TP-Link TL-WR941HP 450Mbps Wireless-N Router

  • Independent Amplifiers
  • Three antenna of 9dBi
  • Speed up to 450Mbps
  • Superior Range up to 10,000 sqft


This superior range router provides an enhanced wireless range of up to 10,000 sqft with high power amplifiers and high gain antennas. It will penetrate the thick walls and provide full coverage to all zones.

The remarkable thing is that it has 3 modes of functionality in which it offers 3 wireless ways: Router, Range Extender, and Access Point so that you can use it as per your need and situation.

It speeds up to 450Mbps on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, perfect for video streaming, VoIP, and video gaming. The more efficient router, the more straightforward installation and use are.

The intuitive web interface and powerful Tether app will help you install it quickly. You can manage network settings, parental controls, and access control policies with your android or iOS device’s help.

7. Tenda FH456 Wireless N300 Router

  • Speed up to 300Mbps
  • 4 Fixed Antenna with 5dBi
  • WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK encryption
  • Smart timer to turn On/Off


Tenda FH456 Wireless N300 High Power Router with 4 Fixed Antenna is best for stable and winder range internet access. This router comes with four high-performance omnidirectional 5dBi antennas, which provide a more comprehensive range of Wi-Fi signal up to 300Mbps.

With the help of the Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier, Technology ensures stable and broader signals. It has an intelligent timer to turn on/off automatically to give you hassle-free life.

You can select the ideal time, and it will operate your order smartly and creates low power consumption. This router is loaded with a superior chip to provide ultimate surfing fun anytime, anywhere.

This diamond-cutting router will be perfect for your modern house. You can divide and allot the bandwidth to different tasks as per everyone’s requirements. It takes care of your network security as well.

8. ASUS RT-AC53 AC750 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router

  • Speed up to 733Mbps
  • VPN Server and Client
  • MAC, Keyword, and URL Filter
  • ASUS Router App for management


ASUA introduced an efficient RT- AC53 AC750 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router with incredible features to provide you with a fast and secure networking solution. If you are looking for a Wi-Fi router online, this router is one of the best online options.

This 5th-generation Wi-Fi gives you a combined speed of up to 750Mbps with a stable network and connectivity. To provide you with an enhanced signal, we have designed 3 robust external antennas.

This flexible 3 in 1 router allows you to select the router/ access point/ repeater modes with such quick settings. RT-AC53 optimized for fiber-optic internet speed subscribed from fiber internet service provider.

When we think about the setup, it is easy and manageable because of the ASUS router app. With the help of this ASUS App, you can easily access and manage the router from your mobile phone.

This app is not just for easy installation but also manages network traffic, diagnoses connection issues, and even updates the firmware.

It has dual-band flexibility to provide a stable network connection: the 2.4 GHz band offers 300 Mbps, and the 5 GHz band offers 433 Mbps speeds. You can perform basic internet tasks under the 2.4 GHz band and stream 3D HD content and other demanding applications smoothly on the 5 GHz Band.

9. Netgear R6220 AC-1200 Smart WiFi Router

  • Speed up to 1200 Mbps
  • Ideal for multiple Wi-Fi devices
  • Secure Wi-Fi Connections
  • Advanced QoS for HD Streaming and Gaming


Netgear R6220 AC-1200 Smart WiFi Router with External Antennas is the best router for long-range. It provides 1200Mbps WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet Speeds, which is ideal for multiple WiFi devices. Its dual-band network provides flexibility and reduces interference for better connections.

This long-range router has advanced QoS and Gigabit wired, responsible for smooth HD streaming and gaming. For sharing, it has 3 options: DLNA, ReadySHARE USB access, ReadySHARE Printer, and security which is most important in this internet world; it provides you easy Parental Control, Guest Network Access, and Secure WiFi Connections.

The NETGEAR genie App makes installation effortless for you, and it saves you time by providing hassle-free access to your device’s router. It has a wide range of features and facilities for its users, so if you have decided to go with this long-range, high-speed router, it will be worth buying and the value of money.

10. Netgear R6350 AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

  • Speed up to 750 + 1300 Mbps
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band
  • HD Streaming and Gaming
  • 880MHz Processor
  • USB 2.0 Port


I have another best long-range router option for you with a speed of 750Mbps + 1300Mbps. Netgear R6350 AC1750 has powerful external antennas for better and more extended coverage.

Dual-Band technology provides good speed without any interruption or breakage of a signal. It is optimized for smooth multiple HD streaming experiences along with Gigabit connectivity.

You will get 3x faster speed in this wifi router than the similar one 802.11n and robust streaming for mobile phone, tablets, and laptops.

It delivers the perfect needed speed and multiple reliability for applications such as lag-free multi-video streaming user experience, multiplayer gaming, ultra-fast speed and secure and quick access internet connectivity.

This Netgear R6350 AC1750 comes with an 880MHz processor that delivers high-performance connectivity and USB 2.0 port and wireless connectivity.

11. Tenda AC10 1200Mbps Wireless Dual-Band WiFi Router

  • Speed up to 300Mbps + 867Mbps
  • Powerful Dual-Band Wi-Fi Signal
  • 4 Set of Antenna with 5 dBi
  • One WAN + Three LAN Full Gigabit Port


This Smart Router by Tenda has strong features to provide you with smooth internet service. This router is designed so well internally and externally. The most important and common question is speed?? Don’t worry; it will give you super fast speed up to 300Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867Mbps on 5GHz.

It has loaded with four powerful exterior antennas with 5dBi to provide you with the ultimate range of signals. It comes with the latest MU-MIMO technology for improved multi-task capabilities.

It can easily connect up to 30+ devices and provide outstanding performance for streaming HD videos and gaming. It is loaded with beamforming and intelligent signal location technology for efficient processing.

You can configure it with the help of App remote management. It also provides you with other access controls like WiZFi Schedule, Signal Power Adjustment, Beamforming, WPS, Parental Control, Firewall, and many more, so run and grab the best option for you.


As you know, the importance of the Internet in our lives, so to provide you with a stable and seamless experience, wifi routers play an essential role. I have shared some best wifi router options for you to make you are buying worthwhile and straightforward.

Whenever we buy anything, we check many factors like budget, requirements, features, etc., and then we go shopping, so above I have shared the details to decide the best wifi option for you as per the wifi router price and requirements.

A wifi router is essential to have better internet service. At the same time, you can control the Network as per your need because it enables you to control website access and the time frame of internet access. Whether you are looking for a small or large home, you can select the Router per the area and devices you want to cover.

You can select the Router as per your requirements. You can enjoy the benefits because without the Internet, it’s impossible to stay up to date with the outside world, and we all know how busy life we all have, so to check on the latest update quickly, we need fast and powerful speed. To help you with that, you should choose the Router wisely.

Tips for choosing a Wi-Fi router:

Knowing what features to look for is essential when you’re in the market for a new router. Consider the method and apparatus for providing a wireless network. Some routers excel at this by offering faster speeds or better ranges. Also, consider the method and apparatus for improving wireless network coverage. This could mean routers that use beamforming technology or have more antennas. Remember the method and apparatus for reducing wireless network interference, which can be crucial if you live in a crowded area with many networks. Pay attention to how easy it is to update your router’s firmware – a critical aspect of keeping your network secure. Lastly, check if it comes with built-in tools for diagnosing possible issues.

Consider the size of your home or office.

You’ll need to consider the size of your home or office when choosing a router, which can impact its effectiveness. Wi-fi routers in India have different features and capabilities; you must choose one that matches your space’s size. Here’s what you should bear in mind:

  1. For smaller homes or offices, a single-unit router is enough.
  2. Larger spaces may require multiple routers or extenders for optimal coverage.
  3. Some routers offer remote management, allowing you to control and adjust settings anywhere.
  4. Consider self-healing routers; they automatically resolve network issues, keeping your connection stable.

Think about how many devices you will be connecting to the router.

After considering the size of your space, it’s time to think about how many devices you’ll be connecting to the router. You might need a method and apparatus for prioritizing network traffic. This is where Quality of Service (QoS) comes into play. QoS allows you to prioritize certain types of network traffic, ensuring that important data gets through even when your network is busy. Some routers include cloud management features that enable you to adjust QoS settings from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, keep an eye out for firmware updates which can improve device performance and fix security issues. Remember, the more devices you have, the more demand will be on your router – so choose wisely!

Make sure the router has the features you need, such as dual band, MU-MIMO, and parental controls.

It’s crucial to ensure your chosen router has features like dual band, MU-MIMO, and parental controls. Dual band routers can broadcast on two frequencies – 2.4GHz and 5GHz, giving you a choice for better performance. Suppose you have a lot of devices needing Wi-Fi. In that case, MU-MIMO (Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology is your savior as it allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously without sacrificing speed.

Parental controls are a godsend if kids use the internet, too; they allow you to control what content can be accessed. Don’t compromise on these features when shopping for budget routers in India under 2000 rupees. These features aren’t just bells and whistles – they’re vital for an efficient Wi-Fi experience!

Read reviews of different routers before making a purchase.

Before committing to any purchase, ensure you’ve read various reviews of different routers. It’s crucial because it’ll give you an idea about the product’s performance from consumers who’ve used them. You can learn about the router’s speed, range, and reliability.

Consider reviews on reputable websites that provide unbiased views. Here’s a quick table summarizing some good routers under 1000, 1500 and 2000 rupees.

RouterPrice(in Rs)
TP-Link TL-WR841N999
Tenda F31399
D-Link DIR-6151499
Mi Smart Router 4C1999

Don’t just focus on the star rating but also look at customer comments. They’ll help you understand common issues or benefits associated with each router model. This way, you’ll likely have a router that fits your needs perfectly.

Common problems with Wi-Fi routers:

Common issues with routers can range from slow internet speed to frequent disconnections. You might be puzzled, wondering what’s causing the problem. Here are some typical router concerns you could face:

  • Slow Internet Speed
  • It’s not uncommon for your internet to lag due to router issues. This can stem from outdated firmware or too many devices connected at once.
  • Another reason might be interference from other electronic devices.
  • Frequent Disconnections
  • You’re right in the middle of something important, and your connection suddenly drops. Frustrating, right? This could be due to a weak signal or overcrowding on your network.

Don’t let these problems ruin your day. Understanding them is the first step towards resolving them effectively.

Slow internet speeds

You’re likely familiar with the frustration of slow internet speeds, possibly due to outdated firmware or too many devices connected at once. It’s important to remember that not all routers are created equal. Some have more capacity for handling multiple connections, while others may prioritize speed over connection number.

Here’s a simple table comparing three different price ranges of routers and their general capabilities:

Price RangeGeneral Capabilities
Under 1000 RupeesBasic, suitable for small homes
1000-1500 RupeesBetter range & speed, ideal for medium-sized homes
1500-2000 RupeesHigh performance, perfect for large homes

So next time you’re experiencing slow speeds, it might be worth considering an upgrade to a more sophisticated router.

Dropped connections

Dropped connections can be incredibly frustrating, often due to low signal strength or interference from other devices. You’ve probably experienced this when you’re in the middle of an important video call or streaming your favorite show, and suddenly everything freezes.

When that happens, don’t panic. It’s not always a problem with your internet service provider. Your Wi-Fi router may be the culprit. A weak router will struggle to maintain a solid connection, especially if several devices are connected simultaneously.

Consider investing in a quality router that handles multiple connections without dropping any. In India, for under 1000, 1500, and 2000 rupees, you’ll find fantastic options that offer strong signal strength and minimal interference issues. Doing this could significantly reduce those annoying dropped connections.

Unstable signal

Unstable signals can throw a wrench in your online activities, typically attributed to issues with the router’s location or interference from other electronics. If your router is tucked away in some corner, it won’t serve you well. It needs a central position in your home for optimal signal strength.

Also, avoid placing it near appliances that emit electromagnetic waves, as these can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. You wouldn’t want to lose connection while streaming your favorite show because of a microwave oven! So invest wisely when picking a router. Choose one that promises stable signals even under interference-prone conditions. After all, what’s the point of having high-speed internet if it’s going to be unstable?

Bandwidth throttling

It’s frustrating when you’re trying to download a large file or stream in high definition, and suddenly everything slows down due to bandwidth throttling. This is where your internet service provider intentionally slows down your internet speed during peak usage times or for certain types of content. But don’t worry, the right Wi-Fi router can help mitigate this issue.

Here are some features to look out for:

  • Dual-Band Functionality: Routers with dual-band functionality can handle more data simultaneously, reducing the chances of bandwidth throttling.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Settings allow you to prioritize certain types of traffic over others.
  • High-Speed Ethernet Ports: For wired connections, these ensure that the router itself doesn’t bottleneck data transfer.

Take control and avoid unnecessary slowdowns with a router that suits your needs!

How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems:

When you’re facing issues with your internet connection, knowing how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems can be a real lifesaver. Start by checking if the problem is with your device or the network. You can do this by trying to connect another device to your Wi-Fi. If it connects, the issue’s probably with your initial device.

If not, inspect your router. Make sure it’s switched on and properly plugged in. Are all necessary lights glowing? If they’re not, you might need to reset your router. You should also check if you’re within range of the Wi-Fi signal; thick walls or large distances can hinder connectivity.

Check the router’s settings.

You’ll need to delve into your router’s settings next, as they may be causing the issue. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. Typically, you can access them by typing your router’s IP address into a web browser on a device connected to your network.

Check for firmware updates first. Manufacturers regularly release these to fix bugs and improve performance. If there’s an update available, install it.

Next, ensure that DHCP is enabled. This setting automatically assigns IP addresses to devices on your network so they can communicate with each other and the internet.

Make sure the router is in a good location.

Please don’t overlook the importance of your router’s location, as it can dramatically impact your connection quality. You’ve got to place your router in a central, elevated position with minimal obstructions for optimal signal strength.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Avoid physical obstructions:
  • Walls and floors can significantly weaken Wi-Fi signals.
  • Large metal objects and appliances like refrigerators or microwaves can interfere with Wi-Fi waves.
  • Consider the distance:
  • The farther you are from the router, the weaker the signal will be.
  • If possible, stay within line of sight of your router.
  • Elevate Your Router:
  • Keeping it off the floor helps avoid interference from other electronics.

Remember this while setting up for a smooth internet experience!

Reboot the router

It’s often beneficial to reboot your router if you’re experiencing connection issues, as this can reset the system and potentially fix any minor glitches. But don’t worry, it’s not a complicated process; it’s as simple as turning off the power, waiting for a few seconds, and then turning it back on.

Here’s a quick guide:

StepWhat To DoWhy It Helps
1Turn off routerStops current data flow
2Wait for 10-30 secondsAllows system to fully shut down
3Turn on router againInitiates system reboot

Contact your internet service provider for help with Wi-Fi problems

If you’ve rebooted your router multiple times and are still experiencing issues, contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for help could be the next step. They’re equipped to diagnose and fix a variety of Wi-Fi problems.

To get the most out of this interaction, follow these simple steps:

  1. Be Prepared: Have all relevant information at hand – router model, any error messages, when the problem started.
  2. Describe Clearly: Explain your issue in as much detail as possible. Don’t leave out anything you think might be trivial.
  3. Follow Instructions: Your ISP is likely to provide troubleshooting steps over the phone or via email. Follow them meticulously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Wi-Fi Router in India?

You’re asking about the average lifespan of a Wi-Fi router in India. Typically, it can last between 3 to 5 years depending on usage and maintenance. However, it’s best to replace every few years for optimal performance.

Are There Any Specific Brands That Are More Popular or Reliable in India?

Yes, brands like TP-Link, D-Link, and Netgear are quite popular in India. According to surveys, TP-Link holds a 40% market share due to its reliability, affordable price range, and excellent customer service.

How Can I Increase the Range of My Wi-Fi Router?

To boost your Wi-Fi router’s range, relocate it to a central spot. Remove obstructions and consider getting a Wi-Fi range extender. Also, updating your router’s firmware often improves its performance substantially.

Can I Use a Wi-Fi Router Without a Broadband Connection?

Just like a car without fuel, you can’t use a Wi-Fi router without a broadband connection. It’s the source of your internet, so without it, your router simply won’t work.

What Should I Do if My Router Stops Working Suddenly?

If your router stops working suddenly, you should first try rebooting it. If that doesn’t work, check your cables and connections. Contact the manufacturer’s customer support if you’re still experiencing issues.

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