Everything to know about an SBI probationary officer role

State Bank of India, or SBI, is one of India’s most reputed and prominent banks. Working in SBI as a PO allows you to attain many employee benefits. Some of them include medical expenses, leaves, and training regularly to enhance the skills. To become a probationary officer, you must give the SBI PO exam. This exam is divided into prelims, main and interview or group discussions. The syllabus for SBI PO is available online on several leading bank preparation sites. You can check the topics from sections starting from the English language to general awareness. The prelims and main pattern exams vary a little. For instance, in the prelims exam pattern, you will find reasoning ability, English language and quantitative aptitude. And the main exam pattern consists of general/banking awareness, English language, data analysis and interpretation, reasoning, and computer aptitude. But what are the roles and responsibilities of a probationary officer? And what are the career opportunities available? In this article, you can learn everything you want to know about a probationary officer. 


What are the responsibilities of a probationary officer?

Probationary officers are entry-level employees and help in handling and managing the bank. Before climbing up your career ladder, you must complete at least two years of training as a PO. In addition, you will be responsible for different sections such as marketing, finance, accounting, billing and investment. One of the probationary officer’s prime functions is managing customer transactions. Your responsibility includes managing cash, passing cheques and issuing chequebooks. Additionally, you will have to control the administrative work of the bank and take decisions in their favour. When it comes to loan clearance, you will require to obtain the documentation and visit the website of the defaulters. If you are interested in a career in the banking sector, this job is undoubtedly right for you. 


What are career opportunities for probationary officers?

There are several career opportunities for probationary officers. It all starts after the completion of the probation period. For instance, after becoming an officer, you can get a job opportunity as an assistant manager. As an assistant manager, you must ensure that the bank functions smoothly and that every task is completed within the stipulated time. You can get promoted to a branch manager and chief manager after working for a few years as an assistant manager. The branch manager directs and coordinates the financial institution’s operational functions like credit unions and banks. The chief manager’s responsibilities is to actively drive the bank’s objectives and goals and help manage relationships within the cross-functional teams and departments. You can also get promoted as an assistant general bank manager and deputy general manager. After such promotions, you can progress by being a chief general manager and general manager. The assistant general manager instructs junior employees in the absence of the deputy general manager and submits the daily work reports to the seniors in the bank’s AGM (Annual General Meeting). The deputy general manager’s responsibility is to ensure the bank’s smooth functioning and manage employees. The chief general manager supervises the functions of every branch within a specific state. A general manager is seated in the bank’s headquarters and responsible for the entire operation. 


What skills are required for a probationary officer?

You will require excellent verbal and written communication skills for effective job performance. Also, you must have good critical thinking and organisation skills. Having good organisation skills includes prioritising tasks that need immediate attention. Probationary officers must make quick but appropriate decisions, analyse problems and come up with a solution. 

You can download the syllabus for SBI PO online and study each section thoroughly. In many leading bank preparation websites, the number of questions, marks distribution and duration are provided. Make sure that you practise well for your prelims and main examination.

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