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Find your reason for using an Instagram business account

Instagram has become a preferred social media platform nowadays by business owners. Many brands and businesses use Instagram to drive engagement and enhance their reach. In a country like the USA, around 7 out of 10 companies use Instagram to drive engagement. More than 75% of Instagram users are engaging with business accounts actively.

You can easily create a business account on Instagram with just a few taps. You can build a strong online community to generate brand awareness via Instagram. More than 25 million business accounts on Instagram highlight its popularity. More than 60% of Instagram users find a product/service by browsing business accounts.

Since there are many business accounts on Instagram, the competition is high. You must stand out from the rest to drive engagement on Instagram. Read on to know 8 tips to grow your audience by operating an Instagram business account.

Find your reason for using an Instagram business account

To get your priorities right, it is necessary to decide the reasons why you joining Instagram for business. You need to decide your business goals beforehand to align your marketing strategies accordingly on Instagram.

You may run a business account on Instagram to build an online community or to boost sales. Whatever your reason, make sure you know it beforehand to work in that direction. You can make sure the content shared on Instagram is strictly to achieve business goals.

Share high-quality videos on Instagram

While posting photos and videos on your Instagram business account, make sure they are high in quality. Posting blurry photos and low-quality videos on Instagram won’t take you anywhere. You can use an Instagram video editor to create high-quality videos for your business account.

You should pay special attention to videos on Instagram, as they can drive huge engagement. You can use a reputed Instagram video editor to optimize your videos as per the ideal dimensions of Instagram. You should be familiar with the ideal resolution and aspect ratio for Instagram videos.

If you are a small business and don’t have enough funds to invest in hiring video editors, a video editing tool can help. You can use InVideo, a popular video maker that also offers a free version for as long as needed. The time taken to create Instagram videos can be decreased significantly with an online video editor.

Optimize your business profile on Instagram

Consider your profile page on Instagram as the landing page of your website. Your business profile page on Instagram is the first thing to be noticed by users. Your Instagram bio should be compelling to catch the attention of users. You can use up to 150 characters for writing your Instagram bio. Make sure you write a killer Instagram bio that can compel new users to follow your account.

Your Instagram bio should explain the role and offerings of the business to attract relevant customers. You can also share a link on your Instagram business profile. You can share your business website or any other link to generate clicks from Instagram users.

You should also select your category on Instagram that can be Hotel, Shopping, Retail, or any other category. Make sure you use the CTA buttons offers by Instagram in your profile section. CTA button on your Instagram profile can encourage users to take action. Adding a CTA button to your Instagram profile will increase the customer conversion rate significantly.

Post consistently from your Instagram business account

For staying relevant to your followers and increasing brand awareness, you have to share consistent content on Instagram. Make sure you stick to a posting schedule to stay relevant to your followers. However, you cannot compromise on the quality of the content just for increasing the frequency of posts.

Posting regularly will help you appear in the feeds of your followers several times. Instagram users will interact with your posts if you appear multiple times in their feed. Instagram allows business accounts to schedule posts for upcoming days. Scheduling posts on Instagram can help your business account stay relevant even when you are busy.

Use the right hashtags on Instagram

Many Instagram users search for posts vis hashtags. Hashtags have become popular on Instagram for categorizing content and making it accessible to users. Just like profiles, Instagram also allows users to follow hashtags. Recent or popular posts that contain a hashtag you follow will be shown in your feed.

You should only use those hashtags on Instagram that are relatable to your business. Using irrelevant hashtags will not help you win the audience’s trust. Also, don’t overuse hashtags as it doesn’t look professional for a business account.

Engage with your followers

When a customer comments on your post, make sure you reply. Serve to the queries asked by users in the comment section to build a relationship with the customers. Instagram users love it when they receive a reply from a business account. Ensure users can comment on your Instagram posts by checking the post settings.

Explore all types of Instagram content

Don’t just share photos via your Instagram business account. Instead, share photos/videos by different types of content options on Instagram. Instagram allows a business account to share stories, normal posts, IGTV videos, and reels. You can attract a wider audience on Instagram by sharing all types of content.

Use Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights allows business accounts to see high-end analytics related to their posts. You can know the best time to post on Instagram with insights. Also, you can see the demographics of your followers on Instagram. When you have meaningful insights, you can schedule and prepare your Instagram content accordingly.


More than 200 million users on Instagram visit a business account profile daily. You can attract these users to your business account by sharing eye-catching content. You can use a video editor to create effective videos for your business. Start promoting your Instagram business account now! 

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