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How Long Should Headphones Last

Headphones have an indefinite shelf life. Depending on a number of variables, such as the brand, model, and kind of headphones, as well as their use, maintenance, and storage, the lifespan of headphones can range from a few months to decades.

They are offered in a wide range of sizes, forms, and price ranges. They come in a variety of styles, including earbuds or over-the-ear headphones, wired or fully wireless earbuds, noise-canceling headphones, Bluetooth headphones, and more. For users, these tools offer a variety of advantages. When used moderately to heavily, earphones normally last approximately a year before experiencing problems, such as one side of the earphone failing to work, the mic ceasing to work (if present), or, if connected, the music pausing and restarting on its own when it switches position.

How long will headphones last ?

High-end headphones usually last between five and 10 years before they need to be replaced. Yes, indeed! Expensive headphones survive years when kept in good condition. For each new model, brands provide detailed specs. The average person is unaware of the headphones’ longevity, though.

Tips for Caring for Headphones 

If inappropriate care is not taken of them, a costly set of high-quality headphones might be totally ruined or lose all of its sound quality. So, to assist you safeguard your earphones and increase their lives, here are four recommendations.

  •  Clean your earbuds: The rubber earbuds should be taken out and thoroughly cleaned with a moist cloth. Once all the wax, skin cells, and dust have been removed from the interior of your earbud, use a toothpick that has been dampened in water to clean it out. Similarly, if dust has gathered, carefully clean through the wires.
  •  Keep the volume down: As you are aware, listening to music at too loud volumes might harm your hearing. Too much volume on the music might potentially harm your headphones by blowing the speakers.
  • Avoid sleeping with your headphones on:While you’re sleeping, rolling over might cause your headphones to bend or break. Simply wrap your earphones neatly and store them in a secure location before going to night.
  • Don’t share your earbuds with other people: Sharing headphones with others increases your chance of coming into touch with infectious agents because they are made to be worn within the body.  

How long should headphones last

The main question: How long should headphones last ? When you take the time and care to treat headphones well, they last longer. That principle holds true even for inexpensive headphones, which, with careful care, may endure for years. All it takes is a few minutes of careful observation, some simple cleaning supplies, and some old-fashioned presence of mind.

1.Keep them clean:

Your ears’ interior environment and the area where you use your headphones both contain dust that might get into the moving elements of your headphones and degrade the sound. Ensure that they are thoroughly removed before they may accumulate and cause any harm.

2.Store them properly:

Headphones were not meant to be stored in bags, backpacks, or pockets where they can get crushed or bent oddly when mixed with your other stuff. A dedicated storage keeps them in good shape, literally.

3.Replace headphone pads occasionally:

Headphone pads affect more than the aesthetic, but also the comfortability and sound quality of your headphones. But whether it has a protein leather coating or not, headphone pads absorb moisture from sweat or humidity over time. This causes the pads to get brittle and eventually peel off or crack. Some pads even rot when neglected for some time.

 4.Protect the weak points:

Headphones work through a series of connections that include the plug, volume slider, earbud, and in-line splitter. Each is a weak point that could easily give way with a careless tug.

Improve the life of Headphones

One reason why many choose wireless and use Bluetooth headphones is because of the mess created by the wires. While wired headphones do have some advantages, they require special care to ensure the quality of the sound is maintained as well as the sound of the surrounding environment diminished as well as the mic (if included) functions as it is supposed to.

  1. Don’t play in the Internet of Things

This is all up to you. We don’t think about what we do to headphones’ wires. We tug at them or stretch them or pull them, twist them, and tie them into tight loops. There is nothing that can slash the life of a headphone that is wired as an overused cord. If the cord gets caught make sure you take your time to untangle it. Do not use force since it can harm the internal wires. Don’t let the cord hang.

  1. Do not use the headphones when charging

Don’t ever use your headphones while charging (this advice is only for wireless headphones, which can also be wired). This can kill the battery quicker than any other. This can lead to overheating. If the internal mechanism or wire has problems, it could cause sparks. The headphones may get caught in flames and hurt the person wearing them physically.

Tips for Your Headphones Last More

No matter what kind of headphones you have You’ll have to take the necessary steps to ensure they are secure and clean. These basic tips for how long should headphones last or ensure a longer life for your headphones. 

  • Clean the headphones following each use.
  • Don’t use your headphones or Earphones with other people.
  • Clean the jack regularly A soiled jack can lead to static and distortion of sound.
  • Cleanse the headphone case both inside and out
  • Replace the ear pads if they begin to wear out.
  • Don’t dump, throw or drop your earphones.
  • Be sure to keep moisture out. Use silica gel packets. 
  • The ohms of the headphone should be in line with the input source.
  • Do not listen to audio at high volumes. 
  • Maintain a charging schedule. 
  • Buy reliable, durable, and premium headphones. 


This is all about how long should headphone last. The reason your headphones last longer is entirely in your control. It is important to be cautious and treat the headphones with care. Keep up with the routine of maintenance. It will also prevent you from having to invest a lot in repairs.

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