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If you are thinking about starting playing piano but are confused about how you should start or how many keys you need to know in the beginning, I am here for you. Today we will be discussing how many keys do you actually need to begin with in a piano, is 49 keys enough to learn a piano.

Music is like a shortcut to our heart. One factor that is common in us is that we listen to music, no matter people from whatever generation. And creating music is something even beautiful. Personally I love musical instruments and take deep interest in them. Piano is just a way to express yourself through music. It might seem a bit difficult in the beginning considering the number of keys that it has and the number of questions you have in mind, such as ‘is 49 keys enough to learn piano’ or ‘which size and shape should be perfect’. But I am going to tell you everything you need to know before starting, so keep reading. When you are thinking about playing piano, you probably have the acoustic one in mind. The one that is built of wood, large, takes up a lot of space, often needs tuning and is shown in movies. A wide range of size, shape and colors in acoustic piano can easily be accessible from the market or online shopping. An acoustic piano has 88 keys. Is 49 keys enough to learn piano? Or 61? Keep reading to know!


Before proceeding with this further, I would like to introduce you to the process of counting of piano keys. Most people have made a rule that one should count all the piano keys. Yes, you read that right. COUNT. ALL. THE. KEYS. It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white, longer or shorter you need to count every piano key all the way across. You should probably know how to count the piano keys if you are asking about how many keys are there in a piano.

How Many Keys Is Necessary For You to Learn to Play Piano?

Once you start looking at smaller keyboards which you will find in different varieties, you will find several options:

49 keys

25-32 keys (usually for MIDI controller keyboard)

61 keys

There are various other options as well, but those are the most common sizes available. Let’s rule out what won’t work for a beginner piano player.


Acoustic pianos are great, but not everyone wants one or has one. As they take up a lot of space, most people can’t have one even if they want to. There are a tonne of internal parts and an outside housing in addition to the 88 keys. Furthermore, you can’t regulate the level and they require professional tuning on a regular basis. They certainly are not for everyone, despite how wonderful they sound.

The alternative being Keyboards and digital pianos. Keyboards are so cool these days and do not limit you in any field. So, here comes the question.


A lot of people keep on asking if they need 88 keys to learn piano, what if their keyboard has only 49 or 61 keys. Well it’s a great thing that you really only need 49 keys to get started. Although 88 keys are ideal, beginners can start with 49 keys if they don’t have access to 88 keys at the moment. I guess you finally got your answer to, is 49 keys enough to learn piano. Your instrument can always be upgraded later. 49 keys are sufficient for getting started because an instrument is made up of recurring sets of 12 notes. I know, in a lot of cases you would want to have a full 88-key keyboard but you are definitely not going to lag behind for a few keys.

49 keys are obviously enough for a beginner keyboard because those 49 keys give you a full four sets of notes to work with. So don’t worry, 49 keys is plenty to start with if you don’t have space or can’t afford it. Another question that is most commonly asked, is 61 keys enough to learn piano? Of Course yes. Is 49 keys enough to learn piano is the most common question I’ve got. If 49 keys are sufficient to begin with, then 61 keys must likewise be sufficient. An 88-key keyboard is probably preferable if you have the money and room to purchase a 61-key keyboard. The difference in price between the two is really little. You can look at it further. You would receive a full-sized keyboard with 27 extra keys. There is only one more key added to the 61-key keyboard.


You don’t actually need weighted keys to learn piano. You really don’t. If you are thinking you can not learn piano if you don’t have the top-notch equipment then you are wrong.  You might get semi-weighted equipment sometime in the future, but it’s not at all bad to start with what you have right now.


MIDI keyboards are the ones usually with 25 to 32 keys.It is essential that you have special hardware and software, as well as a computer and speakers or headphones. For new piano students, these are typically not the best options to choose from. As a result, they aren’t regarded as a particularly good option for those who are interested in learning how to play piano in order to play alone. So, we hope you got answers to all your questions, especially ‘is 49 keys enough to learn piano’ and to how to start and which instrument suits you. But if you are still facing trouble on Is 49 keys enough to learn piano then we would recommend you to go through with the article once again, to clear up your thoughts. All the best!

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