Pocket Size URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank Review

The just released URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank caught my attention as a compact yet fast-charging option. On paper, its slim design and 20W power delivery seem an appealing combo. But specs alone don’t tell the full story.

Pocket Size URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank Review

As The Power Bank Expert readers trust for in-depth, hands-on reviews, I thoroughly tested this model for charging speeds, build quality, safety, and overall usability. In this review, I’ll share extensive insights based on my testing so you can determine if this power bank’s features and performance justify its price tag. Stick around to see if it earned my recommendation as a leader in the quickly charging portable charger category.

Design and Build Quality

The URBN power bank has an ultra-compact design that sets it apart from bulkier models. Measuring just 9×6.3×2.2cm and weighing 177g, it’s small enough to fit into any pocket or bag.

The slim metal and plastic build looks modern and feels sturdy. Our testing showed the casing holds up well to scratches and drops. While lightweight, it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.

Pocket Size URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank Review

Four LED indicator lights let you check remaining charge at a glance. The angular shape and minimalist branding give it an elegant, unobtrusive look. Overall, the sleek portable design is one of the URBN power bank’s biggest assets.

Charging Speed and Performance

Here’s where the URBN power bank really shines. Despite the compact size, it can charge devices at up to 20W power delivery.

The USB-C port offers full 20W PD output for ultra-fast charging. We tested it with a Samsung S20 phone that charges at up to 25W. The URBN power bank was able to charge it from 0 to 50% battery in just 30 minutes!

Pocket Size URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank Review

The USB-A port does 12W charging, which is still decently quick. We could charge an iPhone from dead to 50% in 45 minutes. Having the 20W USB-C port is great for newer phones that support fast charging.

In our tests, the URBN power bank lived up to its promised charging speeds. It’s one of the fastest charging 10000mAh models we’ve tested in this price range.

Battery Capacity

The 10,000mAh battery capacity is lower than some heavier power banks but still enough to fully charge most phones 3 times over. With dual outputs, you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Pocket Size URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank Review

In real-world testing, we found the URBN power bank could charge a 4000mAh phone from 0 to 100% almost 3 times. For partial charges it could juice up 6 phones from 50% to 100%.

The capacity strikes a great balance between compact portability and all-day power. Unless you need to charge multiple devices daily, the 10,000mAh should easily get you through a day of heavy phone use while traveling or working remotely.

Safety Features

URBN built in a number of safety protections to give peace of mind:

  • Overcharge protection shuts off input when fully charged.
  • Overload protection prevents output overheating or short circuiting.
  • Temperature control stops charging if the battery gets too hot.

During extensive testing we found all protections worked reliably. The power bank never overheated even after continuous rapid charges.

Pocket Size URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank Review

The URBN power bank also has trickle charging mode, allowing you to safely charge small devices like wireless earbuds without risk of overcharging. Overall, it’s designed for safe and efficient charging.

Ease of Use

This power bank is designed for no-fuss charging on the go. The dual USB outputs make it easy to charge any two devices via your own cables.

Four LED lights let you check remaining charge at a glance before plugging in devices. The glowing indicators also show when your device is charging rapidly versus slowly.

Pocket Size URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank Review

Charging the URBN power bank itself is straightforward. It supports both 18W PD and 12W normal charging. With an 18W charger it can be replenished in 3-4 hours.

In the box you get the power bank, USB-C cable, and user manual. No carrying pouch is included. But at this compact size you can easily toss it in a pocket or bag.


The URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank delivers exactly what it promises. It charges devices at blazing fast speeds for its size and price bracket. The ultra-portable metal and plastic build looks slick and survives everyday use.

While the capacity isn’t huge, 10,000mAh can charge phones multiple times and is easy to carry anywhere. Safety features like overload protection work well. Dual outputs provide flexible charging options.

If you need a compact yet powerful portable charger, the URBN power bank is a great choice. The combination of speedy charging, lightweight design, and affordable price is hard to beat.


  • Fast 20W USB-C charging
  • Slim and portable
  • 10,000mAh charges phones multiple times
  • Dual outputs
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Safety protections
  • Affordable price


  • No carrying pouch included
  • Capacity lower than bulkier power banks

So in summary, the URBN 10,000mAh 20W QCPD Power Bank punches above its weight with speedy charging and an impressively portable design. For the price, it’s one of the top compact power banks out there.

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