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Samsung Subwoofer Working Manual and Pairing Guide 

The greatest soundbar and subwoofer sets available are those made by Samsung. All of your favorite material has excellent sound thanks to the smooth interplay of these gadgets.  However,there can be many problems with the samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar and its connection like Samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar or pairing issues or firmware update issues. If your Samsung Subwoofer keeps disconnecting from the soundbar there may be a more serious issue with the device. We are going to discuss everything related to samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar in this article.

How Do I Pair My Wireless Soundbar Subwoofer from Samsung?

When everything is in order and you execute a few simple instructions, your Samsung soundbar and subwoofer should link immediately. You can also directly link them if that doesn’t function. Only suitable Samsung subwoofers are intended for wireless pairing with your Samsung soundbar. Check with Samsung to see if your subwoofer is functional with your soundbar if your Samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from the soundbar that signifies that the samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar is present.  You can try a few fixes before contacting a repair shop. Before moving on, perform the following steps to make sure your Samsung soundbar and subwoofer can link correctly.

Here’s how to use the automated link to link your Samsung wireless soundbar and subwoofer:

  • If it isn’t already connected, attach the soundbar’s power wire to the back of the device.
  • If it isn’t previously connected, attach the subwoofer power line to the back of the speaker.
  • Connect the power cords for the soundbar and subwoofer to power sockets or a power strip.
  • When this happens, the subwoofer’s blue LED LINK light will begin to blink.
  • The soundbar and subwoofer needs to connect first.
  • The blue LED LINK light on the subwoofer will cease flickering and begin to glow blue constantly if the process is successful.
  • The procedure has ended in failure if the Light never ceases flashing. You can either utilize the manual connection technique or try disconnecting the soundbar and subwoofer from the source of power, reconnecting them back in, and trying again.

A Samsung Wireless Soundbar and Subwoofer  Manual Pairing Guide

You can manually link your wireless Samsung soundbar and subwoofer if the samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar.

For this task, you’ll need your soundbar remote.

  •  Install the Samsung soundbar app on your phone, connect it to your soundbar, and use that instead of the remote if you can’t seem to find it.
  • To manually connect your soundbar and subwoofer, follow these steps:
  • Plug both the soundbar and subwoofer’s power cords into wall outlets or a power strip after connecting them.
  • Ensure the soundbar is turned off.
  • The ID SET button on the rear of your subwoofer should be pushed and held.
  • Utilize a little, pointed tool, such as a paperclip, to push recessed buttons.
  • Keep the ID SET button down till the STANDBY light goes out and the blue LINK light begins to quickly flicker.
  • Tap and press the Up button on your remote while the soundbar is still turned off.
  • You may have to press and hold Mute on some soundbars.
  • Await the subwoofer display to show ID SET.
  • If your soundbar didn’t switch on immediately, turn it on directly and watch for your subwoofer’s IS SET LED to consistently flash blue. If it does, your subwoofer and soundbar have now been correctly linked.

Connection Guide: If Samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar

If you’ve tried to directly link your Samsung Soundbar using the procedure outlined above and the light is still blinking, the operation was unsuccessful. The procedure should initially be tried at least once more because it can occasionally fail. Try positioning the soundbar and subwoofer close to one another and removing any possible sources of disturbance, such as adjacent Wi-Fi networks, microwave, and current Compatible devices.

For more help if your samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar, get in touch with Samsung. It’s possible that the parts need to be repaired or are incompatible.

How can a Samsung soundbar be reset?

Many issues with a Samsung soundbar can be resolved by resetting it, one being that the samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar. Before putting it back in, consider disconnecting it for 30 seconds first. Hold the Power button for approximately 10 seconds if this fails to function.

Where should a subwoofer be placed?

If still the samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar then try fixing the position of the subwoofers.The front corner of the room is the greatest location for your subwoofer, other than being close to the soundbar. The subwoofer shouldn’t be placed too close to your TV since bass is ubiquitous, but you really should do so to allow the subwoofer’s output to appropriately merge with the center channel

Samsung Soundbar Firmware Update

Sometimes maybe your samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar because of the firmware on your soundbar. It can be difficult to connect if the models or upgrades are incompatible until they are upgraded. Use the product code of your soundbar to search for the most recent firmware on the Samsung website to determine your firmware version.

Take the necessary actions to get your soundbar’s firmware latest versions:

  • On the remote control, first push the gear button. At first, just tap it just once.
  • Then press the gear button once more. Keep it firmly for around 30 seconds this time.
  • Your remote or display panel will show numbers.
  • The string of numbers that come after the letter “B” stands for the current firmware version that your soundbar is running.

USB-based firmware update

Upgrading your soundbar’s firmware via the USB port is a straightforward procedure in general. This approach requires a home PC and a USB flash drive to upgrade your firmware.

  • Go to the Samsung Download Center on your personal computer.
  • Type the model number of your soundbar.
  • On the support website for your soundbar model, look for the firmware file under the “Downloads” section.
  • Next to the most recent firmware version, select “Download.”
  • Your home computer will download the file. Once finished, extract the item from your Downloads folder.
  • The update’s necessary files should be transferred to your USB flash device. They shouldn’t be put in a folder.
  • If the contents are on your home computer in a folder, take them out of the folder and put it in the root directory of the USB flash drive. Your soundbar cannot access the files contained in directories.
  • Your home PC should now be able to eject the USB flash disc.
  • Moreover, while the soundbar is off, insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the back of the device.
  • To switch on the soundbar, use the power switch or the remote control. To access the USB source, press the source key on either gadget.
  • There are certain soundbars that lack a source menu. If your model fits that description, you may skip past this action and go to another one.Your soundbar’s backlit display will show the word “Upgrade” once the update has begun.
  • At the conclusion of this procedure, the soundbar will shut off.
  • Press and hold the Play/Pause button on your remote control for 5 seconds at this point. Push the button down till the word “INIT” shows on the display of your soundbar. It will switch off the soundbar.
  • This denotes that the upgrade is finished.

Final Remarks

Most likely, either of these fixes will make your problems go away and help you if your samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar. Still if the samsung subwoofer keeps disconnecting from soundbar, you might need to get them fixed or replaced. Think about your possibilities. You can always get in touch with Samsung for support or a replacement if the set is still covered under warranty.

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