The Role of Managed Security in Preventing Data Breaches for SMBs

SMBs (Small and medium-sized businesses) form an important aspect of the economy nationally and globally. These businesses are at the forefront of job creation and innovation. Although they are not as wealthy or influential as large corporations, this does not spare them from cyberattacks. In fact, they are targeted by hackers because they don’t possess great security measures like big businesses. 

Luckily, SMBs can take advantage of a suitable Managed Security Services (MSS) to safeguard their data from breaches. In this article, we will reveal the role of MSS in preventing data breaches for SMBs. But before we go into that, let us explain what Managed Security Services are.

What Are Managed Security Services?

MSSs are companies that handle the cybersecurity functions of a client company to allow them to deal with their main activities. Some of these companies, apart from safeguarding the data of other companies, also offer other IT-related services. A good example is Delval Technology Solutions which is a managed IT services provider. This is in addition to also providing cloud managed services.

MSS focuses on security which includes threat detection, vulnerability assessments, incident response, and security monitoring. These companies will also be referred to as Managed Network Security providers.

The delivery model offered by these firms depends on the SMB they are dealing with at the time. Therefore, the model they might recommend to you might not be the same as what they offer another SMB. There are two options when it comes to partnering with these cybersecurity providers. 

The first option is a co-managed partnership. This partnership involves the business and the provider working together to handle the security operations. As a result, the control is not fully handed over to the MSS. 

The second option is fully outsourced. As you might have guessed, in this case, the provider has full control and takes absolute responsibility. This second option is perfect for SMBs that lack an IT unit. 

To give you a picture of how these providers operate, let us imagine an e-commerce business run by an SMB. When the business partners with a provider, the provider becomes responsible for securing the website as well as the data of potential and established customers.

The provider goes ahead to set up firewalls and detection systems against intrusion to watch for and prevent malicious activities. This monitoring is done round-the-clock and then incident response tools are set up to deal with breaches immediately after they occur.

Cybersecurity Challenges SMBs Face

The complexity of cybersecurity threats can be quite challenging for small and medium-sized businesses. Examples of cyber-attacks they face include ransomware, data breaches, phishing, etc. You can read this article to learn more about phishing. The fact that these companies usually do not have enough budget to cover this kind of security, makes them easy prey to cybercriminals.

Let us reveal a scenario explaining how these criminals might gain access to the internal network of the company. If an employee clicks a link that is set up by the hacker unknowingly, access can be granted just like that. This is known as a phishing attack. A lack of adequate security measures will allow the hacker to get their hands on valuable information that should not be exposed. 

The Function of Managed Security

We have been discussing the role of this kind of security passively so far. In this section, we will provide focused details on this topic. Let us continue…

A major advantage of this service is the fact that it uses advanced technologies to carry out threat detection. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are just some of the technologies it uses. Thanks to these technologies, analyzing a vast data size as they occur is easy, which in turn enables the MSS company to detect potential threats and deal with them before they cause major damage. 

With algorithms powered by AI, these professionals can detect when the traffic pattern is unusual. Such unusual patterns indicate a cyberattack known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Once the threat is discovered, the professionals will utilize an automated response to deal with the effect of the attack. 

We just explained how the MSS providers carry out their job. The following are the key areas of their role and operation. Let us take a look see…

Perform Proactive Vulnerability Management

What this means is that they are constantly assessing as well as scanning the general security system. This constant monitoring allows them to detect the weaknesses of the system. As a result, they can easily deal with such weaknesses before they lead to real breaches. 

For instance, an MSS firm can assess the security state of a small credit union. Vulnerability scans will be conducted to identify components that are outdated and at risk on the union’s web server. The issues detected are then fixed to prevent the data of the union from getting into the hands of hackers. 

Manage and Monitor Network Security

This role focuses on the security of the internal network of the SMB. Therefore, the provider is responsible for configuring and maintaining virtual private networks (VPNs), intrusion detection systems (IDS), and firewalls. Every company needs this setup, but companies with remote workers need it more. 

So, such companies can hire an MSS provider to set up the network. This will ensure that no one else can get access to the company’s data. Furthermore, remote workers can access the business’ network irrespective of their location without fear of getting hacked. 

Protects Data and Offers Backup Solutions

All organizations must be serious about data protection. This is one more reason managed security service professionals are hired. They can protect your data by encrypting it when it is being transmitted and stored. Organizations such as a healthcare facility that requires the records of patients to be kept confidential can accomplish this by hiring these IT professionals. 

Furthermore, data can get corrupted or lost for whatsoever reason. Therefore, it is important to set up a backup to ensure data can be retrieved and recovered when it gets corrupted or lost. A managed security service professional can help you set up the backups, thereby ensuring your data is safe and available when needed.

The beauty of these services is the fact that they can be accessed even remotely. This is why a company located in Montgomeryville, PA, can provide these services for another located in a different state.


If you run a small or medium-sized business, partnering with an MSS company will do you a whole lot of good. They can offer you more advantages in terms of cybersecurity systems compared to what your in-house team will provide. In most cases, you might not even have to pay them so much compared to what you will pay in-house staff. 

With the evolution of cyber threats, you would want professionals who are well-trained to handle such threats. Their approach is usually proactive and is guaranteed to protect your data, assets, and reputation. As such, you are guaranteed a lower percentage likelihood of getting hacked.

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