Virtual Number for Telegram and Calls: Essential Information You Need to Know

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without popular social networks because both Telegram and Instagram are in incredible demand and are considered an integral part of both communication and leisure activities. It’s a well-known fact that you can’t create 2 accounts with the help of 1 number.

General important features of virtual numbers

Analyze the service and ask the provider the right questions before the digital number and cloud PBX purchasing. You are guided by:

  • The number of the desired region. Select a number with its code to promote in a certain region. This detail increases the loyalty of your future customers. This issue is especially acute now when the level of cybercrime has increased several times and has led to consumer distrust. 
  • Free call service for customers. The client won’t call you if he/she has to spend lots of money to talk with the company’s specialists. Especially in the case when a phone has a different region code. Sometimes it’s better to choose a toll-free number with the 8-800 code.
  • Call tracking. You need to collect customer information for a successful development strategy. It is also worth checking with the provider whether he keeps the appropriate records. The last point is important for getting feedback and analyzing the work of the company. Useful data will be about the client’s waiting time, the duration of the conversation, the customer’s personality, the time the calls were active (morning, afternoon, or evening), and the recording of the conversation.

You can get a virtual number for Telegram both as part of the virtual PBX connection service and separately. The principle of operation differs from a simple phone because the number is tied not to a telephone line but to a SIP account. Thus it’s possible to visually make the number look like a landline or mobile number, as well as a number familiar to many hotlines like 0-800. A virtual number looks like an ordinary set of numbers of a landline or mobile operator of one or another country. It is impossible to notice the change. Any call to such a number is redirected via the communication channel specified in the account settings.

How does it work with Telegram?

  • Download and install the app.
  • Open it and enter the virtual number.
  • Get the affirmative code and complete the registration.
  • Write your name and surname.

The signing-on process is done and now you can use Telegram for business needs as usual.

Virtual number: business benefits

The communication method provides many positive moments. This is especially true for large companies that have chosen to connect full-fledged virtual PBX. 

  • Company image. Potential clients often prefer to work with local organizations, intuitively trusting them more than foreign ones. Some are more favorable towards capital companies or accept other criteria for themselves. Even if your company physically operates in a small town or village or does not have an office at all, using a digital number brings the opportunity to get the indispensable location. You just need to purchase in a reliable Freezvon Company a number that looks like the one accepted in the desired city or country.
  • Mobility. Using the mentioned service allows you to change the location of the company at your discretion. Cloud technologies make it possible to stay in any place with the Internet. An online number is a great way out for companies that have to rent production space and move frequently.
  • Wide coverage. Incoming calls can be placed in a queue or redistributed to multiple devices depending on the settings of the number or the entire PBX. You can set up a welcome message, service menu, and other convenient functions depending on the connection conditions.

Provider Freezvon offers promotions and bonuses, as well as free virtual calls on the company’s internal network. The cost of calls to a number does not depend on the local operator. This is very convenient for employees who often go on business trips (including abroad) because traditional international calls are expensive. The client pays according to the tariff of his/her operator, even if the call actually is redirected to another city or country by dialing such a number.

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