Vital 4 Tips to Survive on battle Games 

Creating some time off your busy work schedule to have some fun goes a long way in boosting your memory and concentration. Participating in online battle royal games provides varied benefits to the players like improving your multi-tasking skills and comes with social benefits too. Some of the common battle games, owing to its popularity amongst smartphones users, the game is equally free to play and can be played by many participants. 

The main goal of any competition is to win and gain some recognition and possibly some cash in your pocket. Here are the top tips to win the legend game:

Play alongside the jumpmaster

When participating in battle games, you need to keep one thing in mind and that’s to win the battle royal. You need to strive to be the last man standing and this calls for you to be very strategic and tactful when playing. The idea here is to keep fighting together even if your squad has to drop. You may decide to drop out but it’s not appropriate to do so. Some of the tact’s to uphold are to win those early game fights to survive the game and play with the jumpmaster.

Don’t quit

Battle games are survival for the fittest and quitting along the way just makes you a coward. When you are playing with a group of random, it very easy to go down and you may no longer have the interest to play. Apply valorant boost strategies to keep longer in the game and count yourself lucky if your team successfully grab your banner from your death wreck. When your banner is grabbed, you stand a chance of rejoining the game.

Understand death crate quality

Learning the ropes of the game will help you stay at the top of your game. As a player, you should know what the content of the loot big box is when you knock your opponents. Understanding the meaning of colors of every big box loot is quite important, for instance, you need to know the following basic colors:

  • Vibrant gold: glowing golden color usually signifies some treasure and you will want to check what is inside the big box loot.
  • Pink: This signifies some degree of high quality and it’s worth checking out.
  • Grey: Contents of such box are most likely low quality and you may ignore checking the box.

Know these simple tips, to help you survive the game and to avoid running after each big box of loot dropped off by your opponent.

Understand the damage numbers color

Hitting your opponents in a game of survival does very exciting, but then know how armed they make it more fun. You can tell the level of damage you have caused your enemies from the colors showing up upon hitting them. Different colors show a different level of armor your opponent has, for instance, white indicates level one armor, blue indicates level two armor with red showing no armor at all.


To survive in this game, you need to play your best and amateurs need to learn the rules of the game first, to stay at the top. Use valorant boost strategy and follow the above-mentioned tips to be the last man standing in the battle royal games.

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