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Vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps) All You Need To Know

Among the most well-known manufacturers of amplifiers worldwide is Vox. Even while we aren’t entirely sure how to duplicate such chimney British vibe, we absolutely adore it.

Which one should you pick between the vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps), then?

If you want the creamy mid-range Vox tone on a budget, don’t need an effects loop, and don’t need a lot of clean headroom, get the Vox AC15. Additionally, because of the reduced wattage, you can obtain saturation while playing in your bedroom without disturbing your neighbors.

If you require the most clean headroom, are utilizing the amp for live performances, or require an effects loop for attaching additional pedals, choose the Vox AC30. Because it offers high and low input jacks, it’s also an excellent option if you have a few different guitars with varying output levels.

vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps) sounds and tones

These amplifiers employ the same preamp circuitry and loudspeaker options (which we’ll talk about in a moment), providing a largely comparable tonal range.

Those amplifiers’ clear channel is unmistakably mid-focused and has a solid, twangy tone that isn’t excessively sparkling. An AC amplifier, for instance, probably has a little less top-end than a Fender amplifier.

Users can add a compressor or delay pedal to the amps for a variety of different clean tones. The amps are an excellent wheel platform.

Performance of the vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps)

It’s indeed clear from the size and weight information in the table above that the AC30 is larger both in regards to power capacity and size and weight. If you desire a portable tube amp, its increased weight compared to the AC15 should be taken into account. Despite not being particularly large, it is substantially taller than the AC15.

Yeah obviously, when using Greenback speakers, the AC30 is louder than the AC15. Although the AC15 lacks a semiconductor rectifier, you won’t experience “droop” when you turn the volume up. This has a certain amount of compression, which some players could prefer, but it also has a downside like the “ghost” notes.

All Vox amps are gig-worthy, although the AC15 would need a mic to produce clean tones, whilst the AC30 can easily produce these tones due to the more volume. Given that they have nearly identical capabilities with the exception of the AC30’s extra controllers and I/Os, their results are compared.

vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps): Cost

The AC30 costs higher than the AC15 because it has additional ports, outputs, and controls. Naturally, the premium price tag comes with more room and stronger sounds ideal for a larger audience. We currently know how the two differ in terms of features, functionality, and sound, so the choice is yours whether to pay more on an AC30 or just about half as much on an AC15.

vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps): tubes and power

Power and tubes: Vox AC15

A preamp part of the Vox AC15 contains three 12AX7 (ECC83) tubes, which produce the recognisable AC  tone. 

Two 6BQ5 (EL84) power amp tubes on the power amp front produce a combined signal strength of 15 volts .

Vox AC30 tubes and electricity.

The AC30 employs the same preamp section as the AC15 but twice the amount of EL84 valves in the power amp section.

The output wattage of the AC30 is boosted to 30w as a result.

Power and tubes: Final Verdict

Another tie results in this. The preamp sections and all of the amps’ tubes are the same.

The sole difference is that the output part of the AC30 has twice as many tubes, giving it twice as much output wattage. Of course, personal preference is at play here.

Lesser wattage allows you to saturate the amp at lower volumes whereas higher wattage implies louder with more clean headroom.

Therefore, it is dependent upon your playing tastes.

Speakers  vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps)

Vox provides two distinct configurations for the AC15, a 112 combination amplifier that lets you pick from a few well-liked Celestion speakers.

The Celestion G12M Greenback speaker used by the AC15C1 is replaced by a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker in the AC15C1X.

Voice: Vox AC30

On the other hand, the AC30 is a 212 combination amp. However, it provides the same speaker options as the AC15.

Participants: Bottom Line

Once more, there is a tight tie. The AC30 features twice as many speakers as the AC15, r is the only distinction. Naturally, this results in it being a larger and heavier unit.

vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps) effects

Both amps have reverb and tremolo effects built in.

The amount and tone of the spring reverb tank can be adjusted in terms of reverb. Although the reverb is pretty useful, it is obviously only compatible with spring reverb.

You might probably bring a decent reverb pedal if you require more versatility or want to delve deeply into shoegaze and atmospheric music.

The tremolo is equivalent. Although you can achieve a rather vibey tone using the speed and depth parameters, there are only so many things you can do with this sound effect.

Looping effects of vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps)

An external effects loop makes the AC30 superior to the AC15.

That enables you to use an effects pedal in that location, which is pretty typical for things like delays and reverbs.

Sadly, the AC15 doesn’t have this, so if you plan to use any effects pedals, you’ll have to set them all up front.

Effects: Final Verdict of vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps)

Due to the effects loop jacks being available on the rear panel, the AC30 prevails in this situation.

Since some pedals simply don’t function well in front of the amp, for many people this is a make-or-break feature (it certainly is for me).

The looping pedal is one illustration of this. The only way to accomplish this is to put the looper in the effects loop if I want to record a clean loop and then solo over it with a more powerful tone. Otherwise, my looping portion will also become driven when I switch to the drive tone.

Therefore, if you require an effects loop, use the AC30.


vox ac15 vs ac30 (Amps) comparison is simple because it’s a matter of personal preference. After all, nobody else but you truly understands what is best for you. Everything has already been covered in this post, including the features, functionality, sound, and cost. So, the choice is ultimately yours. In conclusion, the AC15 is a more portable, smaller, less expensive amp that provides a more focused tone. On the other hand, if you need stronger sound output for performances in front of huge crowds, choose the AC30.  Additionally, it costs more than its younger, but smaller, brother.

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