Why Do You Need Next-Level Messaging Solutions?

Perhaps the single most relevant “truism” regarding the internet is that the digital environment is not only in a constant, dynamic state of change -– but that rate of change is rapid.

This is true across all manner of platforms and systems. Take text messaging, for example. It was invented in 1985, but the common form of texting we know today can be pegged to 1999. By the year 2000, texting (using phones) had become “popular.”

By the end of 2000, the average person sent 35 texts per month. How comically low that seems today! The average person between ages 18 and 24 sends from 72 to 128 texts every day! More than 6 billion are sent per day in the United States alone.

‘Next-Level’ Texting Solutions are Critical

Along with the increase in the sheer number of texts being sent, the form and level of complexity of how this integral form of communication has evolved in complexity at an exponential rate.

That means business owners who are taking advantage of this incredibly powerful selling tool -– or who want to adopt texting for business for the first time –- must constantly be thinking about how to “up their game” and stay on the leading edge.

Consider that texting is no longer just “texting.” What is known as SMS (Short Message Service) has evolved to include terms like MMS, Multimedia Messaging Service. Then there are terms like:

  • MMS API – Multimedia Messaging Service – Application Code Interface
  • LCTS – Long Code Texting Service
  • SMS 2 Way
  • Two-factor Identification
  • Schedule SMS
  • 10DLC Capable
  • SMS online gateway

… and many more.

Even a savvy business owner who understands what SMS is and how it can be applied to market a company may quickly find him- or herself in the weeds when they confront how complex texting has become.

Important of a Professional SMS Provider

The point is, texting for business, brand building, promotion, marketing and gaining a competitive edge is simply no longer a DIY (Do It Yourself) proposition for most business owners. CEOs and managers already have enough to do!

Furthermore, recall the idea of rapid change. Simple texts of 160 characters or less still play a role in SMS, but their use alone must be considered passé. If you are just sending texts, your competitors are likely sending photos, images and videos — GIF and PNG files, audio MP3 files and MP4 video files.

The Online SMS Gateway

All of these multi-media messaging tasks are handled via an online SMS gateway. This is a system that enabled computers to communicate with telecommunication networks. The gateway converts into the format that is used by the network operators.

An SMS gateway can be accessed in two ways:

  • SMS Gateway API
  • A web-based SMS Portal

In fact, choosing an excellent service to handle SMS or MMS capability for a business should zero in on a provider that has a superior SMS gateway. This is where the quality of performance is key for driving a texting marketing strategy that produces solid and verifiable results.

A great provider will make this aspect of an SMS service uncomplicated and easy for the user to understand. Transparency of the process is key. Business owners who want to leverage the latest in next-level messaging solutions should discuss this issue with a provider they are considering for hire.

This, in turn, addresses vital issues, such as:

1. Excellent Support

Look for a gateway SMS service that offers active online support channels for customers. A 24/7 support system that grounds the effort in around-the-clock support will eliminate a huge number of headaches, solve problems fast or head off problems before they arise.

2. Global Reach

Especially for firms that target international markets (or want to grow to that level), a bulk SMS gateway should enable a way to handle texting and multi-media texting to any country around the world.

3. Security

Perhaps it goes without saying in our present times of hackers and other nefarious mischief makers prowling the vast digital ecosphere that, rock-solid security is important when a company is communicating one-on-one with its customers.

Security is a key issue in and of itself. An SMS provider must demonstrate it can guarantee secure SMS and MMS activity.

The Bottom Line

To be competitive today, texting is a must for most business models. The need for next-level capabilities in this realm is paramount in the exciting and ever-evolving online digital space. Choosing a provider to handle SMS marketing is among the most important decisions a CEO will make.

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