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Why Irish Businesses Use Award-Winning SEO Agencies

The business world is highly competitive, all entities are striving to get their market share and most turn to the professionals when it comes to online marketing. The SEO industry is performance-based; an agency is only as good as their client list and the awards they receive; they look at each campaign as a challenge.

Creating a digital marketing plan

The agency sits down with you and together, you decide on a strategy, identify your needs and the result is an aggressive plan that is designed around your business. Real-time monitoring allows the team to make slight changes to banners, you receive regular reports on campaign results.

Optimise for Google

The number 1 search engine is used by millions of online consumers, which is why you need to have your website optimised for Google searches. Search engine optimisation, SEO, is the act of boosting a website’s rankings within specific Google searches. Some SEO agencies boldly claim to put you on page 1 of Google search results, which is where every business wants to be. The agency uses numerous strategies to achieve the goal and they have the best technicians who can work wonders. Irish businesses contact King Kong, an award-winning agency that delivers results!

Create a strong digital footprint

This is the goal that every entrepreneur wants, generating a strong online presence takes a range of strategies and 3-6 months would see you having a growing social media following, while Google searches will bring a lot of organic traffic. Of course, making changes to web content takes time to produce the desired effect; the agency gives you a timeline and keep you informed at all times.

Pay-per-click advertising offers high ROI, if you have the right agency in your corner; let the professionals create rich and engaging ads and place them on the best digital platforms. PPC is one of the top strategies for small businesses and Google can help you to find the agency that has all the solutions.

Free Zoom meeting

You can schedule a Zoom call with one of the team and discuss your needs, which gives you both a chance to discover more; this can lead to an online audit by the agency to determine your current digital profile. They compile a plan that includes SEO and social media marketing and once you are in agreement, the work can begin.

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