7 Best Keyboard In India – Top Rated Under Budget 2021

You probably know that choosing the perfect wireless keyboard and mouse can be quite difficult because there are so many different models on the market. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, a laptop user, or a home theatre fan, this website will assist you in the selection of the best keyboard according to your needs.

A keyboard plays a vital role while playing games on the PC. It is critical to select the right keyboard if you are thinking of playing online multiplayer games. If your keyboard is not perfect, then you may get terminated or killed very quickly and if you want victory then choose any of these best gaming keyboards which I am going to lists down below.

In this post, I have compiled the top best gaming keyboards with different flavors only for you. Using any of these gaming keyboards, you will be able to control any kind of games like Counter-Strike, Warcraft, or Call of Duty.

All of us look into the budget and features of any product before purchasing it, so taking all of this into account, I will give you the best guide to the best wireless gaming keyboard on the market.

7 Best Keyboard Under 500-1000-2000-3000-5000 Rupees India

Best Keyboard Check Price
1. Amkette Xcite Pro Check Price
2. HP K2500 Wireless Check Price
3. Logitech MK240 Check Price
4. Dell KM636 Wireless Check Price
5. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 Check Price
6. ZAAP Trifold-Pro Bluetooth Check Price
7. CORSAIR K70 Gaming Check Price

1. Amkette Xcite Pro

best keyboard
  • Price:- 500 Rs
  • Item Weight:- 535g
  • Connectivity:-Wired


If you were searching best budget gaming keyboard under 500 rupees budget then this Amkette Xcite pro wired keyboard perfect choice for you.

In this modern world, Amkette is highly known for making floppy disk in the Indian market in past but now the time has change and Amkette shift their business pattern and manufacturing another computer-based electronic product.

Amkette made very attractive and colourful well design keyboard, and all the keyboard which made by Amkette comes with different kind of varieties that helps you to select the best one for you.

The Amkette Xcite pro wired keyboard soft and attractive design comes under at just 500 rupees budget who comes for multipurpose use and it’s noiseless soft key never disappoint you while you using it.

This Amkette Xcite pro wired keyboard comes with two different varieties wireless and wired but we mention wired variant because we feel it is really worth as compare to wireless one because under 500 rs it is a quite pretty good deal.

2. HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard 

best keyboard
  • Price:- 1000 Rs
  • Item Weight:- 445g
  • Connectivity:-Wireless


The HP is a well-reputed electronic company known for manufacturing top quality electronic gadgets that amazed the world via its quality.

This K2500 wireless keyboard also comes from HP company at the thing which makes it worthy is that it’s quality and price stage. This HP K2500 wireless keyboard comes under at just 800-1000 rs budget range.

This keyboard is completely compatible with your laptop, the computer that supports 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, and also you can able to use it with the help of wired. So it’s dual-mode connectivity boost your user experience.

This HP  K2500 wireless keyboard supports up to 30 meters of wireless range so that makes it easy to work from any near location according to your comfort zone.

This cheap and best budget wireless keyboard also featured with the numeric keypad windows 8 dedicated and customizable hotkeys that allowing you to access the work fast and perform extremely perfect.

3. Logitech MK240 Combo

best keyboard
  • Price:- 1500 Rs
  • Item Weight:- 522g
  • Connectivity:-Wireless


Compact design, wireless technology and colourful solid design making it worthy keyboard and mouse combo, This best wireless keyboard and mouse combo under 1500 rs available in the market so you can easily able to buy from the online store as well offline.

A keyboard and mouse combo with tiny wireless receiver offers comfort and top-rated quality in a space-saving design.

The lightweight and mid-sized shaped mouse easily fit in your hand and work fast according to your command, it featured with cursor control with high definition optical tracking with 1000dpi make work fast and easy.

One thing you really amazed you in this keyboard and mouse combo pack and it is, it’s unique vibrant colour design, it’s fresh high contrast patterns extremely look very eye-catchy.

Its tiny-sized USB receiver comes with advanced 2.4GHz wireless connectivity who delivers up to 10 meters long-distance connectivity and helps you to work from any distance.

For the battery, life company claims that this keyboard gives you up to 36 months of battery life as well as 12 months of mouse’s battery life.

4. Dell KM636 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

best keyboard
  • Price:- 2000 Rs
  • Item Weight:- 426g
  • Connectivity:-Wireless


Refresh Your Workspace with this mid-budget range best wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000 rupees Dell KM636 keyboard and mouse combo.

This compact size keyboard and mouse take less space in your desk doesn’t matter where you work office or home.

The Dell KM636 keyboard and mouse combo well designed muted the typing sound and also reduced key gaps that are quite a dustproof. Along with this the mouse scroll wheel very smoothly that has been enlarged to deliver you enhanced productivity.

The Dell KM636 keyboard and mouse combo come with up to  12 months of premium battery life that will handle your heavy workload very efficiently.

With elevated and capacious chiclet keys, multimedia keys, plus optical tracking for precise mouse journey, you can rely on the Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM636 for comfortable and fertile user experience.

5. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 

best keyboard

  • Price:- 5000
  • Item Weight:- 1.39kg
  • Connectivity:-Wired


When it comes to mechanical keyboard there are few numbers of consumers are left who are interested in mechanical keyboard but still if you are the person who loves to buy mechanical keyboard then this Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 wired keyboard under 5000 rupees best choice available for you.

The Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 wired keyboard comes with a metallic body structure that gives the keyboard very attractive and premium body structure, due to metallic structure obliviously you will get a strong build quality in it.

Once you connect it with your computer or laptop the RGB Lights are started popping and the RGB has almost zero LED popping between each cap.

In this keyboard, the company offer almost 7 colours for each key and it almost supports 13 backlight effects with 3 different levels of brightness along with 4 different levels of speed adjustment.

6. ZAAP Trifold-Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

best keyboard
  • Price:- 5000
  • Item Weight:- 1kg
  • Connectivity:-Wireless


If you were searching one of the unique, well build, ultra-lightweight and easy to carry foldable wireless keyboard under 5000 rupees budget then this Zaap Trifold pro Bluetooth keyboard is just for you.

This Foldable bluetooth keyboard featured with a very compact size ultra-slim design who making it ideal to carry anywhere in your backpack as well as a small handbag.

In this keyboard, you will see block types of keys that making your typing smooth and offer you a smooth, speedy, and noiseless experience.

The Zaap Trifold Pro keyboard completely compatible with a wide range of operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows.

The Zaap Trifold Pro Wireless keyboard made from aircraft-grade aluminum that looks solid and premium and the keys are made from ABS plastic material who perfectly keeps it strong and long-lasting durable.

7. CORSAIR K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

best keyboard
  • Price:- 10000
  • Item Weight:- 1.2kg
  • Connectivity:-Wired


If you looking to buy a mechanical keyboard then this fastest CORSAIR K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under 10000 rupees defiantly amazed you.

CORSAIR K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB that ensure you every keystroke translate directly into accurate gameplay.

In this gaming keyboard company used lightweight aluminum with LED backlighting. For connectivity, it directly connected via USB port.

It has detachable wrist rest and inbuilt multimedia control with metallic control with metal volume buttons that experience you fastest and perfect keystroke. The textured and contoured keycaps deliver you perfect grip and enhanced feel.


QNA For Best Keyboard In India

1. What are the best computer and Laptop keyboards?

If you searching different varieties of keyboards under your budget segment then this list of top best keyboards is the perfect list for you. In this list, we mention different price variety, design variety, wired and wireless, single keyboard and mouse, and keyboard combo variety so this list is ideal for the person who looking to buy a keyboard for himself.

2. What are the best mechanical keyboards?

If your first choice is mechanical keyboard and looking to buy a mechanical keyboard under mid-range budget then blindly go with Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 wired keyboard that comes under 5000 rupees and if you have a good amount of budget and looking fastest top quality mechanical keyboard then must buy CORSAIR K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under 10000 rupees range.

3. What are the best keyboards for programming?

If you are a programmer and thinking to buy the best keyboard for programming then go with Logitech MK240, Zaap Trifold pro, Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11, and CORSAIR K70.

4. What are the best keyboards for gaming

If your first priority is gaming and looking keyboard just for gaming then check out the Logitech MK240 for wireless choice and Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11, and CORSAIR K70 for wired choice.

5. Which is the best wireless keyboard and mouse?

In this list, we concluded almost all the keyboard varieties include best wireless keyboard and mouse combo, and if you looking to buy the best wireless and mouse combo then you must buy Logitech MK240 and  Dell KM636.

Quick Overview Of Keyboard And Mouse Buying Guide

You probably know that choosing the perfect wireless keyboard and mouse can be quite difficult because there are so many different models on the market. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, a laptop user or a home theatre fan, this blog will assist you in the selection of the keyboard/mouse pair best suited to your needs.

A number of wireless keyboard and mouse packages are available for sale online but unfortunately, they are not all worth buying. Read on to find out about what you should look for when making your selection.

1. Wireless Keyboards And Mouse Range

There is no doubt that one of the most important factors regarding wireless keyboard and mouse performance is a single range. The best wireless keyboard and mouse transmit signals flawlessly across the required distance between the devices and the receiver to avoid delays and single drops. This may be a few inches if you are using it next to your laptop computer or it could be across a large room if you are using it for corporate presentation.

2. Detection And Connection Time

You may also be concerned with how fast the keyboard and mouse can connect to your computer once the receiver is plugged into the USB port. When in an emergency if you used multiple computers and laptop at the same time so it must quickly move keyboard and mouse USB receiver between the machines.

3. Keyboard Noise

Keyboard noise may be an important consideration for you especially if you are working late at night and don’t want to disturb others. A number of keyboards have mechanisms that are specially designed to responsive as well as silent.

4. Comfort

Your keyboard and mouse are your primary means of getting input to your computer. Harvard study has shown that the average user type over 2 million keystrokes each year. It’s no wonder that many people develop carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar ailments because of typing on keyboards and using the mouse. Some of the things to consider in your decision are whether you want a keyboard with a built-in palm rest or even a split keyboard design.

5. Productivity

Some keyboards feature programmable function keys and dedicated application keys that help you get things faster and more reliably.

6. Wireless Mouse Technology

Apart from style and comfort in the hand, one of the most important things to consider before choosing a mouse is the tracking technology which will greatly affect how well your mouse functions.

The most mouse will perform well when used on a stable flat surface however it takes special technology if you want to use your mouse on the arm of your favourite sofa or even on the carpet of your home theatre room. Fortunately, some mouse is available with the advance technology that will allow them to perform extremely well in these abnormal situations.

7. Wireless Backlit Keyboard

If you sometimes type in a poorly lit environment, you will value a wireless backlit keyboard with illuminated keys that allows you to be able to see them in the dark. This can especially useful if you will be using your keyboard to control a home media centre or gaming station.

8. Small Wireless Keyboard Design

Small wireless keyboards come in a variety of sizes and designs Some are even sized to fit into the palm of your hand. If lack of space is a concern for you, it is even possible to get a wireless keyboard with trackball.

This is all about the buying guide of best wireless gaming keyboards and mouse, this guide has been helpful in highlighting some of the things to look for when choosing the best wireless keyboard and mouse.

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