10 Best True Wireless Earbuds In India | Top Pick 2023

Bluetooth earphones and headphones are good for day to day music life, but now technology upgraded, and you will see an improved version of headphones and earphones called true wireless earbuds. This true wireless earbud comes with fully wired less technology that offers you incredible comfort with excellent audio quality while you were using it.

If you are the person who was searching for truly wireless earbuds in India, then this article is just for you. In this article, we concluded the best true wireless earphones in India. We reviewed almost the top true wireless earphones here from the various budget so that you will get here different price varieties along with the different brand tags.

In the market, there are several best true wireless bluetooth earphones are available with various price ranges, but all headsets are not as good as they look. If you are serious about music and love to hear music, then our blog about the top 10 best true wireless earbuds in India helps you to grab the deal.

10 Best True Wireless Earbuds In India

Best True Wireless EarbudsCheck Price
1. PTron Bassbuds Pro Check Price
2. Hammer Airflow Check Price
3. Xmate Gusto  Check Price
4. BoAt Airdopes 201 Check Price
5. Bass Evolution Play Check Price
6. WeCool Moonwalk X Check Price
7. Tagg ZeroG Check Price
8. Skullcandy Sesh  Check Price
9. 1More True Wireless Check Price
10. Jabra Elite 65t Check Price

1. PTron Bassbuds Pro

  • Qucik charging support
  • USB Type C port
  • Digital display
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


When it comes to buying the best cheap true wireless earbuds, then this PTron Bassbuds Pro is our priority for you.

This PTron Bassbuds Pro is equipped with the latest wireless technology and chipset, which allow the earbud to transfer loss-audio quality, lets you experience clear, crystal, and powerful sound.

PTron Bassbuds Pro comes with bluetooth 5.0 technology that instantly connects with IOS and Android devices along with Windows and perfectly stays connected with your device up to the 10 meters of a long duration.

This bluetooth earbud comes with portable 300mAH charging storage, from this storage box you can able to charge earbud up to 3-4 time one you charge it. Once you charged the earphone, it will be giving you 3 hours of music playback time with 100 hours of standby time.

According to design, it comes with tiny but powerful ergonomic design equipped with the latest technologies that feel you comfortable and secure fit during the usage of this earbud.

For the charging it comes with USB type C port which support fast charging, it has inbuilt digital display which shows you better perferomance and alert you via in display notifications.

2. Hammer Airflow

  • 3 hours for charging
  • 300mAh case battery backup
  • 4 to 5 hours battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


Hammer Airflow Truly Wireless Earbuds is another best cheap true wireless earbuds that come under budget price range in India.

Hammer Airflow true Wireless Earbud comes with many advanced features that effectively boost your music experience at any time and any place.

According to design, it comes with an Ergonomic design style that allows you ultimate wearing comfort for your active lifestyle.

It has bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with 8mm large size audio delivering balanced audio that feels like it comes from the air itself.

This best budget true wireless earbuds India Hammer Airflow Earbud has built-in battery who continuously work 4 to 5 hours, and it’s charging case who has 300mAh battery backup can provide 3-4 times charging.

This Hoteon true wireless earbud compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and you can easily able to wear it during the GYM,  running, exercise, and jogging.

3. Xmate Gusto 

  • 200 hours of standby time
  • 400mAh case battery backup
  • 45mAh earbud battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


This is the Xmate Gusto  true wireless earbud from Xmate brand makes wireless synchronous connection stereo. This mini size wireless earbud comes with extreme built quality, and it produces a mighty sound.

In terms of battery life, it’s the case that comes with 500mAh battery capacity, and it gets charged within 2 hours with the help of this case; you can able to charge this earbud up to 5 times, and it takes almost 1.5 hour to charge.

This Bluetooth earbud comes with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and it produces up to 10 meters of wireless range.

It also has one function, but that helps you to on/off the earbud, answer to the call, play and pause the song and change the music track along with this it has a light indicator that alerts you about upcoming notification and bluetooth status.

In terms of design, battery backup, sound quality, and connectivity range, these functionalities are making it best true wireless earbuds under budget range, and that’s why we included this earbud in our top list of best wireless earbuds in India.

4. BoAt Airdopes 201

  • Case charged within 2 hour
  • Water, Dust and Sweat Proof
  • 479mAh case battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


Boat Is the most reputed brand in India. I love BoAt company’s earphones because BoAt beautifully manages built and sound quality according to the budget.

This BoAt Airpdropes 201 also comes with different unique design styles with multiple functionalities that make it best true wireless earbuds India under the budget 2500 rupees.

This tue wireless earbud comes with an IPX4 rating that protected your earbud from water, dust, and sweat, and it allows you to wear it during the GYM, to run, jogging.

The earbuds come with a 479mAh charging case that allows for easy maneuverability, and it offers up to 9 ( 3×3 ) hours of music playback time.

In terms of connectivity option, it comes with bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology that delivers you up to 10 meters of wireless.

For sound quality, BoAt used a 10mm dynamic audio driver in it that delivers you premium HD sound quality. It’s ergonomic design ensure that it never falls during the usage of the earbuds.

5. Bass Evolution Play

  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • 480mAh case battery backup
  • 55mAh earbud battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


Experience crystal clear deep bass sound with the latest bluetooth 5.0 wireless TWS technology that supports Hi-res audio quality.

This Bass Evaluation play is the only Best true wireless earbud that comes with dual device connectivity with highly crystal clear deep bass.

This true wireless earphone comes with a charging case that has almost 480mAh powerful battery capacity with fast charging support. You can charge your earbuds from 4 times via this case.

The earbuds come with cavity design to ensure you a great comfortable fit in your ear. For better audio quality, it has noise cancellation so you can hear your music and call noise-free, not just in indoor condition but outdoor also.

The earbuds come with a powerful 10mmaudio driver with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option that the company claims that it will stay connected long last 50 meters of surround range.

This Bass Evaluation plays wireless earbud compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and you can be easily able to wear it during the GYM, to run, exercise, and jogging. It comes with IPX 5 rating that ensures you keep safe your earbuds from water, splash, and rain.

6. WeCool Moonwalk X

  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • Case charged within 1 hour
  • 300mAh case battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


WeCool is not a new brand in this filed. WeCool sells the various types of bluetooth earphones and headphones in the market that extremely good according to their price tag. This MoonWalk X earbuds from WeCool comes under almost 4000 rupees price tag.

According to design, it comes with a dynamic cavy style, and its colorful lighting ring blinks time to time that makes it the most beautiful design best true wireless earbuds India 2020 under 4000 rupees.

The earbuds come with a 10mm dynamic audio driver with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that delivers you ultra-deep bass sound with 10 meters of wireless range.

This WeCool MoonWalk X  comes with a portable power bank inbuilt with case cover that charged your earbuds more than 9 to 10 times on a single charge, and it gets almost 1 hour to charge the case. When earbuds charge fully, it offers 50 hours of music playback time.

The earbuds come with auto mode technology. This technology automatically connects your earbuds with your smartphone and other music devices.

The earbuds contain operating buttons that buttons help you to operate your earbuds, and you can able to do pause, play, forward, accept and reject the calls and power on/off via these buttons.

7. Tagg ZeroG

  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset
  • 500mAh case battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


If you love Apple-style Airpod, but you don’t want to spend a significant amount for an earbud, then this Tagg Zero-G Apple Style Earbuds is the best choice for you. These best wireless earbud in India never disappoint you.

According to design, it looks like regular other earbuds such as Apple Airpods, but Tagg added it’s own design in it.

The earbud is lightweight, and during the usage of this earbud, it not irritate you and perfectly fits in your ear.

The earbud comes with a charging case with 600mAh battery capacity, and the case has four LED lights to indicate the battery power. Each wireless earbud has up to 5 hours of music playtime each earbud has 40mAh battery capacity.

The earbud comes with advanced Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset along with bluetooth 5.0 that offers almost 10 meters of wireless range.

This true wireless earbud featured with an IPX5 rating that allows you to use this earphone at the GYM and during a workout.

Also, it has Mono and Stereo Mode; this functionality allows you to change your modes for calling and playing music with the help of its sensitive controls on either of the buds, which will enable you to switch between mono and stereo modes.

8. Skullcandy Sesh 

  • Water, Sweat and Dust Proof
  • Case charged within 2 hour
  • Earbud charged within an hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


Skullcandy is beast earphone making company never disappoint you for quality and service.  This best true wireless earbud under 6000 rupees comes with many unique features that deliver ou stunning sound quality.

This Skullcandy Sesh bluetooth earbud comes with an activated assistant; just press the button three times, and you can able to set a reminder, able to make a call, and so on.

Are you troubled by the battery problem and thinking of getting a power bank for yourself? Here we have mentioned the top-quality power bank list; click here to get the best power bank.

In terms of battery life, the charging case contains almost 10 hours of battery backup, and earbud gives you 3 hours of uninterrupted playback time.

The earbuds have water, seat, and dustproof because it comes with an IP55 rating that protects your earbud from the various ways. And you can able to wear this earbud during GYM, running and jogging.

For the better sound quality, it has noise isolating technology that reduces and element the background sound and delivers you crystal clear sound.

The inbuilt remote control helps you to pause, play, change the track, make a call, and reject the call without ever touching the smartphone.

9. 1More True Wireless

  • 410mAh case battery backup
  • 55mAh earbud battery backup
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • aptX and ACC inbuilt technology


1more is not just brand; it is the meaning of true quality, yes reviews many earphones, but one more is the only brand that maintains true qualities on their product. This 1more true wireless earphone also holds true quality.

This 1more true wireless earbud comes with a 410mAh power bank case that charges the earbuds up to 4 times, and earbud contains almost 55mAh battery backup. The earbud case comes with type C charging cable, which readily available now a day.

The most interesting thing with these earbuds is that it comes with four color choices such as Black, Pink, Golden, and Light Green that may offer you choose according to your like.

This true wireless earbud comes with bluetooth 5.0 version with aptX and ACC technology that produces a high-quality sound that never disappoints you.

A customized LED antenna, laser shaped on the inner side of the earpiece, is designed to ensure a smooth connection for music and phone calls.

The earbud comes with full water-resistant body control technology, which also has rain splashing and sweat for outdoor usage.

These best1more true wireless earbuds under 6000 rupees price range come with complete functionalities such as premium design, crystal clear sound, clour choice, highly qualified wireless range, waterproofing technology, and noise cancellation technology these all functionalities 1more offers you at just 6000 rs price range.

10. Jabra Elite 65t

  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • Case charged within 2 hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Water, Dust and Sweat proof

Jabra Elite 65t is our final choice in the list of best true wireless earbuds in India 2020 list. This Jabra Elite 65t comes under 10000 rupees, and we list this earbud according to the performance, user rating, and we also analyze the quality of earbuds.

This Jabra Elite 65t is the perfect combination of usability, features, and sound quality these earbuds offer a reliable connection for day to day usage and long-lasting battery life and these all the functionalities you will get between the budget  8000 to 10000 rs.

According to the design, it is made from the plastic material, and it looks good and standard. It comes under three different color option, so you have a color choice option according to your like.

For better sound quality Jabra Elight has its app to customize the music and delivers yo various effects and mode via this app and this app available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Download Jabra Sound+ Mobile App

⇒Download For Android

⇒Download For iOS

This Jabra Elite has two buttons on the left side that may help you to adjust the volume, and the right side has a single button that allows you to pause, play, skip and forward the song.


Final Words:- 

Almost All budget centric best True Wireless earbuds in India we reviewed. Here you will get a better choice for this. We have mentioned the best bluetooth earbuds with a different price tag. Still, if you have any confusion about deals and budget, feel free to ask anything. We will do our best to resolve your queries as soon as possible.

If you have better suggestions regarding this list and for our website, please share your opinion in the comment section.

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