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How To Choose Printer Simple Buying Guide

While there are several best printers for computers in the market, you can’t go out and settle for the first option to come across. You need to find one that suits your needs and purposes. For this reason, the following are some of the basics things you need to consider when searching for one whether it is for business or home use.

How To Choose Printer Simple Buying Guide

Understand Printing Needs

While there are hundreds of printers designed to meet diverse needs, only a couple are capable of fulfilling all your needs. The challenge that most consumers find when shopping for these is finding one that not only meets their needs but is economical as well.

Therefore, you need to begin your search with a clear picture of what your needs are. In this respect, you can think about your latest printing project and any future needs you might have.

For instance, do you print coloured copies or black and white? The type of printing you do often should form the basis of the type of printers for computers to buy.

Understand the Technology

The technology of the printers for computers is what determines how the actual printing process is carried out. Some of the mechanics involved in this case include electrostatic charges, blasts of ink, electrostatic charges, powder toner and other combinations which are essential for delivering quality print outs.

The following are some of the major technologies and the pros and cons of each.


Inkjet printers are everywhere and they are consumer-friendly since they come with computer desktop packages. These can be used to print coloured photos, black and white and other types of media that other printers cannot match up to.

Ink sprayed on the printer’s surface is not heated and for this reason, it can be used to print different types of media such as photo paper t-shirt transfers and canvas.

The downside to these printers is that they are slow and the quality varies significantly. If you want high-quality printing, therefore, you might have a major problem with the inkjet printers for computers.


LED/Laser is the exact opposites of inkjet printers. Rather than relying on spray nozzle, these rely on an electrostatic charge. The charge is applied to paper before it is passed over a drum toner and the toner is fused on the paper using heat.

Laser printouts cannot be ruined easily by drops of water or any other outside factor. With a laser/LED printer, the toner can dry and you still use the printer for several more months. There are no major pros associated with this form of printers-for-computers.


Before buying printers for computers, it is also important to look at the features of the printer. After deciding whether to opt for a laser/LED or inkjet printer, you should determine the features that suit your needs.

To help you through this process, it is advisable to look at different printers available and the type of features they have before making your choice.

Printing Speed

Majority of printers have their printing speed expressed as pages per minute (PPM) while others use characters per minute (CPM).

When shopping for printers, it is important to choose one that has printing speeds that are suitable for your needs. Look at the specs carefully because, in the long run, they determine the quality of prints you end up with.

The Price

Printers for computers are prized differently and in accordance with the features they have. For this reason, when making your choice, it is important to take this into consideration though it should not be a ruling factor.

Shop around and compare different printers before making your decision. Also, remember that the cost of the printer is just but a small fraction of the overall costs, there are other aspects that come into play such as ink and paper cartridge costs.

Types Of Printer

One of the best ways to learn about printers is to familiarize yourself with first-rate printer manufacturers. Apple, Epson, Brother, Canon, Hewlett-Packard or HP, and Xerox are all well-known companies that manufacture computer printers, and these printers are packaged with ready-to-use ink cartridges. Below, the common types of computer printers are listed. It’s important for you to know these types if you really want to familiarize yourselves with printers.

Impact Printers

They’re like typewriters that have a small room for reproducing text. These types of computer printers rely on powerful ink to transmit ink to the media.
Examples of impact printers are the Dot matrix printers and letter-quality printers.

Inkjet Printers

These computer printers are very low priced, especially when compared to laser printers. The inkjet printer’s ink needs to be replaced every so often.

Inkjet printers have exceptional printing capabilities, ranging from black and white to colour prints. Due to its versatility, Inkjet computer printers create excellent resolution photo prints.

Toner based printer

Toner based printers are akin to photocopiers. They’re usually used for mass-production of paper prints, especially newspapers and magazines. These printers produce high-quality prints at a fast speed, and at a cheaper cost per copy. Laser and LED printers are a good example of these printers.

Line Printers

These printers print a whole line of text at a time. They are commonly used for bulk printing and not intended for personal or home use. It is worth mentioning, though, that this type of printer is slowly being phased out and replaced by computer printers with top speed and laser transmission.

It is important to note that each company produces ink cartridges in order to replace a used-up cartridge. However, there is a problem when it comes to OEM ink cartridges. Since your default ink cartridge is so small in quantity, you will have to replace it with another OEM cartridge, which is very expensive. For businesses, maintenance of this feature can be very costly. In the long run, this can create a big wound to the company’s budget.

There is another solution, though, if you want your computer printers to be of good quality. Through Best Printer and Ink Cartridges, you’ll have the option to purchase recycled ink cartridges. These cheap cartridges are a good investment for anyone who wants both high quality and good savings.

Aside from recycled ink cartridges, Best Printer and Ink Cartridges also has a variety of quality computer printers that you can choose from. So you can actually shop for both your printer and ink cartridges through this online store. Best Printer has practically everything that you need to complete your home printing package.

What is the best inkjet printer for home use? Inkjet printers are quieter and produce better quality through finer details than dot matrix printers, due to higher printhead resolution. Here is a list of the best inkjet printer available online. They boast comparable or better features and speed for a far lower purchase price, and they have lower ink costs. In this list below, we review the different print equipment and list down their main features as well as what they are best suited for.

Are you looking for the best wireless laser printers for the home? With a wireless laser printer, you don’t even have to connect a cable to your printer or configure any settings. I’ve narrowed down the best wireless laser printers for a home for you so that finding the perfect one tailored for your custom needs will be a simple task. Printing important documents or photos with a wireless printer is a quick and easy process once you get the right printer. In this page, I’ll review 5 of my favourite wireless laser printers for the money.

Are you looking for the best colour laser printer? If so, you can easily find them in this article. We look at the best expert and user reviews of colour laser printers to find which ones provide top performance. Stepping up from an entry-level colour laser printer gets you more speed and the durability to print many more pages per month. They offer better text quality, greater paper capacity, and (generally) higher speeds than inkjets.

You really have to know how to choose the best inkjet cartridge so that you do not end up buying the wrong kind. Some people get stressed when the ink in their printer cartridge show signs of nearly getting empty. There is really no need to make this a big issue. We help you get quality and affordable hp printer ink cartridges or canon inkjet cartridges over the internet with less hassle.

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