10 Best Microphone Under 500-1000-2000-3000 Rupees In India 2022

Most people like us use the inbuilt microphones of Laptop/PC for our daily usage. But we know well that they aren’t good at all. And then we buy headphones and earphones with a mic. But even then, the mic is not good, and we end up wasting a few amounts of money on it.

If you are a passionate gamerYouTuber, singer, vlogger, you seriously need an excellent microphone for your gameplay, recording, and communication. Don’t worry. Today I’m here to explain to you about the top best microphones for a complete experience. I have reviewed everything from design to performance. I hope this might help you to choose one.

Several brands are selling different types of Best Microphone Under 500-1000-2000-3000 rupees such as a wireless microphone, collar microphone, lapel microphone, and so on at the cheap budget range. Still, they are all not suitable as the company promised, so here we help you grab the best microphone for your youtube channel.

10 Best Microphone In India Under 500-1000-2000-3000-5000-10000 Rupees

Best MicrophoneCheck Price
1. Boya M1 Lavaliere Check Price
2. Generic Sound Studio Check Price
3. Powerpak BM-700 Check Price
4. Generic Pro Check Price
5. Tie Clip Collar Mic Check Price
6. BOYA by-MM1 Check Price
7. Zabel Microphone Check Price
8. Maono AU-A03 Check Price
9. MXL Mics 770 Check Price
10. Sennheiser E 845-S Check Price

1. Boya M1 Lavaliere

  • 6-meter wire cable
  • LR44 battery
  • Compatible with any device
  • 3.5mm connectivity


Boya by m1 lavaliere microphone Boya is a high-quality condenser microphone brand, and it creates the true nature of sensory experience customers.

This compact mic is a clipped collar to allow hands-free utility, while the omnidirectional pick-up reproduces voices and ambient sounds faithfully.

This by-m1 microphone with clip-on mic is specially designed for smartphones, DSLR, camcorders, audio recorders, pc, etc. Superb sound for presentations and video recording.

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This microphone by Boya is ideal for picking up audio from every direction. It is suitable for recording voices and ambient sounds for video or audio clips and reproduces all kinds of sounds.

You do not have to worry about complicated controls with this lapel mic from Boya. The well-marked controls are conveniently placed to provide you with easy reach.

2. Generic Sound Studio

  • 2.5m cord for connectivity
  • 3.5mm additional connectivity
  • Anti-wind foam protection
  • Background noise and isolates


Professional black condenser dynamic microphone with a gold head mic sound recording shock mount significant condenser microphone element for warm, vibrant recording cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the primary sound sources smooth.

This microphone comes with many useful features with excellent sound record quality; it comes with a 2.5m cord. This cord is Aux to XLR power cord.

Its anti-wind foam cap protects your microphone against wind interference and singers. Also, it helps in clear voice recording.

According to my sales report, this Generic Sound Studio BM-800 is the top-most selling microphone after Boya by m1 lavaliere microphone.

3. Powerpak BM-700

  • 2.9m cable wire
  • Steel material
  • Anti-wind foam cap
  • Lightweight design


This is the condenser microphone that only works with the device that could provide enough power for it.

When connected with a desktop computer, the condenser could be used alone when combined with a laptop and computer to connect it to the electrical outlet or use a 48v phantom power to get enough power if the sound is not clear and high enough.

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The Powerpek BM700 microphone comes with a steel net plus a zinc alloy hand-holding body structure; along with this, it has a 2.9m 9.5feet large wire cable for connectivity.

4. Generic Pro

  • 3.5mm connectivity
  • Noise Cancelation
  • Mini desktop tripod
  • 2m long wired


The generic pro is one of the best design microphones under 1000 rs with premium features and premium voice record quality.

This generic pro microphone comes with 3.5mm connectivity which helps you connect with your laptop and computer.

It also supports mobile connectivity, but you can’t record high-quality audio via the mobile device. So it is better to record sound from a laptop and computer.

The microphone phone company provides you one tripod as a stand and batter stabilization to record the audio very efficiently.

You will get a 2m long wire for the connectivity, and for batter audio quality, it has the noise-canceling feature.

5. Tie Clip Collar Mic

Best coller mic In India under 1000 rs
  • 6-meter of wire
  • 3.5mm Adaptor
  • Best for youtube creator
  • Comfortable for use


Tie Clip Collar Mic is the last choice under this price segment. This Clip mic comes under the 500 rs range. The tie clip collar mic perfectly works with all the devices except the smartphone.

The tie clip collar mic comes with 3.5mm audio jack connectivity for the audio recording. The tie clip collar mic is the perfect microphone for singers and those who record videos for youtube.

The microphone comes with 6 meters of long-lasting wire cable it means you will able to record youtube videos comfortably.

6. BOYA by-MM1 Universal Cardiod Shotgun Microphone 

  • 6-meter wire cable
  • LR44 battery
  • Compatible with any device
  • 3.5mm connectivity


BOYA is just a first-rate condenser mic manufacturer, can be a renowned producer of electro-acoustic products. This Shot Gun Microphone is available for smartphones, DSLR Camera Camcorder, and recorder.

This mic would not demand any batteries to join it to the cellphone or d-SLR in that you want to add it. So, ordinary you do should not worry about the batteries. This is just a great use of this microphone.

This microphone includes a vast frequency reaction which would make it an excellent choice for all styles of applications. Even despite a dynamic mic, it sounds pretty herbal and opens while compared with different alternatives at this price.

Also, if we talk about the total weight of the microphone, then it has miles most straightforward 181 g that’s an exceptionally much less weight reduction. It is possible to, without problems, take care of this microphone in hand too.

One of those quality matters of approximately this microphone is its sound quality. The cardioid pickup sample with this microphone gives an entirely herbal-looking voice.

Plus, it’s an elementary frequency easy helping to make this microphone an outstanding usual option. You additionally get free from noise-cancellation using this mic in the opinion that it’s far a lively one.

It is among the simplest worth for cash choices on the market as it involves pellets. You receive lovely audio quality with excellent client aid via its 1-year guarantee. The enclosed rack adapter and carry case make general expertise even higher.

7. Zabel Microphone

  • Shock mount grip
  • 3.5mm connectivity
  • Metal body
  • Noise isolation


Zabel was formed with the sole purpose of bringing out the creativity in you. It took up a mission to select products in the modern entertainment age for people who want to start a life of music or entertainment.

The Zabel condenser microphone works with any device that can provide it with enough power. All you need to do is directly connect to any computer and start your recording.

The ball type of shock mount will give you the best microphone grip and allow you to record without any mismatch of frequency.

Zabel microphone also comes with a high-quality elixir cable with a 3.5mm jack. The higher sensitivity and smooth response across an extensive frequency range make this ideal for recording all instruments made of high-quality elements.

8. Maono AU-A03

  • 3.5mm jack adaptor
  • Metal shock mount
  • Foam mic windscreen
  • Adjustable scissor arm


This professional condenser microphone picks up crystal clear audio with a 0mini pattern. This microphone is perfectly compatible with Windows operating system and works better with only windows OS.

This is an updated version that improves the mic power supply; connect the 3.5mm jack of your computer to the microphone with the included cable. You can start recording the effect; you might need extra phantom power.

The microphone comes with a condenser mic, adjustable scissor arm mic arm, metal shock mount, pop filter, foam mic windscreen, table mounting clamp, XLR to 3.5mm cable and y adaptor, etc.

9. MXL Mics 770

  • Warm sound with extra clarity
  • Multipurpose condenser microphone
  • Low noise FET preamp with balanced output
  • Gold Sputtered-6 micron


The popular MXL 770 is a high-quality multipurpose condenser microphone that vocalists gravitate to for its reliable low-frequency response and clear high-end.

MXL uses a high-quality FET pre-amp and transformerless balanced output for a wide dynamic range and low noise to achieve this.

Features include a low-frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumbling and a 10db pad to facilitate various sound sources.

The 770 comes with a shock mount to reduce mechanical vibrations and a rugged carry case.
The MXL 770 is a perfect combination of quality, flexibility, and value for professional and home recording studios.

10. Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser E 845-S

  • Warm sound with extra clarity
  • Multipurpose condenser microphone
  • Low noise FET preamp with balanced output
  • Gold Sputtered-6 micron


We still have another Sennheiser mic within this report. But unlike the previous one, one is quite a bit higher priced and a top-notch option. And it offers a few different things because of its higher price tag.

The Sennheiser E 845-S is in the third position in this short article since it’s but one of the best-sounding boosters on the market. In contrast with the prior choices, it is pretty costly and may not be the best choice if you’d like a value-for-money option. But it delivers excellent audio quality with a smooth, warm tonal response.

It has a fantastic dynamic range when combined in combination with a ghost power source for clear sound. This microphone features a frequency response of 40 to 16000 Hz, which is ample for some users.


This is the top list of best microphones under 500-1000-1500-2000-3000-5000-10000 rupees in India. We highly recommended you buy a microphone from our suggested list.

If you have any questions regarding this top list of best microphones, then feel free to ask anything we will do our best to meet your expectations.

If you have better suggestions for us regarding this website and better improvements, don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comment box.

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