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How to Connect Microphone to TV for Karaoke

Karaoke is one of the most popular ways to send a quality time with your friends. If you love karaoke and want to enjoy karaoke at home this article is for you. We are aware that karaoke devices are costly. You just need to figure out the simplest way to connect a microphone to a smart TV, and your home karaoke bar is ready to go. Verify that your tv has compatible with the tools you already own.  If you are not too knowledgeable, don’t panic; there are plenty of simple ways on how to connect microphone to TV for Karaoke. You may attach your microphone to your TVs via a variety of connectors, including Bluetooth and RCA cables.

The information you need for how to connect microphone to TV for Karaoke is provided below. Pairing a smart tv and a Bluetooth mic together is the simplest method to play karaoke on it. As Bluetooth connectivity is now a common feature on many smart TVs, connecting is as simple as going into your Bluetooth settings. 

How large a sound output you need will depend on the size of the space you’ll be employing for your karaoke party. Different Steps for how to connect microphone to TV for karaoke are mentioned below. 

Step 1: Your TV has Connection on Not ? 

It’s not too difficult to figure out how to connect a microphone to a smart TV. Make sure it is compatible first. The majority of modern smart televisions accept the attachment of a microphone since they feature digital audio through HDMI. You may simply attach a microphone by using the HDMI and digital audio connectors, which are described in full in your user manual. As smart TVs have several inputs, it’s crucial to make sure the volume is turned up and that you’re using the right one.

Step 2: Connect Your TV to Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an easy way to link your microphone to your television. People who seek a wireless connection will find this useful. Bluetooth connection is mostly for individuals who desire a wireless option since it can be connected into the majority of standard-sized microphones and is not reliant on any other devices that could be installed elsewhere in your home. This is one of the most simple and easy process.  Your smart TV and microphone should be paired after turning on Bluetooth on each device. For detailed information on how to link the TV’s BT feature with the microphone, consult your user manual. Once linked, you may utilize the microphone to provide voice instructions.

Step 3: Connect To The Wired Mic Via 

Look for a 3.5mm connector that can accommodate the microphone on your smart TV. While some televisions lack the 3.5mm jack, others do. Connect your microphone to the audio adapter and plug it into your smart TV, if your television has this feature. Then you may use your microphone. Remember that the microphone jack only functions if your smart TV has a voice-over feature and is online. You can utilize this feature if your TV has voice-over and speech recognition capabilities. As the cords are typically around 8 feet long, you may walk around further while utilizing the mic without having to stop watching television.

Step 4: Plug a USB Microphone Into a TV

A microphone can also be connected using the USB port. You’re ready to start once you insert the microphone into the USB port of your smart TV. The sound quality will be equal to the Bluetooth option.

Step 5: Connect To TV Using XLR Input

If the television supports it, you may connect a professional microphone to it via the XLR input.  Make sure the microphone can handle phantom power, though, since some of them can only handle up to 48V and can only be used with the power provided by your XLR line if you wish to attach it to your LCD TV. Use a 3.5mm TRS to XLR cable or converter with a length of around 10 feet to provide yourself more mobility while utilizing the mic.

Step 6: Connect to TV Using RCA Cables

However, as a last option, you might also consider using an RCA connection. You may connect the microphone to your TV using standard RCA cables if it has red, yellow, and white output.  This is usually the final choice you should make because the results are poor and the sound quality will be greatly diminished. Your movement could be limited, though, due to the typical small length of these wires.

Step 7: Hands Free TV Viewing

Once everything is linked, you can start enjoying hands-free television viewing. Simply singing into the microphone while leaving the remote control to one side. You can give voice instructions from microphone to change song or any other purpose. As long as you keep this feature in mind when your buying a smart TV. This process is easy and straightforward.


This post is for you if you love karaoke and wish to sing at home and enjoy a good time with friends. We are aware of the high expenses of karaoke equipment. Your home karaoke bar will be functional at home as soon as you find out how to connect a microphone to a smart TV. Check to see if your TV is compatible with the equipment you already have and filled with all the modern features.

Most of the recent smart TVs come with a variety of built-in connectivity possibilities so you may attach an external microphone or other devices. Numerous alternatives are available, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, XLR and 3.5mm jacks, and USB ports. Read this article if you want to know more ways to connect microphone with TV for karaoke experience at home. 

Hopefully now you have understood how to connect microphone to TV for karaoke. These are the most popular ways for How to Connect microphone to TV for Karaoke. I hope these will helped you to solve your problem. 

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