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Do Subwoofer Cables Make a Difference

We are going to discuss about Subwoofer and We will be clearing all your doubts about subwoofer cables – do Subwoofer Cables Make a Difference? Well, subwoofer cables- are said to matter as they are known to improve the sound quality. If you are one of those who like their sound quality flawless, this is just for you. The increased sheilding in the subwoofer cables helps to improve the analog signal sent through the wires and also reduce the voice buzz that is usually produced. I believe that subwoofer cables do make a difference, it might be subtle but there are certain differences which you might find if you look closely.

What are subwoofer cables?

If you don’t know what a Subwoofer cable actually is, subwoofer cables are generally a type of audio cable which helps to enhance the sound quality to a great extent. Subwoofer Cables are widely used for connecting any media device that supports coaxial audio interface. Subwoofer cables produce a intense and deep sound. The quality of this sound is much better than that of the normal RCA sound. RCA connectors are attached on both ends of subwoofer cables.

When you listen to your TV, home theatre with subwoofer cables attached to it, you will find the sound quality much better and lively. It would seem like a real life situation. This is because the cables transmit bass along with the regular sound signals. This helps to maximize the low frequency signal transport and ultimately makes the sound quality more clearer and dramatic. You will get an amazing depth to your sound quality while watching movies, TV shows and it would feel like they have come alive. So, what do you think? Do subwoofer cables make a difference?

How do subwoofer cables work?

The subwoofer cables that are generally sold are of the 1-RCA type. They have two male RCA connectors on opposite sides of the cable. As a result of which they can be easily connected wherever the standard RCA cable can be connected since they have two male RCA connectors on both ends of the cable. This feature makes the subwoofer cables extremely easy to use and also it is easier to find the devices that you will be using with it.

However, what a subwoofer cable is really is a line level analog audio interconnect. It transmits extremely low frequency analog audio so that it can interconnect at the same “line level” of the stereo that the subwoofer is connected to. So, do subwoofer cables make a difference? I guess, yes.

So , Do Subwoofer Cables Make a Difference?

The basic difference you would find  between a subwoofer cable and a regular audio cable will be very subtle, but it is there. An RCA subwoofer cable is just a regular RCA cable that is renamed by the manufacturers when any new or special features is added to a cable.

A subwoofer cable is of a much higher quality. It is composed of tighter woven fibers in the mesh of the shielding on the cable. They even can even contain a second or third layer of mesh. So, a subwoofer cable can be stated as a sheilded version of RCA cable. So, do subwoofer cables make a difference? I hope you are getting the answer yourself.  One more thing that makes the subwoofer cables special is the ability to transmit bass which is a big plus in sound quality.

Subwoofer Cables can be used in which devices?

You can use the subwoofer cable on a variety of devices. You can use a subwoofer cable on any device which uses the coaxial audio interface. They are basically used in the home theatre system. They can also be used in the cable boxes, DVD players and satellite boxes. It will be very easy for you to connect such devices to other devices that supports the interface. Such as, computer audio receivers or basic audio receivers.

Some other devices where you can also use the subwoofer cables are personal computers (PCs), Mac computers, DVD Audio Players, SA-CD players, computer sound cards, general home theater systems, game consoles, D-VHS players, satellite receivers, digital cable boxes, digital video recorders and A/V receivers.

Problems that you might face while using Subwoofer Cables

There are no differences between the problems that can arise when using regular RCA audio cables and the problems that come up when using subwoofer cables. Despite the fact that installing them isn’t that difficult, as you basically need to figure out where to install them, it can become a bit tricky if you do it wrong, especially when you remove the cables. Make sure that you are not jamming the cable in too hard because that would create problems in the connection. The device that you will be inserting you cable into should not be tight as well. As the RCA connectors are extremely delicate so you need to handle them with care. They are gold plated to provide more durability. Jerking the cable or pulling the cable from a long distance should definitely not be done. This can result in the breakage of the cable. Firmly tugging on the yellow part of the cable should be it. You might face another problem that is common while using RCA connectors is the AC Hum.

Another problem that can come with using RCA connectors in general is what is called AC Hum. In most of the cases, household electricity systems need a frequency of 60 Hz to work. Subwoofer cables are a great solution to this problem. The extra shielding present in the subwoofer cables helps to reduce the hum that is caused by induction. The only way to stop the AC hum caused by a ground loop is to use an isolation transformer for the AC input to the entire sound system, and this will stop the AC hum caused by the ground loop.

Benefits of Using Subwoofer Cables

You will find multiple benefits of using a subwoofer cable. Do subwoofer cables make a difference – obviously yes. Subwoofer cables provide us with high quality sound. They are even shielded from corrosion. What else would you want than to have lively sound while watching a movie or listening to music. I hope you don’t have anymore doubt about do subwoofer cables make a difference.


I am sure all your doubts regarding do subwoofer cables make a difference are cleared and are now already planning to get your hands on it. Hope you like this article about do subwoofer cables make a difference.

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