7 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under Rs.1,000 In India 2023

Finding good quality truly wireless earbuds that do not cost a lot of money can be a bit difficult. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the best true wireless earbuds under 1000 Rs in India.

We’ll take a look at some of the top options on the market, so you can find the right pair for your music or calling needs.

With great sound quality, long battery life, and a comfortable fit, these earbuds make for a great choice.

You can listen to music and take calls without any interruptions. They’re easy to carry with you since they come with a sleek carrying case.

Now, We’ll take a look at the Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1000 Rs in India.

Let’s get started…

7 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under Rs.1,000 In India

1. PTron Bassbuds Pixel

2. truke Buds Q1

3. WeCool Moonwalk Mini

4. SonoTrix X

5. Ambrane Dots Slay

6. PTron Bassbuds Lite V2

7. WeCool BT1

1. PTron Bassbuds Pixel

  • BTv5.1 with Smart Touch Control
  • IPX4 Sweat/Water-Resistant body
  • Deep Bass & Built-in HD Mic
  • 10mm Dynamic Driver

We rate the PTron Bassbuds Pixel as the best TWS earbud under this price range as it provides 35 hours of continuous listening time, Bluetooth 5.1, and Passive Noise Cancellation.

Featuring powerful Hi-Fi speakers with a 10mm dynamic driver, these True Wireless earbuds deliver rich and immersive sound.

True wireless earbuds weigh only 3.6gm each, making them ultra-lightweight.

With this case, you can play these True Wireless headphones for 35 hours with a total standby time of 120 hours. It takes only an hour to fully charge these Bassbuds Pixel earbuds.

They are designed to fit snugly in your ears, keeping them in place and reducing outside noise.

You can access the voice assistant quickly with these earbuds. IPX4 ratings make them sweat-resistant so you can use them when you're sweaty. However, do not use them in water.

These headphones have advanced 5.1 Bluetooth technology, passive noise cancellation, a smart touch control, and deep bass.

They also have built-in HD microphones in each bud, which makes it perfect for stereo calls. With the Type-C ports, you can charge your devices quickly.

Simple pairing and quick connections ensure you can stream in no time.

To watch a movie or play a video game on your mobile or pc, quickly tap 4 times on either of the earbuds. This will activate the "Movie/Gaming Mode" which provides low latency for a better experience.

A one-year warranty is also included, so you won't have to worry if they are damaged before that time.

This pair of Bassbuds Pixel TWS Earbuds is just what you need. A super-comfortable fit, long battery life, and incredible sound quality make these earbuds perfect for music lovers.

2. truke Buds Q1

  • Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • 10hours playtim on single charge
  • Smart & Easy Gaming experience
  • Advance Battery Display

We would recommend the Truke Buds Q1 earbuds as a great option if you're looking for truly wireless earbuds that will give you a premium feel. 

These earbuds feature clear sound quality, a comfortable fit, and are an excellent choice for daily use.

You can play for up to 10 hours on a single charge with the Bassbuds Q1 TWS. Using the 400mAh Charging Case, you can get an extra 50 hours of playtime for a total of 60 hours.

With 10mm drivers, you can experience deep bass and powerful music. The Real Copper Driver Speakers are powered by AAC Codec support and will take you on an audio adventure like never before.

When you need a comfortable and secure fit for all-day use, these earphones are perfect. They come in at just 4 grams each.

Due to their IPX4 rating, these earbuds are perfect for gym use. Because they're sweatproof, you can use them while exercising.

These earbuds do not have an inline remote. But it lets you take your music and Google voice search with ease. 

Just tap 2 times on the left bud for an easy answer or change in music, without having to take off eye-blindingly reading anything else.

With a low latency of up to 85ms and the best-dedicated gaming mode, you can enjoy your games. You have to tap 3 times on your right earphones to enter dedicated gaming mode.

The Truke Buds Q1 is the first pair of earbuds that come with dual microphones and environmental noise cancellation technology. 

This means you can enjoy your favorite tunes or podcasts without any outside distractions, such as traffic noise.

Featuring Bluetooth v5.1, these wireless headphones support low power consumption and superior connectivity.  You can use them with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

You don't need to worry about getting damaged because of the 6 Months Warranty.

Although these earbuds are low priced, they pack a punch when it comes to sound quality and features. There is nothing more that you can expect from the Truke Buds Q1 at this price point.

3. WeCool Moonwalk Mini

  • Secure Fit Earphone Bluetooth
  •  sleek and Easy to carry charging case
  • Ultra Light Wireless Earbuds
  • IPX5 splash proof design

It's easy to stay cool when it comes to WeCool's Moonwalk Mini Earbuds. While offering excellent sound quality and bass response, these earbuds are incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

They have a sports-friendly design that fits securely and is comfortable to wear while you are active.

With these Bluetooth earbuds, you will have a substantial battery that can provide 3 to 4 hours of continuous listening. If you use them with the case that comes with them, you will be able to use them for up to 15 to 16 hours.

These earbuds can be recharged up to three times by the charging case that comes with them.

There is no inline remote on these earbuds, but the earpieces come with a Multi-Function Button Control that lets you take calls and control your music.

With these buttons, you can play, pause, skip tracks, answer, and reject phone calls, among other things. Vice Assistant provides easy access to OK Google and Siri on these earbuds.

A microphone is built into these earbuds, so you can talk on the phone without having to hold it. With Bluetooth v5.0, you can enjoy seamless music with a stable and secure connection.

The wireless earbuds are extremely light. Each one weighs just 4 grams and a sleek charging case makes it easy to carry around.

These earbuds come with a 1-year brand warranty that will help protect you from any damage the earbuds may experience.

Therefore, the WeCool Moonwalk Mini also makes sense for you at this price point. It is definitely worth a look.

4. SonoTrix X

  • IPX5 water & sweat resistance
  • 700mAh charging case
  • Touch Controls & Voice Assistant
  • Sports friendly ergonomic design

You're looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that are both high quality and affordable. Take a look at Quantum's Sonotrix X. With 6-hour battery life, these earbuds offer excellent sound quality.

It offers a playback time of up to 5 hours with the Quantum SonoTrix X True Wireless.

For a charging case with a capacity of 700mAh, it takes two hours to charge. Also, It is estimated that the earbuds will reach 100% charge in 1 hour and 6 minutes.

It is now possible to listen to high-quality music no matter where you are. With Bluetooth version 5, the range has been extended to 10 meters and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Your workouts will be more intense than ever thanks to the IPX5 water and sweat resistance.

If you're doing exercises outside like swimming or running, then these earbuds are perfect, but you can also use them to train indoors.

These earbuds have an ergonomic design with touch controls and a voice assistant that makes them ideal for sports.

Your favorite tunes can be enjoyed without the distractions of outside sounds with noise cancellation. With rich bass and deep vocals, these earbuds will fill your mind with high-quality surround sound.

These earbuds have Easy Touch Sensors on the earbud. This lets you do things like an answer or reject calls, play/pause music, and activate voice assistants.

If you're considering cool earbuds that fit into your budget, you should definitely check out Quantum's Sonotrix X.

5. Ambrane Dots Slay

  • 38 hours of longer playback time
  • 8mm drivers with boosted bass
  • Effortlessly multi-functional buttons
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant Design

The earbuds from Ambrane have practically everything you could ever want in a wireless earbud. 

In terms of design, sound quality, and battery life, the Ambrane Dots Slay stands out in their class if you are looking for a good pair of wireless earphones.

The device will allow you to listen to music or any other form of entertainment for up to 38 hours without having to be recharged. Only one charge will be required for 8 hours of playback.

These earbuds offer fabulous bass and clear sound in noisy settings, thanks to their 8mm drivers.

With soft silicone tips, these earphones fit comfortably in your ears and stay there over the course of the day. Enjoy listening to your favorite music for hours.

With their multi-functional button, these earbuds are easy to use. It just takes a couple of taps to turn on music, answer or reject calls, or forward music.

Unlike many Bluetooth earbuds, these earbuds provide great sound quality and are very stable. Also, you won't have to worry about your battery draining quickly.

Once you take them out of their charging case, the earphones connect automatically to your device.

You can activate Google Assistant and Siri voice assistance on Dots Slay. So you can control it by speaking.

It is our pleasure to announce that Ambrane Dots Slay is made in India. The company stands by its tradition of manufacturing its products in India.

In summary, if you're looking for the perfect set of wireless earbuds, then you should check out Ambrane's newest creation - the Dots Slay.

6. PTron Bassbuds Lite V2

  • 20 Hours of Longer Playtime
  • 10MM Punchy Dynamic Driver
  • IPX4 Water/Sweatproof
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight Earbuds

You can't go wrong with PTron Bassbuds Lite V2. Besides offering great sound quality and long battery life, these earbuds are also very affordable, making them a good choice for those on a budget.

These True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds have deep bass and high-quality stereo sound that will make your favorite tunes come alive in front of you.

It is easy to wear these earbuds all day long due to their ergonomic design and lightweight design. If you run or walk around, they won't fall out because of their snug fit design.

When the charging case is attached, they have a playtime of 20 hours. While listing the music, you don't need to worry about recharging them.

Furthermore, Bluetooth 5.1's strong 10M wireless connectivity will enhance the sound quality of your music. The buds are compatible with nearly any Bluetooth-enabled device.

With a 10MM punchy dynamic driver, these earbuds deliver quality sound no matter how loud the environment.

The earbuds feature a smart touch control that allows you to manage your Music & Calls with just a few taps.

This pair of earbuds has a built-in HD video microphone and stereo calling capabilities, making it ideal for clear calls. Additionally, it contains Instant Access to the device's voice assistant.

With a sweatproof rating of IPX4, you can wear these earbuds while working out or running activities without worrying about damaging them.

Each earbud has a 40mAh battery which takes 1 hour of charging time. They also include a compact case with a 400mAh battery that takes 1-1.5 hrs to get fully charged.

From the date of purchase, the product is covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

A bass lover will love the Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2. It is the right earphone for someone looking for strong bass.

7. WeCool BT1

  • Ultra Light Wireless Earbuds
  • IPX5 water & sweat resistance
  • Smart and easyMulti Function Buttons
  • Secure Fit Bluetooth Earbuds

So if you're looking for a great pair of earbuds that you can wear all day long and keep you entertained, then WeCool's BT1 earbuds are exactly what you need.

With the carrying case, these earbuds can last up to 16 hours. They are capable of providing a continuous playtime of 3-4 hours without the carrying case.

The charging case can recharge the earbuds up to three times.

In addition to offering great sound quality, the new Ultra Light Wireless Earbud case weighs less than 4 grams each earbud. You can use this for any event due to its sleek design and easy carrying handle.

The Wireless Earbuds are very comfortable to wear and the Sports-friendly design prevents you from falling down.

With BT 5.0 wireless earbuds, you can enjoy a stable and secure connection that fits your music perfectly.

It boasts multiple function buttons, allowing you to do a variety of things such as play/pause a track, switch between tracks/modes (such as volume control).

With their built-in microphone and control buttons, you can easily answer phone calls or control your music without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Vice Assistant is now available on these latest earbuds. By doing so, you can access OK Google and Siri without having to reach for your phone.

There is a 1 Year Brand Warranty included with these truly wireless earbuds.

You might want to consider checking out the WeCool BT1 Earbuds if you are a serious music lover. They are made in a minimalistic style with style and functionality in mind.


So, these are the best true wireless earbuds under 1000 Rs.

We hope that this list will help you in making a decision about which earbuds to buy for yourself.

This PTron Bassbuds Pixel on this list is a good choice if you want great sound quality and features at an affordable price.

We wish you great shopping.

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