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Best Microphones Under 1000 Rs. 2019 ( Updated )

best microphone under 1000 rs
Written by Yuvraj Kore

Do you want to buy a Best Microphones Under 1000 Rs for singing, for youtube channel, for another work? if your answer is yes then you are at right place.

YouTube is a platform where everyone want to show their hidden talent and want to make some money, it may be as part time and it may be full time.

If you are new YouTuber and want to buy one of the best microphone under 1000 rs and there is a lot of confusion about the best microphone under 1000 rs, don’t worry because we mention here the best microphone list that will help you to catch best one.

How To Choose Microphone Under Rs.1000

1. What is your Budget?

Yes, of course, the budget is the factor that will be decided what type of microphone you actually want for your YouTube channel as well as your studio.

Once you decided the fix and perfect budget for your microphone, then it is very easier to grab the desired microphone.

2. Quality And other specification

After deciding the budget briefly think about your needs, you know that there are different types of microphone available in the market, so your budget price helps you to pick the deal.

Before you choose a microphone please note down two things that are directly related to microphone first thing, the sound quality of the microphone, and the second one is specifications and elements which come with the box.

3) Connectivity

I’m not talking about mobile and internet connectivity, I’m talking about microphone’s connectivity which comes with your DSLR, Laptop, computer, tablet, and Mobile.

There are different connectivity available

  1. 3.5mm audio jacks connectivity
  2. 2.0 USB connectivity
  3. 3.0 type C connectivity
  4.  Bluetooth connectivity for wireless microphones

4. Interface

The interface means the design of the microphone, it matters because if you are youtube it means you using microphone daily to record the video.

5. Long cable wire

Long cable wire microphone is now more demanding because many youtuber recording their videos from long distance and it also helps you to move from one place to another while you recording videos.

So we kindly suggested to you, if you are youtuber then please don’t compromise with this thing.

6. Brand

You may know that in the market there are several types of the company selling microphones at the cheapest rate, but don’t make a fool because the quality which you expected from that cheap rate microphone they can’t provide.

We recommended you to buy Generic and Boya companies microphones.

Note:- Dear Readers think out of the box😜😜😜 if you don’t have money to buy microphone and you really need a microphone then don’t worry.

If you have an earphone your problem has been solved. Earphone also works as a microphone and the sound quality is similar to the microphone which is available in the market at Rs 500.

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Best Microphone Under 1000 Rs

  1. Generic Dynamic-57000927MG
  2. Boya M1 lavalier
  3. Generic BM
  4. Magi Deal Jy-528
  5. Tie Clip Collar Mic


5 best mic for singer under 1000 rs.

Best Buy From  Amazon

Generic Dynamic-57000927MG is my first choice under this price segment. It comes with very impressive design, quality and wire length never disappoint you.

Generic Dynamic-57000927MG microphone comes with approx. 2.53M/99.61 Lengths of cable wire, Black and Gold color combination, 1 microphone, 1 microphone holder made from plastic, 1 power cord, 1 anti-wind foam cap, aluminum made body structure, 1 years manufacturing warranty and 30 days replacement guarantee.

Generic Dynamic-57000927MG currently available at Amazon, The combination of a black and gold color making it more beautiful and it looks more attractive due to it’s design and its aluminum body structure.


  1. Aluminum body structure
  2. 1 Microphone
  3. 1 Microphone holder ( Plastic Body)
  4. 2.53M/99.61 Lengths of cable wire
  5. 1 power cord
  6. Anti-wind foam cap

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best mic for singer under 1000 rupees.

Best Buy From Amazon

Boya M1 lavalier is my second choice under this list. Boya by m1 lavaliere microphone Boya is a high-quality condenser microphones brand, it creates the true nature of sensory experience customers.

This by-m1 microphone with clip-on mic is specially designed for smartphones, dslr, camcorders, audio recorders, pc, etc. Superb sound for presentations and video recording.

mic for youtuber under 1000 rs


High-quality condenser is ideal for video use. Low handling noise. TroubleShoot steps:- There is one switch on the condenser of mic, For mobiles/camera, User has to switch it on mobile when using with mobile and switch it to camera/PC when using with camera, othewise mic will not work. Also advised to read the User manual before using the product.


  1. 6 meter wire cable
  2. Lapel clip
  3. LR44 battery
  4. Bag ( For Protection )
  5. Compatible with any device
  6. Plastic Body structure

mic for youtuber under 1000 rsBest Buy From Amazon

Professional black condenser dynamic microphone with gold head mic sound studio recording shock mount large condenser microphone element for warm, rich recordings cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source smooth, extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and instruments overload-protection switch (-10db) minimizes distortion from loud sound sources bass-reduction switch reduces room noise plug and play.

Generic BM microphone comes with 1 metal holder, 1 power cord,1 anti-wind foam cap, silver and blue color combination, aluminum body structure, noise and isolates controller, 1 years warranty and 10 days replacment policy.


  1. Aluminum body structure
  2. 1 Microphone
  3. 1 Microphone holder ( Metal Body)
  4. 2.53M/99.61 Lengths of cable wire
  5. 1 power cord
  6. Anti-wind foam cap

Best coller mic In India under 1000 rs

Best Buy From Amazon

Magi Deal Jy-528 Designed for use on stage, Houses of Worship, Presenters, Lecturers and Other Applications Requiring Minimum Microphone.

Perfect choice for those who work on office and who want lightweight microphone with earphone connectivity.

Magi Deal Jy-528 comes with  360 degree telescopic and foldable wire connectivity, double earhook with 3.5mm plug, 4 pin connector, smooth steel ear-hang, 1 meter cable lenght, 1 years manufacturing warranty and 10 days replacement policy.


  1. 360 degree movable design
  2. 3.5mm plug connecivity
  3. 1 meter cable lenght
  4. Smooth steel ear-hang
  5. 4 pin connector

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Best coller mic In India under 1000 rsBest Buy From  Amazon

Tie Clip Collar Mic works with all device except smartphone, including 3.5mm audio jack mic and other recording devices like sound recorder, laptop, public addressing system, tie clip collar mic is a perfect microphone for those creators who create videos on YouTube.

It perfectly provides you audio quality if you use this microphone with DSLR. This microphone has long cable wire, which may help you to give the comfort to record the videos.


  • 6-meter wire
  • 3.5mm Adaptor
  • This will not work with Smart Phone
  • 1 years manufacturing warranty
  • 30 days replacement guarantee

This is the top list of best microphones under 1000 rs, we highly recommended you to buy microphone from this list, because we mention here one of the branded high-quality brand’s microphone which perfectly meet to your expectations.

If you have any question and queries regarding this list feel free to ask anything we will do our best to meet your expectations.

If you have better suggestions regarding this list and for our website please share your opinion in the comment box.

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