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7 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 500 In India 2023

Are you looking for a great Bluetooth speaker under 500 rupees? Well, look no further! 

We are going to look at some of the best options available right now.

Portability is important to many people when it comes to choosing a Bluetooth speaker.

Therefore, there is a speaker for everyone, whether you are looking for something small and portable or something that can blast your music at high volumes.

7 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 500 In India

1. Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY

2. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint

3. Mivi Play

4. Quantum SonoTrix 51

5. 10WeRun R10

6. Florid Star 22

7. JB Super Bass

1. Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY

  • The speaker comes with a call function
  • Speaker impedance 4Ω
  • Frequency response 120hz-15khz
  • Zeb-county is a compact and handy portable speaker

If portability is not your primary concern and you are looking for a powerful Bluetooth speaker for use at home, the Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY may be a good choice.

Thanks to its built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it can play for up to 10 hours without recharging.

You can listen to your favorite music on this portable speaker with its 57mm driver. 

This portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a carrying handle and protective silicone sleeves to make it easy to carry.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 support, this Portable Bluetooth Speaker delivers crisp vocals and quality sound.

It can wirelessly connect up to six devices to the speaker to share music and enjoy your favorite devices.

With an integrated speakerphone, FM radio, USB and SD card slots, and AUX input, it comes in various colors.

You can listen to your favorite tunes virtually anywhere thanks to the Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Handle, USB, SD Card, AUX, FM & Call Function.

Support for 32GB USB flash drives and microSD cards lets you play music directly from USB flash drives or microSD cards.

2. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint

2. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint

  • Pocket Size Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Dual Equalizer Modes for Normal & Deep Bass Output
  • Frequency Response 180Hz – 20KHz
  • Battery Size (mAh) 3.7V/480mAH

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with a bit more power, the Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint is a great option to consider.

With features such as speakerphone enabled, lightweight, and pocket-Sized, it can play music for up to five hours on a single charge.

This is a very small and lightweight Bluetooth speaker that is able to fit into your pocket.

 With a similar size to its bigger siblings, the Flip 4 and Flip 4.5, the Fuze Pint is a lot easier to transport around.

There are two equalizer modes on this Bluetooth speaker for normal and deep bass output, which will enhance your listening experience.

The device supports Bluetooth 5.0 and can pair with two devices simultaneously. Fuze BT Speaker is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone which enables you to take calls on the fly.

It's also a waterproof speaker that can survive a dunk in a pool so you can take it anywhere, anytime.

Thinking to upgrade your other Bluetooth speakers? You can take the Infinity Fuze Pint Wireless Ultra Portable Mini Speaker wherever you go, with its rich, high-quality sound and portability.

3. Mivi Play

  •  Bluetooth speaker delivers a deep and powerful sound
  • Premium Brag Worthy Desig
  • Premium Brag Worthy Design
  • Connections made stronge

If you are looking for a small and lightweight option, the Mivi Play may be a great choice for you. The Bluetooth speaker is lightweight, portable, and has a built-in microphone.

You can now enjoy music and entertainment on the go, at your desk, or at the office at home. It is made of premium quality materials.

The Mivi Play Bluetooth speaker from Mivi offers premium sound quality to amplify your beats and music streaming.

There is a built-in battery of 12 hours, which means you can play your music continuously for up to 12 hours.

With its advanced Bluetooth 5.0, you can enjoy seamless wireless connectivity, ensuring strong and uninterrupted connections.

This waterproof device has an IPX5 rating, so you can take it to the beach or pool with you. 

You are free to carry it throughout the day, and you will never feel tethered to your computer since it weighs just 164  grams.

With a 12-hour playback time, a 30-foot wireless range, and a stylish design, the Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker is one such device you should consider. Also, it is made in India, which is unusual in the Bluetooth speaker market.

4. Quantum SonoTrix 51

  • HD sounds and superb bass quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0 adds higher bandwidth, longer range
  • IPX7 technology the speakers remain totally waterproof
  • The powerful 2000 mAh

The Quantum SonoTrix 51 Bluetooth Speaker is the ultimate outdoor speaker that's guaranteed to deliver great sound and last all day.

It is water-resistant and shock-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor occasions.

With an IPX7 rating, this speaker is completely waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It also has large speakers with powerful bass that are ideal for dancing. They are waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 meter.

It also has a TWS function, which enables it to pair with other speakers in close proximity to create a seamless sound field.

The wireless speaker is rechargeable and has a battery life of 18-20 hours. It has a TF/SD Card Slot and supports Bluetooth.

Featuring dual 5W drivers and a built-in DAC, the Quantum SonoTrix 51 Bluetooth Speaker produces 100% natural sound without distortion.

Made from tough and durable materials, the SonoTrix 51 is built to withstand knocks, drops, and scratches.

Furthermore, it can be used up to 33 ft (10 m) away from the speaker, so you won't have to be right near it to use it. 

Unfortunately, its Bluetooth connection isn't stable up to 33 ft (10 m), so you'll need to stay close to it. A microphone is also integrated into the speaker.

If you're looking for an amazing Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use, this waterproof one is definitely one to consider.

Quantum's SonoTrix 51 Bluetooth speaker is the successor to the SonoTrix 20. Besides being sleeker and more minimal than ever, it has all the features that make the SonoTrix 20 so popular.

5. 10WeRun R10

  • Bluetooth Portable Outdoor Speaker
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sound quality
  • Value for money

10WeRun R10 portable Bluetooth speaker outdoor loudspeaker is a mini, wireless Bluetooth speaker with powerful high and mid frequencies.

It is compact and lightweight, and easy to carry. Therefore, it can be taken anywhere, including to a park, the beach, or a yacht. As far as build quality goes, it is really excellent.

Furthermore, It produces incredible sound with this portable speaker. This full-range speaker features a 10W RMS dual driver that matches a 2.1 speaker's output.

Using Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and computers, it can stream music wirelessly.

The speaker can be paired with one device at a time, and it has a range of up to about 10 meters, which is sufficient for most situations.

Moreover, With its 3.5mm audio jack, it can also play music from devices.

Exercise is something you like? Do you listen to music while you run? You will definitely enjoy the 10WeRun R10 portable BlueTooth speaker. 

With Bluetooth capability, you can listen to music or sports news while jogging or cycling. Furthermore, it has a TF card slot so that you can bring your favorite songs along.

6. Florid Star 22

  • 2*3W dual speaker configuration with loud & clear stereo sound
  • ideal for indoor parties, outdoor picnic, pool parties & travel
  • With built-in microphone never miss a call
  • 10m of wireless connectivity

The Florid Star 22 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can be turned into a smart device speaker with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

A powerful and punchy sound is delivered by this speaker, thanks to its 6W output and its impressive bass. Dual passive radiators and a passive subwoofer are included in the speaker.

It has IPX6 water resistance, so you can submerge it in water without any issues.

Besides having an IPX6 water resistance rating, the speaker is also splashproof, so it can be used outside, by the pool, or even in the rain.

A single charge of the speaker can last for 8 hours straight, and the standby time is 10 hours.

Additionally, the speaker comes with a built-in microphone, making it a smart device speaker. All iOS, Android, and Windows devices can be connected to this Bluetooth speaker.

This device has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which makes it possible to connect it to other devices.

With this device, you can use it wirelessly, or you can plug a 3.5mm cable in and use it that way.

This mini speaker is durable, compact, and portable so you can take it wherever you go. 

You can adjust the volume level. To control the speaker, you can use the voice command or touch-sensitive control.

When you own a portable Bluetooth speaker, nothing beats the sound of music. The Florid Star 22 Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Speaker offers exceptional sound quality. 

You get the true wireless stereo sound that combines both left and right channels.

7. JB Super Bass

  • Delivers Powerful Sound And Robust Bass
  • Speaker With Good Battery Backup
  • Long Playtime & Super Bass Splash proof
  •  1200mAh allows you enjoy up to 5 hours of playing time

JB Super Bass Bluetooth speaker is perfect for those who are always on the go or always listening to music. It has a digital amplifier, which makes it louder than most other Bluetooth speakers. 

This wireless speaker is a lifesaver for those who love music. It has two built-in speakers with a passive radiator to deliver a powerful sound.

It is small and compact enough to fit anywhere and is portable so can go anywhere with you.

Aside from being IPX6 waterproof, the speaker is also shockproof. So whether you're taking a shower or hitting the beach, this speaker can handle whatever you throw at it.

A built-in microphone and alarm clock are included in the speaker. It also features a multiple colors LED indicator.

The speaker has a Bluetooth feature so you can easily wirelessly connect your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other devices to the speaker.

It also has a built-in phone stand which is great if you have a smartphone. Using the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you can watch movies, play games, and listen to your favorite tracks through your mobile screen.

The JB super bass portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is just what you need for parties and outdoor parties, music, watching movies, and playing video games.

If you have never used a Bluetooth speaker then this Bluetooth speaker could be a good one to start with. The speaker comes with 3 color options, blue, purple, and pink.


These are just a few of the best Bluetooth speakers under 500rs in India. 

Whether you are looking for a small and portable speaker or something with more power, there is an option out there for you. 

We will recommend you to go with Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY because it features 10 hours of playback time and a built-in FM radio.

Otherwise, you can go with Mivi Play if you’re looking for a lightweight option.

Be sure to consider your needs before making your purchase to ensure you get the best Bluetooth speaker for you.

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