5 Right Reasons To Invest In A Timesheet Software Today

Entering work details manually is cumbersome for the workforce. In addition, it increases the burden during business hours. They must constantly complete their to-do list to report it to their managers. That’s when the timesheet software becomes useful. 

With the suitable investment in this software, the workforce or employees do not delay their projects. Instead, they learn to become independent, self-reliant, and entirely answerable for their jobs daily. 

It removes the need to micromanage. Also, such software eradicates the need to depend on paperwork to save the environment. But let’s dive deep into this knowledge. 

Below, you will read the reasons + benefits as an employee to leverage the timesheet management tool. For example, we want you to know that uKnowva HRMS has the best timesheet management software. 

Once you are convinced of its reasons and advantages, you can browse uKnowva HRMS. Then, install its free version for managing teams of up to 10 members. 

Test and try it before upgrading it to the paid version. This way, your workforce will grow habitual of the timesheets tool and ease their burden without extra supervision.

5 Reasons To Invest In A Timesheet Software Today:

It is an aid for managers and employees. 

Managers have the burden of getting their employees to complete pending work on time. Similarly, employees need to trace and track their projects and tasks. It has to be possible without constant supervision so employees can focus more. 

That is when timesheet software becomes more reliable to invest in. First, managers get the data on the total hours spent, invested, wasted, and utilized optimally. From there, they get the correct estimated value of each project assigned and aligned with the working hours. 

The uKnowva HRMS system hints to the managers in advance about the wasted hours. Managers get to work proactively with their teams. They connect over the engagement tool to discuss and resolve issues leading to pending tasks. 

So, each manager’s role is more of a facilitator, mentor, guide, or supporting character. Employees become the real action-takers to complete their tasks and log in to the timesheet tool. 

Employees can use their timesheets independently to know about the live status of each pending and completed task. In addition, they can make a list of their hero tasks without missing deadlines using an HR software integrated with the timesheets feature. 

Fortunately, uKnowva provides this feature in its HRMS. 

Appropriate billing for completed projects.

Project managers have to bill their existing clients and customers right. That is possible by maintaining the cost and timesheet of every project. For the same reason, a timesheet software is reliably used. 

It maintains every hour clocked in by workers. As a result, reporting managers can evaluate each hour precisely. As a result, they know how optimally efficient their team is in completing a single project. 

Otherwise, they can request alterations if there is any discrepancy. Every change and medication will be recorded in the system. The deployed workforce would make the changes as directed without depending on the paperwork or massive excel workbooks. 

That will eliminate the error from managers’ and employees’ sides to bill the client rightly.

Decide and overview the required compensation for each employee.

HR persons can disburse the right amount in terms of monthly salary to employees. The timesheet software in the HRMS integrates project details with the payroll system. That way, employees do not worry about getting the right pay at the right time. 

Employers also don’t take unnecessary burden in compensating their employees appropriately. Even if there is any bonus or incentive to be given to an employee, the HR software highlights the same. 

Otherwise, employees can clock in their overtime hours. The timesheet management tool calculates the total worked hours by integrating itself with the attendance and leaves system. 

Later, the same data is fed into the compensation management tool. That way, the backend automatically calculates salaries, overtime pay, monthly bonuses, and other incentives.

Managers no longer invest a hundred person-hours every month to disburse the pay their teams deserve. This process reduces the time taken for employees to receive their pay during every payment cycle. 

When payments are right and appropriate, employees trust the process more. They indulge with the software regularly. The workforce gets managed automatically. That is in terms of different classes or types of pay they deserve or are liable to receive. 

Track project constraints for estimating the cost.

We know that every hour is punched into the system when one is using the uKnowva HRMS. This on-cloud and the fully automated system helps project managers to estimate the constraints involved.

Every project will give them insights to learn from. They recognize the weaker and the stronger candidate or employees in their teams. Accordingly, they will assign tougher projects to the more responsible employee. That is when even their TAT is faster than others. 

Otherwise, project managers know each task or activity and the duration to complete the same. That way, they can estimate all the project tasks limiting its scope. 

It is then up to the project managers to eliminate or upgrade the process execution. We can say, the overall implementation of the timesheet software helps managers meet deadlines. 

The system works as the charter to highlight the delays beforehand. As a result, it is easier for managers to reallocate human resources to prevent disappointing the client. 

Reduce the cost of data and project management.

An HR software like uKnowva has all the features of managing time well. That is with the help of the timesheet reminders and management tool. Employees get automated alerts to fill up their timesheets and complete tasks. 

They can input their details daily about every completed project and task. This report helps fund managers of each project to cut down costs of the physical maintenance of project records. 

They can keep the record of each assigned and completed project completely online or digital. This will drastically reduce the cost of maintaining data warehouses. Whenever managers are maintaining project details, the records are free from bias or negligence. 

The data is safe because of automated backups and limited access to the entire project details. 


A timesheet software helps project managers in multiple ways, including the five points above. Reading those points, you will recognize the importance and implementation of timesheets.

Organizations and employees can be more disciplined and responsible using a timesheet management tool. It’s an easy and transparent process to bill your clients rightly using such a tool. Moreover, it reduces the cost of maintaining the records safely, securely, and regularly. 


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