Advantages of Self Study by Staying Away from Plagiarism

Self-study is an awesome way of studying where student becomes free to study as he or she wishes and is absolutely boundary free to gather knowledge as much as he/she has the capacity to learn but usually it is found that students start their self-study in enthusiasm but being a procrastinator and lazy they could not proceed with hard work and efforts in self-study and being compelled they start doing plagiarism which is a kind of theft of literature. Let’s understand how a student can have advantages of self- study and can escape from plagiarism respectively. These days so many facilities are available for the students to learn and to gather knowledge that they don’t need assistance from anybody else. ERP for school also supports self-study of the students. That’s why libraries are there so that if students are stuck on any topic like ERP full form, then they can search all the details of it.

Self-study is a method of study where the learner is responsible for his study himself/herself completely. This type of learning happens outside of the classroom and that too without any supervision of mentors or teachers. Self-learning or self-study is the best way to make students take interest in learning and enhancing their learning experience. The most interesting fact of self-learning is that students can control their own learning schedule and can learn or study according to their interest and need. Students when they study on their own then they come to discover a lot of matter which even their tutors can’t search and deliver to them because they have to complete their course only whereas students have to search the updated content which can enhance their knowledge level and their information level according to their curriculum and syllabus. 

Usually, learners are treated as freshers everywhere due to their lack of experience. So, in such a situation when students start self-study which is completely based on their skills where they don’t take any assistance from anyone or from any mentor then this motivates and encourages them to trust themselves and discover new sources of knowledge. But often being stressed of hard work students chose plagiarism to complete their academic tasks. Even ERP for school doesn’t allow this. Plagiarism is a practice where one represents somebody else’s work or any other author’s work, idea, language, thoughts and literature as his own which is not right. Students are given such assignments, research papers or academic papers to enhance their thinking power, their literary capabilities and also their creativity to and to transform their own thoughts into a properly written article under which facts are represented properly with the help of proper grammar and without taking help of plagiarism. These activities save students from habit of mugging up and inspire them to become a smart student, for example if students wants to know about ERP full form then instead of copying from other student’s copy he/she will search about it.. such practical activities also increase vocabulary level of students when they have to write their own research/academic paper or assignment that too in their own words then to express their feelings and thoughts, students start using more and more decorative words and new words also to make their writing as much effective as they can.

The best method for students to write their own papers is to use their own imagination and creativity. This becomes a part of their study and later they get benefit of it also in their career. To avoid plagiarism the most effective method is paraphrasing because ideas or thoughts can be limited but words are unlimited and representation styles can also be different. It is like you can take help in matters of ideas and also you can mention sources if you are stating facts or surveys but should not steal the vocabulary, the magical arrangements of sentences because it is somebody’s hard work and stealing it is wrong. While paraphrasing the student should create his own sentences with the help of some new words on the idea he has taken. Everybody learns something from somebody and a student should always be in learning mode. So instead of opting some unethical method a student should use all his creativity and potential to write. This way he can draw the best out of himself. Quotes should be used to specify the sentences particularly taken from another writing and there should be no change in the quotations taken from the original source. Sometimes quotes are so good that they need to be included in the writing so you can include them but with complete respect by mentioning it’s details like source & author’s name. 

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