Battlefield 2042 Tips And Tricks: Use These Hints In BF2042

Battlefield 2042 is an online multiplayer shooter game launched in November 2021. It has gained a considerable fan base quickly, and now, it is among the most played online multiplayer shooting games.

Today, we list down some of the best tips and tricks that you can follow to win the game. These are some of the tricks followed mainly by the pro players. You can also buy Battlefield 2042 hacks to stay ahead of your competition.

SMG’s are best

The updates and patches introduced in the game sometimes make the guns choppy, decreasing their effective range, accuracy, and fire rate. But it is seen at times that SMGs do not lose their dangerousness.

That is why SMGs are the best choice for the players. They have a high fire rate and low recoil, and they are extremely dangerous in close range, and the best SMG available in the game is PP-29.

You can sprint while carrying an SMG; you can also purchase premium skin to increase their lethality further.

Use Vehicles Patiently

It would help if you were very patient in learning to use weapons effortlessly. It would help if you even had even more patience in using the Vehicles. BF 2042 has many complex vehicles like Jets and Helicopters.

Try to get to them as soon as you land, and then fly to a safe spot to continue looting. BF2042 has slightly fewer controls than all other games of this category. But, they are still enough to operate the vehicles effectively.

Be Careful While Spawning

Respawning is a very delicate matter in BF2042. If you are playing breakthrough or conquer mode, you should land close to any fight. But, at the same time, you also need to be careful that you do not land too close to a battle to be killed instantly.

You also unlock spawning beacons at level 16, which gives you more control, and you can direct your squad at an optimal distance from the raging battles.

Use Plus System

It would help if you tried to make the most of the available plus system of weapon customization. It takes some practice to get the best controls fulfilling your needs. But once you have set up your most favorable layout in the game, you can switch to it in the mid-game whenever you want.

Make sure you spend time optimizing your controls using the plus system and make the most of your commands.

Stick Together with Your Team

It does not matter which mode you are playing; this is the best thing you can do to increase your winning odds. If you stick with your team, then the probability of killing an enemy increases.

Also, you can get the supplies of healing kits and ammo abundantly. If you get stormed by an enemy squad and stay alone at that time, you will die for sure.

But staying with your team not only makes you efficient, but it also puts the enemy under pressure.

Listen to Your Squad Leader

Although you have a massive team of 64 players, the game automatically divides you into smaller teams of 4. It also assigns the role of squad leader randomly to a teammate.

So, throughout the game, make sure that you are listening to your squad leader and keeping things orderly and straightforward in the squad. Play the role assigned to you and keep covering your teammates from enemy fire.

You will get a bonus and XP at the end of the game for keeping things orderly and assisting your teammates in the kills.

Keep Practicing

As with everything else, continuous practicing will make you well acquainted with the maps to get an idea of the best-looking spots. In that way, you can get good weapons early in the game and terrorize your enemies.

Also, you get in the habit of fighting in close range with the enemy, so you don’t panic when your enemies surround you. With practice, you also get the idea of the most suitable layout for you, and thus, you can play swiftly and effortlessly.


These were some of the best tips and tricks that you can follow to excel in battlefield 2042. Use these tips mentioned above to play the game like a pro. Happy gaming!

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