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Become an Insider of It Project Management in the Next 120 Seconds

Project Management

Do you want to start your career in project management by knowing all the pintucked details or do you want to change your current job?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place then. 

Project management entails managing and completing a project, which could be a daunting task. There are a plethora of project variations that you may need to deal with. Each project has its own challenges while having tight deadlines and high expectations.

Sounds like a fit for you?

In this article, we will discuss the nitty-gritty of project management. Continue reading to learn A-Zs of project management. 

What is project management? 

Steering a project from its inception till its lifecycle needs to be done progressively. Going through the entire procedure and changing things accordingly is known as project management. This process includes managing, planning, and developing the projects within its peripheral. 

There are project developers who deliver the product/service. On the other hand, managers handle the entire project management. They take on the responsibility of proper communication to keep the projects up and running. 

In a nutshell, the goal of project management is to finish a project within the established goals of budget, time, and quality. The life-cycle of project management starts once the project is initiated and ends when the project gets completed or terminated in between. 

Why is project management essential?

Project management can stimulate productivity, followed by improving the entire project transparency and providing a clear vision. It can bring new advantages to the table-

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better quality output
  • Efficient management of resources 
  • Improved communication 
  • Retrospective learning 
  • Improved morale of the entire team 

Phases of project management 

Project management phases include different behaviors, tasks, and skill sets which are important for creating successful projects. 


This phase marks the starting of a project by determining the objectives including checking the feasibility and the things needed to complete a project. However, outputs of this phase need stakeholder approvals to proceed to the next phase. The project should also be viable for the team and the company as well. The personnel associated with the initiation phase should confirm the allotted time and resources before moving forward for the next phase. 


It is a collaborative effort between a project manager and the team. It involves setting the budgets, identifying risks, and setting the goals accordingly. A roadmap could help you to plan the goals which will help to run the projects mellifluously throughout the project life cycle.  


This phase includes deliverables for the specific project. Project managers play a pivotal role in delegating tasks and keeping communication open among the other team members. There are few team collaboration software which is used to ensure everyone is on the same page. However, the project manager needs to revisit the entire project plan as it may experience changes during the development phase. 

Monitoring and control 

During this stage, the cost, time, and performance are compared with other stages. Required adjustments are made to the project activities and resources to keep things up and running. Outputs include project progress reports along with other communications to ensure adherence to project plans. It will prevent disruptions related to deadlines. 


The closure phase begins once a project is complete. In this phase, all work should be completed and approved. Consequently, it is also essential to take the time and review current lessons learned during the project. This phase is crucial as it empowers the entire team to review and improve future working methodology. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a project manager? 

If you are looking for project management jobs, then you should know how to communicate with the other team members of an organization. You need to work closely with the team members, followed by initiating the discussions and monitoring the work closely. As the pandemic has already caused the disruption, working remotely is the new trend. On that note, remote project management jobs are the present-day drift. 

  • Assigning tasks to team members-

To determine the roles and responsibilities, the role of a project manager is undeniable. To be precise, they are the go-to person of an entire team. A project manager should understand the team’s capability. Based on that they would fix the goal and assign tasks accordingly. 

  • Tracking progress –

Once the project starts, the professionals should track the team performance, budget, and how well the project can meet the goals. Project managers may use the project management software to keep track of all the things. 

  • Ensuring proper functionality of a project-

The ultimate goal of a functional project is to deliver a product that is aligned with the consumer’s needs. As the project managers are the first point of contact; roles and responsibilities should maintaine accordingly. 

Bottom line 

Now that you have a glut of information about project management, you may feel overwhelmed with the same. Instead of trudging through the information, go through each point separately and take note if possible. In turn, it will help you to stay informative while applying for new project manager jobs. 

We have a few recommendations for you that will reinforce your job search. 

  1.  CognoAI

They’re a an omnichannel Cloud Communication-as-a-Service platform in Mumbai, that uses a combination of ChatBots, cobrowsing, video calling. Right now, they’ve an opening for an IT project manager, you can apply on their LinkedIn page. 

  1.   Wipro

An industry leader in delivering software solutions across different verticals, currently they’re seeking ITIL Incident Mgmt-Project Manager in Mumbai. They can be a great choice for professionals looking to kickstart their career.

  1. CodeClouds

With 500+ global employees CodeClouds is an award-winning web development, eCommerce and design company. Now hiring for many roles, they’re a great place to work in-sync with industry experts. So, if you are looking for project manager jobs in Kolkata, feel free to apply with them.

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