Benefits Of Dual Facing Dash Cams For Fleets

Dual-facing dash cams are extremely helpful in these situations, as they show the road and the perspective of drivers during an accident. This is vital in cases where drivers are wrongly accused of misconduct.

With the data provided by dual dash cams, you stay ahead of false claims and can acquit your driver with proof of innocence. Also, such unbiased evidence shortens lengthy legal processes and minimizes fines to be paid. 

You get to defend your company’s reputation and drivers if legal battles ensue since relevant footage can be accessed on-demand.

For example, if someone accuses your employee of risky behaviour, you can prove otherwise. 

Benefits Of Dual Facing Dash Cams For Fleets

Ward off vehicle theft and repossess assets:

Commercial vehicle theft is a major problem. Fortunately, dual dash cams can help your fleet ward off theft, consequently saving money that would have been spent on repair or replacement. 

Productivity and customer satisfaction can be maintained, and cargo, assets, or other expensive equipment will be under surveillance.

In the event of theft, law enforcement can be alerted and assist in the vehicle tracking system down to the criminals responsible. If a thief breaks into a vehicle, you’ll have video evidence of the entire event, even if the offender never starts the vehicle. 

These cams with a two-sided real-time view provide you with the real-time live location of the fleets and ensure that your fleets and drivers can be reached out for help in any case of accident or robbery.

Efficient management of insurance claims:

With dual-facing dash cams installed in your fleet, you get access to clear and related footage from both inside and outside the vehicle. 

This will help in settling insurance claims efficiently since there will be proof of what happened before and after any dangerous incident, accident, or robbery.

Any questions surrounding the claim will be answered without a doubt, as opposed to normal front-facing dash cams, where questions can be raised about the driver’s negligence.

This leads to less time spent on recovering from losses after an accident. It’s also worth noting that many insurance companies offer discounts for installing safety equipment like dash cams. 

Decrease in maintenance costs: 

Advanced dual dash cam systems can even help in monitoring vehicle health. 

For example, in many cases, the wear and tear costs can touch sky-high prices because of the careless behavior of the driver

Mostly drivers use reckless driving practices while running fleets for others, they do not keep in mind the high prices of wear and tear .

These cams will not only keep a check on the driver’s behavior and driving but will encourage him/her by notifications and proper reports to increase his driving skills. As a result, this will save a lot of wear and tear costs in the long run.

Summing it up

With all these practical advantages, we believe that dual-facing dash cams are investments that are worth making, as they will definitely help your fleet reach new heights of success. 

Your team might be concerned as it may appear to be a breach of driver privacy, but once they see the benefits themselves, they’ll be supportive of the product. Dual-facing dash cams are the way ahead in the area of fleet management system.

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