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10 Best Foot Massager In India | Top Picks Of 2023

Relax ..!!! Relax…!!! Relax…!!! If you looking for something which can remove your tiredness and can provide relaxation to your legs then you should buy a Foot Massager. If I will take example no matter I will do physical or mental work still my legs get exhausted every day and when I come back to home I badly want some therapy or massage for my legs but as you know it is not possible to go parlor or to some therapist every day to get some relaxing massage for my legs so I decide to buy my permanent therapist which is my all-time favorite Foot Massager.

When I was looking for Best Foot Massager for myself I came to know that there is a humongous range of Leg & Foot Massager available in India. You just have to be aware of your requirements and budget before going to buy a Foot Massager so I have prepared the list of Best Foot Massager in India.

Foot Massager is honestly worth investing because at the end of the hectic day you must need relaxing sleep. I have listed the best Foot Massage machines available in the market as per the brand, budget, and features. Down below I have listed electric foot massager along with other best options for you. It is very important to stay fit and healthy so just to save your time you can have a quick look below for a list of best foot massagers brands in India before that please check the benefits and buying guide for a foot massager.

Having a Foot Massager at your home is beneficial for everyone in your family from a small child to the old age person because everyone can use it and get the benefits. If you are looking for something to gift someone then this can be one of the best options. Specially for old age people, it is very useful. I will recommend you to buy it as you will going to use it daily. To get some relaxation or to remove your pain now you don’t have to go for an expensive spa treatment or to the therapist if you have Foot Massager at your home.

In the market, we have a leg and foot massager machine along with the spa feature so you have to be specific with your requirements so that you can buy the right Foot Massager Machine. I have studied lots of best foot massager options from low to high price and picked some best Foot Massager from them so that maximum people can buy it as per their budget and requirements.

Now let’s start quickly to check what all are the major benefits of Foot Massager so based on that you can decide whether it is a good product for you to buy or not.

Foot Massager Benefits:

Provide Relaxation: After a very busy and hectic day, you can get a relaxing massager for your foot at your home and start your next morning with a fresh mood and full of energy.

Decrease Body Pain: With the help of massager it releases your pain and provide relief not just your foot but to the whole body.

Better Blood Circulation: It helps to regulate your blood circulation. It is good for everyone but especially for them who have very little foot movement.

Help for Better Sleep: It provides relaxation and removes pain so you can have good sleep.

For Good Mood and Remove depression: For good Mood, you should be in a good physical condition so by removing the pain and by providing you proper relaxation and sleep your mood will always be super fantastic and energetic.

Maintain Good Feet and Health: To take care of your legs is very important so with the help of the Foot Massager machine your legs will get all care.

Decrease the Swelling: By massaging it removes the swelling and it is especially recommended during the pregnancy to reduce the effect of edema.

Saving Of Time and Money: Having a foot massager at home is a full saving of time and money. You don’t have to visit the parlour and take an appointment neither you have to pay charges again and again.

Above mention benefits are quick major points. It is the deal towards better health and life. Now before going to chose the best foot massager machine for yourself lets memories some buying guides so that you can buy the best Foot Massager.

Buying Guide:

Design: You have two options: Open Design Foot Massager & Close Design Foot Massager. Open Design is used for massaging on feet only. Close Design is used for massaging on foot, calf, and ankle. Now you can select the design as per your requirement.

Size: It is not about how much space foot massager will going to accommodate but it is about how much space your feet going to accommodate as some massager can accommodate foot size up to 14 while others can fit up to 10 size of foot.

Easy to use: From the small child to the aged person everyone will going to use it so make sure it should be easy to use and comfortable to operate.

Features for Massaging: It comes with various massaging techniques and features like Oscillating Technique, Air Pressure Massage, Kneading Massage, Shiatsu Massage.

Heat: This is one of the most demanding features but this is not available in all the foot massager machines. It will helpful for blood circulation and gives you deep relaxation.

Massage Application: It is a very important factor to check as it determines how much of your leg will be in foot massager at a time. You have 3 Options that is Foot Application, Foot and Ankle, and Foot, Ankle, Calf.

Life of Machine: Do not use the foot massager by standing over it. Always sit and then put your legs inside it. Overweight might can damage the machine. Although manufacturers use good quality material but still it is our responsibility to handle it with care.

10 Best Foot Massager In India | Top Picks

Best Foot Massager In IndiaCheck Price
1. JSB HF05 Foot Massager Check Price
2. HealthSense LM 310 Check Price
3. Agaro Foot & Calf Massager Check Price
4. JSB Hf72 Leg Massager Check Price
5. Dr. Physio Shiatsu Electric Check Price
6. Lifelong LLM99 Massager Check Price
7. Robotech Pedilax Massager Check Price
8. Hesley LUX-1 Massager Check Price
9. Health Sense Foot Massager Check Price
10. Quantico Qt Reflex 6 in 1 Check Price

Given Rankings Are Not Valid Its Just Sequence.

1. JSB Leg & Foot Massager HF05

  • Foot, Ankle and Calf at the same time
  • Recline up to 45 degree
  • 4 Independent Motors
  • Heat and Rollers


As the Tagline says “ Striving Hard for your Food Health!”. JSB delivers amazing products for health care so here we are with one of the best leg and foot massager. It helps you to improve blood circulation and removing muscle pain.

It can massage Foot, Ankle, Heel, and Calf at one time so you feel super relax and calm. Its foot reflexology acupressure massaging feature will help for better blood circulation and relieves tired foot muscles.

It is so powerful when we talk about performance because of 4 independent heavy-duty copper motor which also increases its durability. All ages people can use it and enjoy the benefits of better health.

As this foot massager machine introduced by JSB which provides 1-year JSB national warranty for the better reliability also the services are quite good.

2. HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager

  • 3 Intensity Levels
  • Touch LED Control Panel
  • Far Infrared Heating
  • 360 Degree Pivot Angle


HealthSense is an Indian brand that completely focuses on health and personal care. It design the product to provide better health with affordable price and quality. HealthSense LM310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager is very well designed by considering the requirements of their clients.

You can enjoy the foot massage without moving anywhere as it comes with a smart and easy wireless remote. It has an amazing Touch-LED Control Panel with amazing functionality which you can operate effortlessly. This Foot Massager comes with a four-grade massage system that can rotate 360 degrees to provide you relaxing massage from all angles.

This is not just a Foot Massager because you can use it to massage your calf and hand as well. Its remote frequency is 1.5 mtr and weight is 5-6 KGs. It is not just loaded with good features and technology but also the power-packed motor and heavy-duty ABS material makes it more strong and durable. For their customer reliability, it offers 1 Year warranty too.

3. Agaro Foldable Foot and Calf Massager

  • 3 Preset Presser Options
  • Air Compression Kneading Massage
  • Massage in Various Combinations
  • Touch LED Display


Agaro Foldable Foot and Calf Massager is one of the best Foot Massager online in India. This Foot Massager helps to provide you all relief and comfort. You can use this Foot Massager Machine to provide soothing to your feet, ankles, and calves or any two various combinations.

The best part of this Foot Massager is Foldable Design which occupies less space and provides various comforts. It comes with an infrared heat therapy technique which is not common.

This Foot Massager Machine gives you flexibility. You can adjust the Kneading Massage and Vibration Therapy as per your need as both have 3 modes.

It has friendly touch buttons and Led display so that you can easily operate the Leg and Foot Massager. To provide you with complete relaxation it comes with bi-directional rolling massage. It is inbuilt with a 15-minute cycle with auto shut off.

4. JSB Hf72 Leg and Foot Massager

  • Full Calf, Leg, and Foot Massager
  • 3 mode of Kneading Massage on Feet
  • Comfortable U shaped Design
  • Recline up to 45 Degree


JSB is one of the best foot massager brand in India. This brand is serving to their client for more than 35 Years with its amazing products and quality service. It has introduced JSB Hf72 Leg and Foot Massager to provide amazing health care to you.

This is best suitable for tall people. It is full calf, leg, and foot massager which covers the entire calves area for massaging. You can also adjust up to 3 modes as per your need for vibration and Kneading.

When we talk about the design again it is well designed considering your comfort. It has a U shaped body so that you can use it while sitting or lying however you feel more comfortable. It comes with an LCD screen that is super comfortable to operate. It has 15 minutes auto cut off time.

5. Dr. Physio Shiatsu Electric Powerful Foot Massager

  • 3D Leg Massage
  • Calf and Foot Massage
  • Heating and Vibration System
  • Removable and Washable Cover


This is a USA based company that makes most imaginative health care products. The Foot Massager introduced by them is one of the best electric leg and foot massager which you can buy for yourself. With affordable prices, it offers lots of great features for your comfort.

It comes with 3 massaging modes: Vibration, Kneading, and Heating which work for you to provide complete relaxation, better blood circulation, helps in relieving muscles. It comes with various massage therapy to provide you proper health care.

Special part is Shiatsu Therapy also know as acupressure in this manual presser applied to specific points on the body to relieve tension and pain. Another part is rubber knee pads for effective massage to your feet, calves, and ankle.

The design is so modern and designed considering most safety measures. It has an anti-slip bottom which enhances the grip also it is easy to clean as it comes with a detachable fabric cover with zip.

6. Lifelong LLM99 Calf and Leg Massager

  • 4 Flexible Kneading Disks
  • Spa-Like Experience
  • Scraping Massage, Rolling Massage, Calf Massage
  • Durable ABS Plastic and TRP Material


Lifelong online is a part of 25 Years old Lifelong group which is well known for its quality product related to Home, Kitchen, Personal Care, and Wellness. This Lifelong Foot and Leg Massager will give you professional-spa like experience with the help of flexible rubber kneading pads.

You can use heat and vibration technology as per your need to massage on your foot and calf. It comes with 4 mode Kneading massage, Vibrating, Rolling, and Heating programs based on reflexology massage therapy to provide you relief.

This is one the best spa foot massager in India to provide you better care for your feet and health. It comes with 15-minutes auto shut off and LED display with touch button. It is specially focused on acupressure points and ergonomic design which targets the sensitive points of the soles.

For your comfort, it comes with an adjustable seating position. It is easy to be as you can remove fabric cover with zip. This affordable foot massager by lifelong has a long life because of the powerful copper motor, ABS plastic, and TRP material.

7. Robotech Pedilax Foot Massager

  • Massage Feet, Calf and Sole
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Great Therapy for Diabetics
  • Low Power Consumption 110v-240v


This world-class, cutting edge lifestyle brand from M/s Bhagyalaxmi Industries offers an iconic range of health care products and one of them is Robotouch Pedilax Foot Massager which heels your pain deep and provides complete relaxation to your body. With so many features but still has very low power consumption.

This Robotouch Foot Massager loaded with 3 points reflexology program which rejuvenates feet, calf, and sole reflex points instantly. During massage it auto pass heat to provide warmth to your muscles which is a very good and demanding feature as it helps to release muscular pain and for better blood circulation. It is easy to clean as it comes with detachable fabric cover.

8. Hesley LUX-1 Leg and Calf Massager Machine

  • Effective Reflexology Massage
  • 12 Deep Kneading Rollers
  • Smart Console for Settings
  • Removable Sleeve Cover


This Luxury series of Foot massager introduced by Hesley offers a luxury feature for your comfort. Just like the features, the design and size are so ideal and convenient to carry. It provides you the therapist like massage by surrounding the feet and calves.

It delivers effective massage with the help of a powerful roller to your feet. The design is so user friendly as it has a tilt angle which matches the body’s ergonomics for your comfort. You can adjust the tilt angle as per the requirement.

It gives you 5 different modes: Auto, feet, shock, leg, heat so that you can relax after the hectic day. You have onboard smart console to customize the massage also it has three different speed settings in each mode. It has very effective kneading massage as it comes with 12 deep-kneading rollers.

9. HealthSense LM 350 Leg and Foot Massager

  • Full Leg Cover from Sole to Knee
  • Air Compression Technology
  • Power Consumption of 95 W
  • Easy Control Panel with Isolated buttons


Here again, I got another foot massager from HelathSense one of the best air pressure foot massager. This Foot Massager comes with amazing features to provide you complete relaxation.

You will going to have different levels of massaging experience with this Foot Massager by HealthSense as it covers your full leg from sole to knee. The best part which makes it different is air compression technology also equipped with shiatsu massage nodes.

It comes with a user-friendly control panel which makes the machine so easy to operate. For safety purposes, it is programmed with 15 minutes massaging cycle to avoid overheat. To give you better experience it comes with far infrared heating for warmer and relaxing massage.

10. Quantico Qt Reflex 6 in 1 Foot and Calf Massager

  • Reflexology Foot Massage Cycle
  • Trigger Point Foot Massager System
  • Maximum Calf Muscle’s Coverage
  • CirQlation Technology


This Foot Massage is one of the best Foot massager available online. This Foot Massager Machine will help to improve blood circulation, enhance sleep quality, and speed up metabolism.

This Foot Massager is loaded with lots of amazing features for you and one of them is reflexology foot massage cycle it performs reflexology therapy massage over nearly every inch of your foot.

It comes with shock and electromagnetic wave massage which helps to balance sodium and potassium levels in the body. The Trigger Point Foot Massage System focuses on the important points on the feet with a 3D roller system.

You can use this massager to the various parts as it can massage to the upper and lower calf muscles. This foot massager machine is so technically well designed. To improve backward blood flow it is equipped with calf rollers.

Foot compression pads help to sore feet, ankle and heels fibromyalgia. To heal pain and swelling you have rolling massager. Kneading Pads helps calf muscles to release all pain.

It comes with an LED display that you can comfortably view and operate while massaging. Its portable handle makes it more convenient to use and carry. Let me also tell you the little bit about 4 auto shock massage wellness programs that is Shiatsu U1, Shiatsu U2, Relax, and U3 Refresh.


So now I am feeling quite relaxed after sharing the details of the best foot massagers in India with you. It is very important to take care of your and families health. If your mood would be good only then you can work more with a positive attitude.

We work so hard for better health and lifestyle of our families and ourselves but it is tough to get the time to have some relax from the day to day hectic schedule. At the end of the day, we all feel so tried no matter you are an office going or housewife or any old age person so the Foot Massager will going to solve your problem and can provide you deep relaxation at your home only.

Now you have lots of options for the best foot massager in India listed above. You can select any one from the above which best suits your requirements and enjoy stress-free, pain-free relaxed sleep every night. You can use it during your office or at home because it is so easy to handle.

Buying Foot Massager is worth investing because everyone can use it in your family to get relax, better blood circulation, release muscle pain, better sleep, and plenty more health benefits. To get these benefits we generally have to visit Parlor, Therapist, or some expensive Spa once in a month or a week depends on the time from our busy schedule but to have Foot Massager at your home will like having a personal Therapist at your home. It is a time investment then you can enjoy the services for the longest period.

For good durability please do follow the precaution like do not stand on Foot Massager, Choose the right speed, Clean it will be slow with infrared and heat massager.

Best Foot Massager in India Questions and Answers   

Question: Types of Foot Massager available?

Answer:  2 Types of Foot Massager: Manual Foot Massager and Electric Foot Massager.

Question: How Foot Massager works?

Answer: Foot Massager machine provides a deep massage to your sole, feet, and calves with the help of rollers and kneading disks.

Question: How to use Foot Massager?

Answer:  You should first read out the instruction book which you will receive along with the foot massager. In general first always find a comfortable sitting position for yourself and then put your feet inside the massager because mostly massager designed to keep the feet inside the machine and in some cases you have to put your feet on the massager.

Question: How to use homedics foot and calf massager? 

Answer: Homedics massager has 6 rotating heads. You can put the feet on the heads and plug in the machine, it will rotate in a circular motion. Without putting your feet off you can move your feet easily. You have 2 options heat and no heat so you can choose any one of them.

Question: How to use a foot bath massager?

Answer: It works basically with the help of water and vibration of massaging rollers. You have to fill it with water as per the occupancy of foot massager then slowly place the feet into the water and then you can customize the vibration as per the requirement.

Question: Which is the best foot massager in India?

Answer: There is a huge range of foot massagers available in the market, to buy perfect foot massager you should be aware of your requirements and you will get what you want. As per the market, the most demanding foot massagers are JSB and lifelong.

Question: Which is the best foot massager to buy?

Answer: From the huge range you can select anyone as per the budget and features you are looking for.

Question: Where I can buy foot massager?

Answer: You can buy the foot massager online and offline both but there is lots of good brands you will get online at an affordable price.

Question: Which is the best foot and calf massager?

Answer: You have to select the budget and brand as per that you can go with the foot and calf massager belong to JSB, Lifelong, Robotouch, HealthSense, or any other good brand.

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