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Energy-efficient Ways to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine

A fully automatic washing machine is a necessary home appliance. You can get the best fully automatic washing machine in India from all the leading brands. But do you know that washing machines consume a significant amount of electricity? Therefore, you should wisely choose a machine that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket with electricity bills.

The following points can serve as your checklist while looking for a new fully automatic washing machine:-

  • Is it energy-efficient? Check the ratings.
  • Is the list of features according to your need? Go through the features list carefully.
  • Is the spin speed correct? A spin of more than 1400 rpm consumes more energy.
  • Is the drum size appropriate? A bigger drum size needs more electricity.

We are sure you will choose the best machine after going through these criteria. And if you want to pay for your desired machine in instalment, you can apply for MoneyTap’s personal loan. You can get it online instantly in easy instalments.

Another way of saving your electricity bill to a certain extent is knowing how to use a washing machine properly. Here are some tips:-

Energy-efficient Ways to Use Fully Automatic Washing Machine

  • Optimum Use of Washer

When you use a washer in a high spin, you can wash your clothes in less time. The machine uses less energy in a limited time. A lot of moisture is sucked out of your clothes in a high spin. This also saves the extra work which your dryer needs to do to dry your clothes.

Also, your fully automatic washing machine uses less power by washing lighter day-to-day clothes separately from bulky ones like towels and woollens.

  • Optimum Use of Dryer

A fully loaded dryer takes more time and ultimately more power to dry your clothes. And dropping only a few clothes for drying mean using more power per cloth. That is also a waste of energy. Therefore the dryer of the machine should be filled with correct capacity, not more, not less.

You can even skip the dryer if the weather is dry and hot. Air-drying your clothes in the sun doesn’t take much time in such weather.

  • Right Quantity and Type of Detergent

The detergent also makes a lot of difference. It is a misconception that more detergent gives you a cleaner wash. An additional quantity of detergent does no good to the clothes. On the contrary, it can be harmful to the fabric.

Excessive detergent also hinders the performance and efficiency of your machine’s internal parts. You can also try eco-friendly alternatives like soap nuts for less dirty laundry.

  • Maintenance and Servicing

Proper and timely maintenance is the key to increase the lifespan of any equipment. A fully automatic washing machine is no exception. Get your pump filter cleaned every 2-4 months. Also, check the maintenance of the water inlet in 6-8 months.

Overall regular servicing works wonder for the proper functioning of the washing machine. Putting a decaling agent in your laundry is also a good idea.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing the right machine and knowing how to use the washing machine correctly is crucial. We hope that the information provided in this article helps you in decreasing your energy expenses.

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