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How do I choose top bookkeepers?


A bookkeeper is vital for any business- big or small. They handle the financials effortlessly and serve as trusted professionals who guide and advise the business to reach new heights. Choosing top bookkeepers is vital for any business, irrespective of its size. like one of the top bookkeepers in the industry Darcy Services points out “There are a lot of factors that determine this choice”. Let us evaluate it in detail.

Ingredients of a Good Bookkeeping Service:

Once you make up your mind to hire a bookkeeper for your company, the next step is to determine if you wish to hire a full-time accountant or outsource the bookkeeping services to take care of all the related tasks.  

You need to evaluate certain issues like the location of the bookkeeper you hire, are they local, are they aware of the financial needs of the business, are they trained to use the accounting software, the fee charged for the services, can they help reduce the tax burden, will they assist in the business to grow, the experience they carry, and much more.

Choosing the Best Bookkeeper:

There are specific points that need to be kept in mind while choosing a bookkeeper:

1. Look for relevant experience

Every business owner needs a bookkeeper who has relevant experience and can guide you with the monthly bank transactions, credit card reconciliations, set up the account payable and receivables list, help in payroll processing, carry out needed audits, compute the tax and file returns on time, get the year-end financials ready, know the use of accounting software, and has a rich experience in the sector.

An experienced bookkeeper will help understand different challenges faced by the business. They will be capable of handling your financial needs and helping the business grow.

2. Take the help of local associations

The government and local financial associations are ready to support growing businesses. These local associations like the Industry association or the Chamber of Commerce can also give you references of good bookkeepers for your business. They have a list of advisors that can be relevant for your business. These local associations and organizations help to network with a good bookkeeping service.

3. Seek Referrals

While choosing and searching for a professional bookkeeper who knows the job accurately, the best option is to think of someone known to you. You must seek referrals from your friends & family who run businesses and get recommendations for the desired bookkeeping services. Their feedback can be trusted, and you can compare the listed options before finalizing a bookkeeper.

4. Post requirements on social media

Social Media provides you with an extensive network to search from. LinkedIn proves to be a great professional networking site. You must reach out on LinkedIn to search for connections and get the desired bookkeeping professional recommended on this social media platform. A Facebook community is another good option to find a bookkeeping service. You get to know about the bookkeeper’s background, qualifications, experience, and specializations through these platforms.

5. Find someone who becomes a trusted financial advisor

Bookkeeping services are a lot more than simple reconciliation of business accounts or payroll management. Bookkeeping professionals are like trusted financial partners. They assist in growing the business and focus on the financial aspects.


A professional bookkeeper is essential for the growth of the business. They form an integral part of day-to-day business transactions and manage the business finances. Finding the perfect bookkeeper is an important decision taken after great thought. You need to appoint someone you trust and have the necessary experience. They will partner to drive success for your business.

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