MC060602 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Review 2022

Many people dream of iPhone items whether it’s the phone, watch, laptop or anything iPhone wins the heart of people. But when we buy something in that series, it’s not always true that every feature of that is always according to the needs. There may be some defects, unwanted features that can be unsatisfying as well as some features that meet the demand of the people.  You may also need an iPhone 12 Pro max cases to keep your phone safe.

In 2022, iPhone 12 Pro Max has launched which can definitely win the heart of many users. Apart from this, you can find attractive iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases that add plus value to this phone. When you are spending money then, it’s better to check the review of that item so that you will always get the best thing in your hand. It is the best idea to see the reviews and comments on different sites.

Now it’s time to talk about iPhone 12 Pro Max review 2022 which is the best and most expensive iPhone released ever yet. So, without waiting any longer take a deep dive into this article to extract a more meaningful information related to this topic. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max Speed 

Positive Review: 

If we talk about the speed of the iPhone 12 Pro Max you will never be disappointed as different types of heavy applications like genish impact, marvel future, etc, you can use. iPhone 12 can manage the latest operating system so you can expect that it will receive the software updates without any issues. So you can go for it. 

Negative Review

While playing for a long time it doesn’t get heated up due to which you will not get to know whether it needs to put down the phone or not. Another negative point is that for protecting your eyes, the brightness slows down which may be sometimes annoying for many viewers who do many works on their phones.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

Today the first thing that everyone notices while buying a phone is the camera. Whether it’s android or iPhone everyone exacts that the cameras must be best according to their budget. Same thing people are expecting from iPhone 12 Pro Max. So here are the features of the camera that one will get.

Positive Reviews:

  • Tripe cameras on the back 
  • LiDAR Scanner
  • You can take the best portrait photos with this sensor.
  • You will get the best zooming quality with iPhone 12 Pro Max with no quality issues.
  • The maximum optical zoom is 5x, only just less than the 6x optical zoom of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • There are various finishes that come in this category including Silver, gold, blue, and graphite. 

Negative Review

  • These features you can enjoy in the mini version also i.e. iPhone 12 Pro. So if it will not be worth spending money just for the camera.
  • There is a low light photography issue which could be better wth iPhone 12 Pro Max but it’s very disheartening that you will not get more updated features of the camera in this version.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen

Positive Review:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max has an OLED screen of 60 Hz. It will be very easy to do the movement on the screen. 
  • HDR Display will be there for a smooth touch
  • 2778-by-1284-pixel resolution

Negative Review

  • You will not find the promotion screen this is the main problem with this series of iPhones. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery 

The battery is one of the most important features that everyone sees. Who will like a phone whose battery drains easily in only some hours? I think no one will like it. Here are battery specifications:

Positive Review

  • The capacity is 3687 mAh
  • There is wireless charging so it will be easy for you to charge from anywhere
  • 6.7-inch, 1284 x 2778, 60 Hz OLED display
  • RAM Contribution is 128 GB + 6 GB

Negative Review

  • Battery drains out easily
  • There is a low charging efficiency problem with this iPhone 12 pro max
  • The phone will charge slowly when it gets reach 80%. 

Final Thoughts

This article has covered both the positive and negative reviews of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With the new prices, everything is a little bit more complicated because there is occasionally a difference of under 100 euros between the new iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. And in such a situation, purchasing a new device makes more sense. But now it’s up to you to choose this phone or not. After having enough thought and a satisfactory review you can buy this phone otherwise you may switch to another mini version that has many more features that this iPhone does not meet. 


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