Play Spartan slot game online at Mega888 online casino

The majority of what we know about Ancient Sparta comes from a film with a notorious line that has been shouted on several drunken nights. Although we cannot prevent you from uttering this sentence, it is not required to play Spartan by Spade Gaming. This specific slot machine from the same manufacturer has the same design layout as their popular Shougen War, thus the gameplay and rules are extremely comparable. This also implies that if you loved the last historical-themed exercise, you would likely enjoy this one as well.

It is possible to leap out of your skin due to the 50 winlines and the escalating clash of noises whenever a win is scored, therefore turn down the volume during your gameplay. Due to the large number of paylines, combos are formed more frequently than in typical slot machines, resulting in a frequent sound of triumph. Spartan slot game is the top trending slot game on Mega888 online casino.

Slot features of Spartan online slot game.

The scatter symbols in this game come in the form of Spartan soldiers eager to fight and charge. Spinning the reel gives off the impression of choosing soldiers to build your army for combat. Each correct selection will result in free spins and wonderful combo multipliers that come with a huge payout. However, this is the limit of the bonus rounds, thus there is not much volatility when playing Spartan; the wild can extend and double wins, but it never activates another special feature. In a game of Spartan slots at Mega888, the wild symbol may expand over entire reels and boost the winnings of the players. A scenario such as this can only occur on the second and fourth reels, but it has a higher frequency of occurring than it sounds. Within the span of three spins, we encountered it twice, demonstrating the main game’s rather low volatility. To activate the wild’s doubling feature, it must substitute for two symbols, excluding the scatter symbol. Even though there were additional hoops to jump through, we discovered that the wild doubled awards as frequently as it expanded, making it one of the most lucrative tiles in the game.

SpadeGaming brings great games to Mega888 online casino

Spade Gaming is similar to other slot machine manufacturers in that it offers gamble alternatives; however, the structure of this extra feature makes Spade Gaming’s option stand out. In slot games provided by Spade Gaming, multipliers can exceed 2x, and can go up to 10x if the player is lucky. Spade Gaming slots are so popular at Mega888 for exactly this reason, they provide an interesting take on slot games. The mechanics of their slot games are never simple, they always manage to put a spin on things to give it more features, so that the replay value of their slot games are higher than average. If we look at the Spartan slot game for example, players will be delighted to find that the random jackpot may be won during the free games.Even though the outcome is only confined to one single round, the payout is worth it as the rewards are incredible. The ultimate goal of the Spartan slot game is to get the crystal jackpot which comes with the most lucrative rewards.

Why Mega888?

First off, the customer service personnel are fantastic and unmatched when it comes to the one yous you find at Mega888 online casino Malaysia. If you have any issues with your MEGA888 login, you will receive the necessary assistance to resolve the issue. You have access to help around-the-clock, allowing you to rapidly resolve any issues. All players are encouraged to try out the Mega888 gaming platform because they are rapidly becoming one of the leading brands in online casino Asia. It is expected to find  a far broader gaming experience at Mega888 online casino when compared to some of its competitors, here players will have access to a greater variety of slot games.

A unique user experience at Mega888 online casino

If you wish to check out Spartan slot games, head on over to Mega888 online casino Malaysia and create an account. Mega888 online casino is an online casino that satisfies the contemporary expectations for speed, simplicity, friendliness, and security. If you are seeking for a new online casino to call home, you should give it a try. With such diversity and a vast library of games, you will never become bored with their choices. For many Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, and Indonesian players, this is the ideal starting point for beginners seeking for a reliable online gaming platform to spend time on.

How safe is MEGA888 online casino Malaysia?

Online casino scams are rampant in the Asian online casino scene, this is why Mega888 will always remain as the safe haven for online casino fans in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Mega888 is among the safest online casinos in Asia, with dedicated software to protect user login ID and information, privacy plus personal data. Mega888 is an online casino that is licensed and legit. With 128-bit encryption, all Mega888 players can rest confident that all of your data is secure. There is no reason to mistrust the authenticity or caliber of the MEGA888 online casino. In terms of security, they accomplish all that would be expected. Check out Mega888 Tips here  to increase your winning rate.


Mega888  is an excellent site to play if you’re a huge lover of slot machines. If you’re looking for a change of pace, they also offer a decent selection of different table games and miscellaneous games. If you’re in the mood for a little social contact while you play, they also offer a selection of live dealer games. Overall, we were really happy with what Mega888 had to offer slot players. If table games are your primary passion, you might want to consider other possibilities if you enjoy esoteric games. The fact that Spartan Slots is accessible to the majority of Asian online casino community, especially in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, is one of its many advantages. There are no listed nations that are prohibited from playing on the service, which likely contributes significantly to its rising popularity. 

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