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Best Earphones Under Rs 500 2019 ( Updated )

best earphones under 500 rs
Written by Yuvraj Kore

Want to buy new best earphone under 500 rs? and having a lot of confusion which earphone has better features, sound quality, and bass quality? if your answer is yes then you landed in the right place, because we mention here is the best earphones list under 500 rs.

Music is the most lovable factor in our life, who make us happy, free and stressless. Music lovers always search for the best earphones under their budget as well as quality earphones.

There are so many earphones available in the market but not all earphones provide the desirable quality as you think, only the factors like bass, brand, manufacturing quality and product trust able to satisfy your needs.

How To Choose Best Earphone ( Buying Guide )

  • What Is Your Budget?

The main thing to buy earphone is that is your budget factor before you buy any earphone, you have to set your budget first.

  • Quality And Other Specifications

After deciding the price for your desired earphone, you have to look at the specification that comes with the earphone, bass quality, sound quality, and the earphones and the most important thing durability of the earphone.

  • Connectivity

Before buying any earphone, make sure it perfectly supports wireless connectivity if the budget is 1000 rs, and micro USB 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5mm audio jack connectivity if your budget is less than 1000rs.

  • Os Support

Some special earphones are made only for special operating systems like iOS, Windows, and Android, so make sure that your earphone is fully compatible with your device and smartphone.

  • Brand

The brand is the factor where people are attracted more towards any type of product, so try to buy earphones which has more productive brand value in front of the general public.

Best Earphones Under 500 Rs

  1. BoAt BassHeads 225
  2. Sound One 616
  3. BoAt BassHeads 100
  4. Mi Basic
  5. RealMe Earbuds
  6. Ant audio w56
  • BoAt BassHeads 225

Best Earphone Under 500

BoAt BassHeads 225 is my first choice under this price range. BoAt BassHeads 225 comes with six different color option like Black, Blue, Forest Green, White, Neon Lime, and Red. It’s a beautiful design definitely attract you.

It comes with a polished metal body with a 10mm audio driver who amazingly enhance your music experience.

The BoAt BassHead 225 is a great choice for those who love to hear a POP or DJ types of songs. This earphone produces very high-quality Bass that definitely make it worth of money.

If we talking about the songs word purities then this earphone disappoints you because it did not give a that much sound purity which purity I feel with BoAt BassHeads 100 earphone.

So if you are a heavy music lover and want to buy earphone to hear old songs and romantic types of songs then this earphone is not for you I will suggest you buy BoAt BassHeads 100 and MI basic earphone.


  1. Six color option
  2. Powerful 10mm drivers
  3. HD clear sound
  4. Microphone
  5. Noise isolation
  6. 3.5mm audio jack connectivity
  7. Sweatproof

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  • Sound one 616

Best Earphone Under Rs 500

Sound one 616 is my second choice under this price segment. Sound 616 comes with three color options Black, Blue, and Red. Design wise it looks pretty good.

It’s noise cancellation technology reduces unwanted outside sounds and disturbances without compromising sound performance. In-ear wearing with great flexibility and smooth silicone can isolate noise better.

Gold plated 3.5mm audio jack for perfect signal transfer will enable optimum performance.

Its dynamic 10mm audio driver verticle in-ear-in-mic produce crystal clear sound quality while you using this earphone.


  1. Three color option
  2. Premium Design
  3. Crystal clear sound quality
  4. Noise isolation
  5. In-built microphone
  6. 3.5mm audio jack
  7. 10mm drivers

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  • BoAt bassHeads 100

Best Earphone Under Rs 500

BoAt BassHeads 100 earphone is one of the best choice for those who love clear HD sound quality with less bass sound.

Personally tested this earphone and I found that this earphone produces extremely Ultra Clear HD sound with purity.

Best Earphone Under Rs 500

If you are heavy music lover and love to hear OLD And Romantic songs and want to buy earphone under 500 rs then this BoAt BassHead 100 earphone is the perfect choice for you.

Don’t expect high-quality Bass sound from this earphone. This earphone comes with very low Bass volume which definitely you missed in it.


  1. Four color options
  2. 10mm drivers
  3. HD microphone
  4. 3.5mm audio jack
  5. Noise isolation
  6. Premium Design
  7. Crystal clear sound quality
  8. Hawk Inspired design
  • Mi Basic

Best Earphone Under Rs 500 rupees

As you know that, in the Indian market, Mi smartphone’s market share is huge as compared to another company. Same quality and value for money Earphone Mi launched for the Mi fan.

Xiaomi has customized MI Earphones basic just for India, giving customers what they were looking for ultra deep bass and tangle free wires.

The earphone comes with silicone earbuds that are specifically designed to ensure it fits snugly without compromising comfort.

The aluminum sound chamber adopts a precise, structured design to deliver balanced sound good treble performance.


  1. Two color options
  2. Microphones
  3. 3.5mm audio jack
  4. HD clear Sound
  5. 10mm drivers
  6. Premium stylish design
  7. Silicone earbuds

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  • RealMe Earbuds

best earphones under 500 in India

RealMe Brand is well known as an affordable smartphone manufacturing company in India. Same quality with affordable price, earphone realme launched in India.

In this earphone, realme provides 11mm audio drivers for powerful sound quality. Ergonomically friendly ear tips bend 45* for snug wear that feels lightweight and comfortable even after long hours of use.

The main highlight on this earphone is that under this price range this is the first earphone who comes with magnetic security, it means while you using this earphone in Gym and outdoor area so this magnetic filed keeping you earphone safe and secure.


  1. Magnetic security
  2. 11mm audio drivers
  3. Stylish design
  4. Lightweight
  5. 160% louder bass
  6. Microphone
  • Ant Audio W56

earphones under 500 rs

Ant audio w56 earphone is to be a direct solution for fulfilling your need for an audio deliverance experience which is designed in a way that the music you listen to provides about of body experience.

This earphone has advance audio features like X-bass, HD audio, and CVC which allow you to experience music in a way that which you expected under this price segment.

The audio w56 earphone comes with four different color options which give you the freedom to choose a desireable color as per your choice.


  1. 4 color choices
  2. Advanced chipset
  3. Metal earbuds
  4. Microphone
  5. HD Sound Quality

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This is the top list of best earphones under 500 rs, we highly recommended you to buy earphone from this list, because we mention here one of the branded high-quality brand’s earphones which perfectly meets to your expectations.

If you have any question and queries regarding this list feel free to ask anything we will do our best to meet your expectations.

If you have better suggestions regarding this list and for our website please share your opinion in the comment box.