Vintage jewellery trends are making a comeback: Best tips

“Old is Gold,” as the saying goes. There may not be any term in the English language that is more clichéd and overused. This comment, however, could not be more accurate. There are lots of trends that have run their course, sat low for a time before resurfacing. This is especially true in the fashion business, where trends change at the drop of a hat.

When it comes to antique jewellery, it’s only natural that the jewellery styles that our forefathers wore are now fashionable.

This is due to the artists’ exquisite workmanship, which results in patterns and jewelries that are timeless in their beauty. Another reason such jewellery holds a special place in a woman’s heart is the feelings woven into each jewelry of gold passed down from generation to generation. The diamonds carry the weight of beautiful memories that each lady associated with her mother/grandmother, in addition to uncommon antique patterns. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular antique jewelries in the market now.

Polki Jewels

Polki, which uses pure, raw diamond chunks weaved artfully in large chokers and necklaces, is today’s go-to alternative for every bridal. This is due to the fact that the Polki jewellery is magnificent enough to draw all eyes to the bride in the most stunning way conceivable.


The Jhumka/Jhumki/Koda Kadukkan is another all-time favourite of any woman. This form of earring has been worn across India for centuries and is genuinely timeless, since it has been the most adored item of jewellery of women of all ages since its origin. The modest Jhumka has been reinvented by a slew of designers and fashionistas to fit every outfit, from bridal gowns to everyday wear and even western wear.

Nose ring

A nose ring is another popular choice among today’s women. Nose rings come in different shapes and sizes, from big ornate ones to star studded little diamond ones to current westernised designs.

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka is a decorative golden pendant that is usually an inch long and adorned with diamonds set into the complex pattern. It’s braided into a married woman’s Mangalsutra. This piece of jewellery was once only worn by north Indian ladies, but it has now gained favour among all Indian women. When it comes to vintage and antique jewellery, the Indian treasury has a wealth of wonderful creations. I’ve just mentioned the most well-known ones in this post because the list goes on and on.


Colored gemstones, such as citrine, amethysts, and yellow sapphires, may always bring a splash of colour to a dull clothing. They’re always the best pick-me-ups! Experiment with different gemstone shapes & gold jewellery designs if you truly want your individuality to emerge.

Jewellery with a splash of colour

A vintage jewellery trend connecting with more maximalist styles is colourful charms and stones. This lively fashion, which takes influences from the 1960s, employs the most striking elements for a bright and flashy look. These vibrant colours for brooches, earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces are guaranteed to make a big reappearance, especially for spring.

Signet and Statement Rings

Signet rings are both fashionable and ageless. The nice thing about these rings is that they don’t detract from your overall look. Signet rings were once thought to be a symbol of authority. In place of a written signature, noble families would wear styles with the family crest to imprint letters or legal documents with wax seals.

Hoops made of gold

Hoop earrings will also be popular in 2022. Regardless of shape or size, this is a classic item to have in your jewellery collection. Hoops are a modern-day jewellery staple that may be used for both day and night outfits. Do check today’s gold price before you buy!


The timeless appeal of old pearls can never go out of style. Pearls have joined the lengthy list of ’80s and ’90s fashions making a comeback in 2022. 

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