Writers for your articles: 3 essential points to choose them well

Have you just created your website or blog and are looking for help to promote it? You have surely heard this phrase: “To each his own job”. You know that a search engine like Google is demanding. Thus, for your site to achieve a good place in the results of this web giant, you need to find the right professional. Know that the pen does not necessarily make the right writer. Are you a little lost in the jargon of web writing, but you want someone competent to write quality articles for you? Here are 3 essential points to know to choose your copywriters well.

1. Mastering spelling and syntax: the basis for a web editor

Your site is your showcase, your business card. Its content must be of high quality, starting with spelling and syntax.

As the saying goes, “You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Error hunting: flawless spelling

The first golden rule therefore lies in the art of the French language. Indeed, your visitors will not feel confident if they notice a text presented with spelling mistakes.

Your credibility is at stake, because an Internet user who does not have confidence is a lost customer. The primary quality of a good web editor and his articles is based on well-written words, avoiding spelling, typing and typographical errors.

He will re-read every word carefully. He even goes so far as to have his text analyzed by software in order to provide you with an article of exemplary quality.

To be sure that your web editors have impeccable spelling, do not hesitate to consult their portfolio: it contains all the articles they have already written for other companies or blogs.

Know your grammatical rules well

Are you looking for a good professional who will write you a unique article? The style, which is unique to each writer, depends in part on his mastery of the syntax. The web editor must be able to write a singular article. It is able to transform you an ordinary text into an original text. For this, he must know his grammatical rules to be able to:

  • favor short sentences;
  • vary the turns;
  • work on word order.

Thanks to his knowledge, the SEO Web editor modulates his texts at will. He thus plays with the subtlety that our beautiful French language offers us and offers you a quality article.

2. Know how to write an optimized article to catch Google’s eye

Demanding algorithms

Google has set up a system of algorithms in order to answer Internet users’ questions as best as possible. Regularly improved by the teams of the web giant, they are able to detect the interest of a site.

One of its latest updates, called BERT, places particular emphasis on the visitor and their search intent. The goal is to succeed in putting yourself in their place, to best meet their expectations, that is to say the requests that they type in the search bar or that they dictate to the voice assistant.

It is thanks to these continuously redesigned algorithms that in France alone, 90% of the population do their research via Google. But these Internet users generally limit themselves to the first page of results. It is therefore imperative to reach this position to hope to maximize the number of your visitors.

Thus, good SEO web editors are those who best understand these algorithms and the many rules that come with them.

The importance of the title and the introduction

In our modern world, the majority of the population does their research via their mobile phone. It becomes a challenge to attract the attention of the reader, who scans the pages of a site more quickly.

Do you want to seduce your future visitors with quality articles? Above all, you need a catchy title – or “Title” in SEO language – that the person will read on the SERP (the search engine results page). This will make him want to click for more.

Once on your site, your content must be just as attractive as the title: this is where the introduction comes in! It should be punchy and relevant enough to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more – and therefore stay on your site longer.

That’s why it’s important to hire a good copywriter. Indeed, he will write his article taking into account this data, in order to write quality editorial content.

Optimized structure and user experience

As you will have understood, it is not enough to have a well-written article for your site to please the Google algorithm. The organization of an optimized text is also very important, as much to attract the reader’s attention as to keep it on your site.

A good web editor must therefore:

  • propose an airy text: this makes the reader want to read the article to the end, it does not seem indigestible to him;
  • separate the text with titles or subtitles: also called H2 and H3, they allow the reader to immediately know the relevant information of the text;
  • carry out research around the keywords and the lexical field: they are very popular with Google.

3. Publish quality content: the added value of an SEO web editor

If you want to hire a ghost book writers, you want to improve your site so that it ranks better in the Google search engine results and attracts more visitors. This is called organic traffic. If you sell a product or service online, you increase the chances of getting a good conversion rate that is to say that your visitors go on to purchase.

There are several effective methods to increase its natural traffic, which the good web editor knows and puts into practice to write quality and optimized articles.

Internal networking: to better retain visitors

The place of your site in the results of Google depends of course on the number of visitors, but also on the quality of their visit: the longer they stay on your site, the more it proves that it is worthy of interest.

One of the web editors’ tricks to keep a reader is internal linking. Here’s how to set it up:

  • on a blog: offer the visitor a link that will take him to another blog post (on a similar subject);
  • on an e-commerce site: offer the reader a link that will guide him to another page of the site (a more precise description of a product, another category, complementary products, etc.).

Internal linking is a good trick to get quality traffic, but it should be used sparingly and intelligently, hence the importance of hiring a good web copywriter.

Duplicate Content, the mistake to avoid

One of the things Google’s algorithms likes least is Duplicate Content. This is when you copy existing content and paste it, as is, onto your page.

If the algorithm finds any on your site, you risk being penalized very quickly.

A good web editor can take inspiration from other sites to expand his research. Its mission will then be to rewrite the content found, in order to make it a unique article.

You have discovered 3 essential points for choosing the right web editor. There are of course other tips to know to make your site more attractive to the Google algorithm.

For example, the Google search engine likes regularity. By putting content frequently on your site, you show that it is active and updated periodically.

Be aware that this method is much more effective if you create a blog because:

  • you bring new content constantly;
  • you position your site on a maximum of keywords.

As you can see, web writing is a real profession, exciting, in its own right. If you have a web project, do not hesitate to call on our team of experts.

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